Kings Square Bathroom Renovations Underway

January 18, 2015

The Corporation of St. George said they wish to “advise the public that the King’s Square Restrooms are closed to the public to allow Corporation staff to undergo extensive renovations of the facility.”

A spokesperson said, “Initially, the renovation was to upgrade the restrooms to bring them up to a world class standard indicative of a World Heritage Site. However, the effects of Hurricanes Fay and Gonzolo caused major damage to the roof structure and thus the roof also required replacement as part of the renovation project.

“In addition to the replacement of the roof, the project includes new plumbing, new electrical, new fixtures and fittings in order to ensure a modern facility will be available for public use upon completion.

“The Corporation staff is working tirelessly to complete the project in the most efficient manner possible. These efforts are to be applauded. During this period of major renovation, the Corporation apologizes for any inconvenience the public may experience and wishes to remind the public that the works are being carried out as expeditiously as possible.

“The Corporation wishes to thank the following businesses for extending their restroom facilities for public use during these necessary renovations: Robertson’s, and Soccer and Friends.

“Additionally, there are public restrooms available at Somers Gardens and in the Green Building on Ordnance Island.

“The Corporation takes this opportunity to thank the staff for their hard work and dedication to the project and ask the public’s patience and understanding whilst the work is being carried out.

“Upon completion of the project, the public will have access to a brand new, well maintained facility.”

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  1. Double 7 Single Niner says:

    Thank you Corporation of St. George’s. I look forward to being able to do a marsh folly on the new thrones in the public bathrooms down there. Please get the heated seats, there is nothing worse than doing a marsh folly on a cold seat.

  2. Sky Pilot says:

    New Notices are being made for the Bathrooms as they are being renovated.

    Please remain seated during the entire performance and remember,the job is not finished until your paperwork has been completed!

    Our aim is a dry and clean bathroom for you,
    Your aim will help!

    Thank You on behalf of the Mayor and Staff of the Olde Towne of St.Georges.