Footballer Reggie Lambe: “My Club Comes First”

January 23, 2015

reggie lambe mansfield genericBermudian footballer Reggie Lambe said that while he loves to play for his country – his club comes first, according to a report from

“Bermuda are about to start playing their World Cup qualifying games and contact has been made with the Stags about the possibility of 23-year-old Lambe flying back home to take part,” the report said.

“They are eager to get me to play in one of the matches,” the report quotes Lambe as saying. “I have given them the contact for the club as I don’t want to be involved. If they release me or don’t, I am happy either way.

“I believe the matches are World Cup qualifiers. It would be good if I can play for my country as I love to play for my country. It is good to be around players I played with when I was growing up, local boys.

“It would also be good to be reunited with Nahki Wells at Huddersfield who I’ve not played with for a while. But I have a job to do here and my club comes first.”

English League Two side Mansfield Town Football Club recently extended Lambe’s contract with the club, and he is now set to stay with the club until the end of the season.

Speaking shortly after penning his new deal, Lambe said, “I am excited to extend my stay. I feel I have done okay so far this season, chipping in with some good performances, but I know I still need to fight for my place in the team and help us move forward.”

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  1. PBanks says:

    Unfortunate, but this is a reality of life for players from smaller countries, who have yet to establish their pro careers fully.

    Hopefully Bermuda will be able to assemble a squad capable of getting through the first two rounds and go from there.

    • Turbot says:

      Let’s not forget that this is Mansfield Town, a club battling against relegation to the English part time divisions. He didn’t make the starting eleven yesterday, coming on in the 91st minute in front of 2,000 people. This is not big league football.

      At least the BFA will be doing all they can though, won’t they? BFA, anyone, anything?

    • Josef says:

      This. I wouldn’t have worded it the way that he did, but at the same time, I can see where he is coming from, especially as a player that is still fighting to maintain a position in a professional division.

      Instead of framing it as “He doesn’t care about Bermuda”, people should look at it like “This gives another local Bermudian a chance to shine and gain exposure on the global platform”


    Where is the patriotism?? And we all wonder why Bermudians don’t care about their home. Well, Reggie is a shinning example of Bermuda has very little patriotism. Just like Goater who left us standing in the rain before. But, most of us will still support and praise him when he has failed to support us.

    • What Do You Expect says:

      Life of a footballer mate. From my understanding the guy is on a contract for the club, meaning he has to abide by their rules. The Club will most likely allow him to play for BDA, but if it falls on a specific date that your boy is required to play for the Club and is a key part to that then he can’t play for BDA. It’s simple you can’t knock the guy. That’s just disrespectful. I don’t know even know d guy personally lol but don’t worry about haters Reggie mate do ya thing. Keep repping Bermy and hopefully you can help BDA’s National Team in the future and the club let’s you. Enough respect!


        You don’t know what your talking about. FIFA regulations protect players, with overseas clubs obligated to release players when called up for international duty. Get your facts straight mate.

    • Really? says:

      So it’s your position that the man should leave a paying job that he is fighting to keep, to come back here and play for free? Get real.

      • Jahkai says:

        The BFA seems to fly their members all over the world in business class for unnecessary meetings, yet can’t even organise it’s junior fixtures on time. Surely they should be flying Reggae back and concentrating on grassroots not fancy trips.


        Another one!! FIFA regulations protect players, with overseas clubs obligated to release players when called up for international duty.

  3. Under De Rock says:

    Shame…remember where you came from. Clubs know this is the time for WC Qualifiers so there is obviously some leeway here.

    • Varied says:

      For Premier league and other top flight professional leagues, yes they may suspend matches during FIFA international windows, but lower level leagues don’t have to do so.

      If the likes of Lambe etc want to play for Bermuda during the first round, that’s great and clubs are obliged to let him play, but the club may also then choose to get another guy in their first team squad, meaning that our players’ livelihoods become in jeopardy.

      It’s like that for every pro football player from smaller countries.

  4. Leave a Reply says:

    Don’t be upset if Bermuda don’t put you first!!

  5. big lad says:

    Lol @ questioning his patriotism
    Will you support him when Mansfield decide to replace him and Reggie has to find a new club to ply his trade for?
    You really need to think about the bigger picture on this one, and that should be his professional development. His worked hard to get to this level, and perhaps in time he will have established himself enough to be able to afford the luxury of representing his country.


    Dude, FIFA regulations protect players, with overseas clubs obligated to release players when called up for international duty.