Preschool Teacher Commended After Collision

March 11, 2015

Acting Commissioner of Education Dr Freddie Evans confirmed that nine Warwick Preschool students were travelling on the bus that crashed on East Broadway today [Mar 11], and commended teacher Linnal Simons, who was on the bus with her students and “responded admirably to ensure the safety and protection of her students.”

He said that the Warwick Preschool Administrator immediately contacted the parents of all students who were on the bus, and most of the students returned to their Preschool before the end of the day.

One male student was transported to KEMH for treatment and observation of his injury, however the Education Ministry said they understand that he has been release and at home with his parents.


Dr Evans added, “The students were returning to school following a visit to the National Gallery and Bermuda Society of Arts. The Ministry of Education is very much thankful to the teacher Ms. Linnal Simons, who was on the bus with her students.

“Ms. Simons responded admirably to ensure the safety and protection of her students. The Ministry also thanks the emergency personnel and the general public for their assistance at the scene of the crash this morning. Further updates will be provided by the Bermuda Police Service.”

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  1. Colin says:

    Thank God there were very few people on that bus and no one in the cars! Wonder what would have happened if this happened on Friday Rush Hour….

    • jane says:

      that is so true it was also very difficult to see if how many people were on it, due to the tinted windows

  2. Yani says:

    thank God that those kids are alive and i hope they get better.

  3. Impressive says:

    Well Done Linnal, and thanks, for what appears to be, your composure and professionalism. Bermudians at work, doing their jobs with commitment.

  4. Everyone helped says:

    A big thank you should go out to the employees of RenaissanceRe who helped get the children out of the bus and stayed with them until paramedics and thier parents arrived.

    • Impressive says:

      Yes Indeed.. A big thank you to the employees at RenRe

  5. Straight up real truth yo says:

    yeah lets stand around a bus that could explode any second near a gas station near live power lines like everything is okay we will just wait for paramedics to come yeah that makes sense, what a peaceful day!