18,783 Invasive Plants Removed From Nonsuch

March 15, 2015

18,783 invasive plants were removed from Nonsuch Island during 2014, Minister of Health, Seniors & Environment Jeanne Atherden said recently.

While delivering the brief for her Ministry, Minister Atherden said “With the assistance of volunteers from the Ascendant Group of Companies, work to eradicate Casuarina and Brazil Pepper trees and other invasive introduced plant species on Nonsuch and the other Castle Harbour Islands has continued, with over 18,783 invasive plants being removed from Nonsuch Island alone during 2014.

An aerial view of Nonsuch Island courtesy of Bermuda Aerial Media

aerial shot of Bermuda Nonsuch island

Minister Atherden added, “Volunteers from Ascendant have also helped Department staff in removing over a thousand Casuarina and Pepper trees on Castle Island and have completely cleared them from the historic fortifications of the King’s Castle Fort and the Landward Fort on the Island, where they had been damaging the masonry of the forts with their rampant root growth. In addition, about half of the Devonshire Redoubt Fort was also cleared of damaging Casuarina trees.”

“The Nonsuch Island Nature Reserve has continued to be extremely popular for School Education and Natural History Tours. 51 groups, totaling just under 1000 visitors, 776 of which were students, were given guided tours of the island during 2014, despite a number of tours being cancelled due to stormy weather conditions.

“Groups included school tours, the Bermuda Sloop Foundation’s ‘Spirit of Bermuda’ sail training ship education program, BZS, Senior Learning Center, Bermuda Audubon Society and BIOS.”

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  1. Micro says:

    Maybe we could start using low risk offenders in such roles on the mainland.

  2. not good idea says:

    It will turn into slave system soon or latter. You have to understand is that when something is not substained buy good means it will turn bad. What happens when the program is working and saving money however there are very few low risk afenders availible. From a busness point of view you need to change lows do that there is no shortage of low risk afenders.

  3. Rock says:

    Nonsuch no plants

  4. there vwas an invasive “plant” in cabinet house de uthah day…andey removed it…er…him….can you immagin if he had gotten started talkin, his protocol is a filibustering oratory specifically designed in nature to eat up floor time and in turn deter buisiness at hand…and that is all…the shallow breathing is taught .Constant oratory is really a form of rudness…conversation and understanding is ebb and flo,give and take….you can lead a horse to water…but you can’t make him drink.To think that you can impose this perceived satiate then that would be contemptuous and self serving.Your conveyance is long winded,you are a smug vanity that strokes itself…a smarty pants nincompoop!