Bermuda Football Squad For Bahamas Named

March 11, 2015

The Bermuda Football Association announced the players that will represent Bermuda during the first round of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 1st leg qualifying match, with the lineup including Nahki Wells, Reggie Lambe, Jonte Smith, Freddy Hall and more.

“This match will take place against The Bahamas on March 25th, at 7:30 p.m., in the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium, in Nassau, Bahamas,” the BFA said.

“Our team, with an average age of 23, has a few players from our last World Cup campaign, as well as some of those who captured the gold medal in the Natwest Island Games, held in Bermuda, in 2013.

“Bermuda is fresh off a good series of international friendly matches against Grenada, who, as of February 12th, were ranked 25 places above Bermuda, at 155th.

“The first match ended in a 2-2 draw, and the second saw Bermuda come away with a morale boosting 2-0 victory. The team, led by Coach Andrew Bascome, will depart Bermuda on March 22nd and return home on March 26th.

“The Bermuda Football Association congratulates the players on their selection and urges all of Bermuda to cheer on our Gombey Warriors, especially for the return leg in Bermuda, on March 29th, at the National Sports Center, kicking off at 3pm. Tickets for that match are available online at, or in person from Freisenbruch Meyer and the BFA Office.”


  • Freddy Hall [GK] – Telford FC
  • Dale Eve [GK] – Stoke City
  • Jarreau Hayward [DF] – St. Georges Cricket Club
  • Tyrell Burgess [DF] – North Village Community Club
  • Jaylen Harvey [DF] – DePau University/North Village Community Club
  • Dante’ Leverock [DF] – Bermuda Athletic Association
  • Jaylon Bather [DF] – Robin Hood Football Club
  • Keshien Bean [MF] – North Village Community Club
  • Drewondae Bascome [MF] – Devonshire Recreation Club
  • Cecoy Robinson [MF/DF] – Pembroke Hamilton Club
  • Mauriq Hill [MF] – Clemson University/Hamilton Parish Workman’s Club
  • Tre Ming [MF] – Thomas College/Pembroke Hamilton Club
  • Marco Warren [MF] – Flagler College/Pembroke Hamilton Club
  • Zeiko Lewis [MF] – Boston College/Young Men’s Social Club
  • Jahnai Raynor [MF/DF] – Pembroke Hamilton Club
  • Reggie Lambe [MF] – Mansfield Town FC
  • Justin Donawa [MF] – Berkshire School/Somerset Cricket Club
  • Nahki Wells [F] – Huddersfield Town AFC
  • Rai Simons [F] – Ilkeston FC
  • Jonte Smith [F] – Floy IL

Standby Players

  • Antwan Russell – Robin Hood FC
  • Donte Brangman – East Tennessee State University/Southampton Rangers
  • Lejaun Simmons – Robin Hood FC
  • Taurean Manders – Sholing Football Club
  • Casey Castle – Hamilton Parish Workman’s Club
  • Stefan Dill – University of Leicester/Bermuda Athletic Association
  • Terrance Webb – Dandy Town Football Club
  • William White – The University of Alabama at Birmingham/Somerset Cricket Club

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Comments (14)

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  1. We all we got says:

    No Ian Coke?
    No Troy Tucker?

    Good team

    • Danny says:

      Both good local players but there are only so many spots and neither are better than those selected.

      • Mockingjay says:

        Until we have majority or all of our players playing Internationally we aint going too far.
        Wish you guys the best, train hard and dont try to be individual stars, play as a team.

      • We all we got says:

        I beg to differ. both of those players have played for universities/colleges in the US and Canada and are considered top players, better than much of the listed players.

        but that’s just my opinion..maybe they will be included in later rounds of qualification

        • Jonah says:

          Yup,your opinion.

          The very experienced and objective national coach has made his decision and both he and the rest of us will have to live with it. That’s the beauty of being in charge.

          FYI – They both played at college level, however they are now playing in a very, very poor 1st division.

        • Goal Line says:

          The evaluations and assessment of the players was fairly extensive. There were trial matches in December, following which players were invited into a training pool. The training consisted of morning and evening sessions, two on island camps, and the recent friendly matches.

          Troy Tucker was invited to train but failed to show to the meeting or to any of the training sessions. Obviously not interested in playing for Bermuda, not sure why as he has played under Kenny previously.

          This is a very good group of players, and with the focus being an U25 squad they should be together over the next few commitments.

    • ya mama says:

      Coke is the top scorer in the first division offers lots of pace good dribbling and he’s an andrew bascome raised player from Blvd surprises me that he didn’t get a look in the friendly games.

      Troy is in my opinion one of the best ball playing midfielders in the country probably could have offered alot in our passing system.

  2. TheRose says:

    Most professional teams have 3 gold keepers and Troy Tucker should be in that team.

    • Oh no says:

      Most teams have 3 keepers for a tournament, not for a single qualifier.

      • Mockingjay says:

        And the key word is professional, we never had a professional team most everyone works other than de collage and few international players.

    • Ty says:


      “Most professional teams have 3 (gold) keepers” That is HOTTTTTT

      Education at its best — WOW – some of us should have stayed in school.

  3. positivity says:

    Alright Cecoy!!

  4. PBanks says:

    Let’s fill up the stadium, folks, and get behind the squad.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The team has been picked and it is what it is. Looking at the results from this past weekends games it appears that we (Bermuda) have a good group of players. Right now we need to get behind the team that has been selected and come out and give them all the support they need!!!