Video/Photos: Morgan’s Point Development Plans

April 8, 2015

Last month Morgan’s Point Ltd submitted plans for their first phase to the Department of Planning, and Bernews recently toured the property and spoke with Morgan’s Point CEO Craig Christensen about the plans for the Southampton development.

Mr. Christensen said, “We’re putting in an 84-room boutique hotel with the units going along the cliff side here with plunge pools. They are very large units, about 600 square feet for a standard room, 1,200 feet for a suite, and up to 3,000 feet for a presidential unit.

“Essentially, it’s very similar to Bermuda in terms of a cottage colony. We have a central clubhouse at this location which will have all the amenities and the restaurants, we have three restaurant areas, we’ve got beautiful pools down here on the edge and into the water.”

Speaking on the planned marina, Mr. Christensen said that it will have 77 slips and can take up to about 120 Mediterranean-style megaboats.

Slideshow with 35+ photos of the property and surrounding areas which spans some 80 acres:


Mr. Christensen said, ”In order to get to this point, we have been moving at full pace. It is really significant for Bermuda and we’re very pleased to get the plans into planning and look forward to a smooth process so we can get the development started. We are hopeful for starting in June of this year.”

“We have done a full environmental impact study,” Mr. Christensen said. “We’ve consulted with all of the various departments within government, also with BEST and talked all through the points in terms of environmental impact study.

“Morgan’s Point was a landfield site, so we’ve had to inherit that, and obviously, anything we can do to enhance the development at Morgan’s Point is really a win-win.

“It’s interesting, what we’re trying to do is improve the marine environment around Morgan’s Point, which then also improves the environment for our tourists as well.

Slideshow with four renderings of the planned development


“We have been very careful. We have hired scientists to have a look at all the bays and everything around Morgan’s Point. We have been very careful of what we can do and how we can make things very Bermudian for our guests,” added Mr. Christensen.

“We get so much encouragement every day from the public to move this project forward. We need this so badly for Bermuda at this point in time. So for us, it’s a huge responsibility and we feel the weight of Bermuda on our shoulders as we try to move this forward.

“This is a big development to look at in its entire detail. If we can start that and get shovels in the ground hopefully in June so we can at least start that process and get everything ready for development, we’re going to try to move this forward as rapidly as possible.

“We’re hopeful we can get some of this open, certainly by America’s Cup. We think certainly the marina will be in play, which I think will be very important, very helpful for us hosting overseas guests. We are working full-steam 24/7, effectively, trying to get this done.”

Video: Morgan’s Point CEO Craig Christensen takes Bernews on a tour of the property

Mr. Christensen took Bernews to a section of the property, and in explaining it said, “It’s a beautiful arable piece of land here, which is currently being really well-maintained by one of our local farmers.

“What we are looking to do is bring a new access road to take the pressure off of George’s Bay through this area here and back through where this existing road that was located.

“In order to put it in, we’re not looking to put a boulevard in, but rather put in a sensitive road of thirty feet, which would be two twelve-foot wide roads and one sidewalk to push through here to have a grand entrance and celebrate this wonderful, arable land here.”

“We have been very, very careful and spent an awful lot of time examining this property to determine how we can do it in its least impactful way.”

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  1. San George says:

    Tucker’s Point is for sale and you can get Grand Atlantic for $9 million. You guys can have fun in Vegas with the money you will save by just walking away. This government will be subsidizing the resurrection of horse and buggy businesses next.

    Quo Fata Ferunt

    • Regina says:

      I want to be optimistic, I really do because these plans are beautiful, but yes, what about Tuckers Point et al? If we don’t have tourists willing to pay TPC prices rendering it bankrupt, why would anyone want to sink more money into the same type of product? Serious question here.

      • Trulytruly says:

        The difference comes down to the branding. Ritz Carlton has a global presence and loyal clientele. The developers and backers believe this along with the high end facility and service that is the hallmark of the brand will prove to be successful. Let’s all hope so! Serious answer.

      • Coffee says:

        Family graves are in Tucker’s Town . The Spirits aren’t settled . The families were removed . The Spirits aren’t settled . The families need their land back . The Spirits aren’t settled . One day when the wrongs of the past are righted , the Spirits will settle .

      • Bill says:

        “An 84 room boutique hotel with rooms along the cliffside with plunge pools”

        I have been advised by an engineer very familiar with the project, that they work out to be built at

        @$1700 a square foot.

        As the old saying goes…”you’re not going to get your bait back on that!”

        I agree with Regina, who in their right mind would want to sink that sort of money into the same type of product.

  2. Raymond Ray says:

    What a great plan you guys have there Craig…Can’t wait to see shovels in the dirt, and shut-up some of them negative individuals once and for all,(hopefully):-(

  3. shadish says:

    i hava a shovel…..annah hoe too!I can buildum upside down!

  4. Rick Olson says:

    Keep the faith Craig you have a concept that will work in Bermuda it is all about QUALITY .

    • RBC says:

      No it’s about PRICE rick. $400 plus rooms will not bring more tourist here.

  5. Oh My says:

    I do hope they mount a plaque celebrating Mr. Bean who tragically died getting Morgan’s Point ready for this big development or even a beach cove or a cottage named after him up there. js

  6. Ruthless says:

    Some people talk a pile of crap. Complain and be negative on one hand and then show up for jobs on the other.

  7. Rasta says:

    I will believe it when I see it!

  8. Think... says:

    This will certainly stimulate the job market. I hope the plans get approved and the hotel project comes off so that Bermudians can get back to work building it and then others having a career in the hospitality industry.

  9. Huh says:

    Hope they put in a Zip Line

  10. Coffee says:

    We need Morgans Point to succeed beyond our wildest dreams ! I foresee a small very vibrant town / village in the near future … Let’s make it happen ! Bright lights , bright future !

    • C James says:

      We will need much more than just the entitlement that people like you think you have.

      You might need all the rest of the Bermudians who don’t come up to your standards, and even some foreigners too.

      Guess you’ll have to wake up and smell that coffee after all.

  11. O'Brien says:

    This is Tucker’s Point all over again. Except, this time, it’s government and not the banks that’s on the hook.

    When will we ever learn?

  12. Lone Wolf says:

    I’ve never understood how or why anyone would believe that building new and more expensive hotels would bring in more tourists when we can’t even fill the hotels we already have?

    If you want to develop something at Morgan’s Point, build a huge casino. It is proven (by Bermudians and many others around the world) that people WILL travel to gamble. But NO-ONE visits somewhere just to stay at their new hotel. NO-ONE!

    This will be a complete waste of money that we don’t even have to begin with!

  13. Bill says:

    Regina is correct.

    84 room boutique hotel with plunge pools .As I had stated, works out to $1,700.00 per square foot to build.

    Far too expensive to make it work.

    “You ain’t going to get your bait back on this one!”