Animal Control Probe 775 Complaints In 2014

March 14, 2015

Bermuda’s Animal Control Section probed a total of 775 complaints last year, with only 11 more complaints registered in 2014 than in 2013, according to Minister of Health, Seniors & Environment Jeanne Atherden.

While delivering the brief for her Ministry in the House of Assembly, the Minister said, “The Animal Control Section probed 775 complaints in 2014, only 11 more complaints than the number recorded in 2013. These complaints included execution of 55 search warrants.

“The 320 dogs collected represents a 26% increase, which is attributable in part to the “Zero Tolerance” stance taken regarding illegally bred prohibited dogs. During 2014, 26 files were submitted to the DPP, 23 of which are in some stage of the prosecutorial process.

“Conviction rate stands at 90%. Of all dogs collected, 44% were returned to owner or otherwise made available for adoption.”

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  1. sage says:

    …and 56% were killed for no good reason, unless you feel the owners’ lawbreaking should result in the death of an otherwise healthy dog.

  2. mumbojumbo says:

    I have a neighbor who walks his pitbulls through my private drive access iminant domain property, i have repeatedly informed him he is trespassing. Called the police to complain repeatedly… i would trespass him myself but two pits annd the fellow who is quite large and eegrunt together are a bit much…. my question would be…. could i please borrow from Bermuda police?

  3. mumbojumbo says:

    Yes o have a no tresspass sign up on display, this vlown told police we gave him permission to walk through…. is it not an indictable offence to lie to police?