PLP, Premier Condemn Posting Of Graphic Photo

January 15, 2015

Following a graphic photo being posted on social media after a fatal collision, both Premier Michael Dunkley and the PLP condemned the action, and asked people to not forward or post images of that nature.

“Whoever that sick individual was that posted that picture…you need to wake up,” Premier Dunkley said during the press conference on road safety.

“As Bermudians we are better than that,” added the Premier. “Somebody is lying on the road and you want to take a picture?”

“Those type of people should stand up and say that I am sorry for that type of stuff, and it’s not gonna happen again. Bermuda we are better than that. Delete those things, don’t pass them on,” said Premier Dunkley.

Premier speaks on the posting of the photo during yesterday’s press conference

The PLP also appealed to people to not forward or post images of this nature, saying: “The Progressive Labour Party strongly condemns the taking of and passing around via social media or any other means, the photographs of victims of traffic fatalities and other crimes.

“This type of behavior is insensitive at best. We call on our fellow Bermudians to use common sense and to think twice before taking, accepting, and/or forwarding these type of photographs.”

Immediately after the photo began circulating, the police appealed to the community to refrain from posting the image, saying it was in “poor taste” and “does a disservice to the family and friends of the deceased.”

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  1. Steve says:

    Needs to wake up? Needs to be named and shamed, see how that feels!

  2. San George says:

    Mr. Dunkley now has a license to call people sick. It’s free press, freedom of expression. Someone should record it. Pass legislation to prohibit it – you boys are so bad!

  3. Self says:

    You can talk all you want, if people don’t think they’re wrong, there is nothing you can say that will change their mindset.

  4. RE Word says:

    “This type of behavior is insensitive at best. We call on our fellow Bermudians to use common sense and to think twice before taking, accepting, and/or forwarding these type of photographs.”

    Premier how do you know it was a Bermudian who took the photo? How many other people do we have living in Bermuda now! I understand what your trying to say but hey my friend who’s a guest worker sent me the Bermudian the photo.

    Second if you saw the photo Premier, someone SICK also sent it to you.

    • RE Word says:

      Just because we are the majority does not make us always the guilty.

    • PBanks says:

      It probably would have sounded awkward if he said “fellow residents”. Pretty sure the Premier wasn’t trying to suggest that it was a Bermudian as opposed to a guest worker or a tourist who snapped photos.

  5. sage says:

    I 100% agree with what Dunkley said, it’s just how strangely he said it.

  6. Raw Onion says:

    Social media is sure getting a lot of people into trouble for doing the stupidest of things. I doubt people will learn from this. Then again, maybe the pic will have scared people enough to ride and drive safely.

  7. Tony Brannon says:

    We live in a world where people post beheadings, hangings, shootings…..
    We live in a world of free porn on the internet. Girls advertise themselves even in Bermuda for sex on porn websites.
    Don’t watch what offends you. I personally think it is distasteful to take a picture of a person dying on the road. Respect? Obviously some do not have much for fellow Bermudians. But we will never stop “some” people posting ghoulish stuff.
    The Premier was right to ask for more respect. This sort of thing is very upsetting to family & friends of any victim.
    In the meantime, RIP Richard Thomas.

  8. One says:

    It’s the time we live in everything is a bout taking a pic u ppl are ******** u wanted change will time have changed

  9. CRAZY RIDER says:

    maybe the premier should be so out spoken about other issues on this island that are far more pressing than someone taking a photo of a road crash victim —- if that is all you narrow minded people are concerned about who photographs who you need to open your eyes to the real issues

    • jt says:

      By suggesting this is “all people are concerned about” you show yourself to be narrow minded. People are concerned with many things. This happens to be one of them.

  10. Rhonda says:

    In my view, the Premiers, fake outrage was just over the top, many will and have said it privately, but I have nothing to fear saying it publicly. I know I will take flack, but, stand by my comments.
    This to me is the modern day version of all those who ran to accident sights, to be onlookers, I recall my brother’s accident some 35 years ago, and my mother needing to part the crowd to get to him, due to amount, of people at the scene.
    Technology has simply made that process quicker, and more accurate. Not made the people today some sort of monster.
    Do we know it the person witness this horrific accident and snapping the photo and sharing was a way of dealing with what they just witness.
    Do you think this person is likely to come forward to offer any information, about the accident or the last moments of someone’s, family or friend, , with that said much condolences to the his family and friends.

    • Self says:

      You are correct. I remember a horrific accident I viewed as a child that gave me nightmares for years. A man was lying on the street with his brains hanging out his skull, clearly dead. This was in the early seventies, way before cellphones. My mom and I happened to come across the scene, and she tried to shield me from the view. In the meantime, a crowd was gathering and people were all trying to get a look. To make matters worse, people began running towards the scene as word spread. Back then, people also used to literally come running whenever there was an ambulance in the vicinity. Call it morbid curiosity, but some things like that just fascinate people.
      People are saying society has gone downhill and what not. My point is, gawkers and onlookers have been around for ages. I am sure that if the technology that we have now existed back then, some moron would have snapped a picture. Human behavior is what it is, people are who they are. Some behaviours just cannot be legislated, and some decisions or actions cannot be changed with a scolding from the Premier.

  11. Destined2Rule says:

    I don’t understand! They are bashing the person that took the picture. But what about all of the fools that forwarded it?? Bash them too!! I know over 20 people that have the picture! They are A-holes too! Why because all of them passed it on to others! You all need a slap in the face! #NoRespect for the deceased!

  12. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Sometimes… You have to show it like it is – a photo is worth a-thousand-words!! Who knows – this may help to save some lives!!