“Opportunity To Explore Possibility Of Rebirth”

April 8, 2015

Imagine Bermuda is is inviting the wider community to use Hospitality Month to engage in a conversation around hospitality in its broadest sense, saying that our economy has stalled, bringing us to a crossroads and also providing an “opportunity to explore the possibility of rebirth.”

The group said, “Over a century ago, the culture and economy of our Island was transformed and geared to provide Hospitality for both short-term and long-term visitors. Any hospitality offered in a culture is impacted by the quality of the relationships established. Up through the first half of 20th century relations in Bermuda laboured under a regime of segregation and exclusion.

“That said, despite the formal barriers to both people of colour and women during that era, many of those affected were able to offer exemplary hospitality to all and sundry, recognizing that while they were considered second class citizens, they were indeed, first class human beings. These circumstances sparked an early renaissance.

“Various heroes during the mid-40’s to the early ‘60’s took action- through the Gordon Movement, Theatre Boycott, etc. – which transformed the Island by removing formal barriers. They created a more hospitable community which had positive economic implications for the whole of Bermuda.

“Up through the mid-80’s the Tourist Industry – short-term visitors – dominated the economy. However, by the 90’s there was a shift and International Business – long-term visitors – became the major pillar. Over the past 7 years our economy has stalled, bringing us to a crossroads. While this challenge offers some danger, it also provides an opportunity to explore the possibility of rebirth; another renaissance.

“Imagine Bermuda is inviting the wider community to use Hospitality Month to engage in a conversation around Hospitality in its broadest sense. As hospitality is essentially about relationships at all levels, we are inviting stakeholders throughout our society to explore relationships with themselves, up through relations with those outside of their normal circles.

“Here’s How Your Organization Can Participate

  1. Encourage members to spend some meditative time reflecting on their relationship with their own self; or opt to do this with a trusted friend. Invite them to consciously assess their sense of self-satisfaction, exploring the potential for personal growth.
  2. Individuals could call a Family Meeting, exploring the status of relations and how ones interactions impact everyone. This ‘audit’ helps assess the sense of well-being and can be empowering for children and help highlight the value of generosity and friendliness.
  3. Use same approach within the Organization and then another that could include reps from outside partner/vendor groups- especially regarding relations with ‘others’.
  4. Your Organizations can nominate some Hospitality Heroes & Champions. The Heroes would be persons who are models of qualities that exemplify Hospitality. Champions actively promote relations with others that nurture a sense of community for the whole.

Characteristics Of A Hospitality Hero

  • A positive sense of self; author of their own story; a sense of independence.
  • With an understanding on whose shoulders they stand, they possess a generous spirit.
  • An appreciation of societal interdependence means they are welcoming to others.
  • Aware that service to others, is a service that benefits the whole, thus themselves.

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  1. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Love thy neighbour as you would love thy self. Simple concept really untill you bring selfishness, jealousy and self-loathing into the equation.

    • sswhite says:

      How do you mean “truth is killing me?” Who exactly were/are selfish jealous and self loathing?

      • Truth is killin' me... says:

        Cain…read his story. It’s in the bible.

    • sswhite says:

      there are segments in this island who did not and do not love thy neighbor. their “neighbors,” to these folk are “subhuman” and were to be used and abused as such – in the face of thier “god” no less. thier dogs and cats received better treatment.

      • Coffee says:

        Same people pocketed the wealth while the others were made to grin and bear it ! The heydays of Bermuda typically include the step’n'fetch it era .

    • Mockingjay says:

      Those days are gone, in the Hospitality industry back in the day there were committed LOCALS who loved their job and their pay was sustainable with the cost of living and the rate of inflation.
      Today the pay is not worth it compared to the cost of living and rate of inflation and cheap labor is the order of the day, that’s why Bermuda is the laughing stock of the Island destinations because of its lack of LOCAL commodity.

  2. WhistleBlower says:

    Wow!!! The growing support of negative amazes me when perusing Bernews comments. Sad era of our history

  3. Negativity because people are tired. They are tired of the way the leaders in our society are so off base with its people that are born Bermudians. We feel like our voices are not heard and steps are taken to make sure we are not heard