Artemis Racing Looking To Move To Bermuda

May 30, 2015

Following the statement made by Minister of Economic Development Dr Grant Gibbons in the House of Assembly, the ACBDA and the America’s Cup Event Authority confirmed that Artemis Racing are looking to move their entire operation to Bermuda as soon as this year.

“Presently their home base is located in San Francisco and this move would see Bermuda becoming Artemis Racing’s headquarters through the 2017 America’s Cup regatta. This would be significant for Bermuda as the potential move would involve many more people in the Artemis Racing team moving to Bermuda much earlier than anticipated in our projections,” a statement said.

“After spending some time here on the Great Sound it has confirmed our original thoughts that this is a tricky venue and being here, learning the race course, will give us the best chance possible to win the 35th America’s Cup” commented Nathan Outteridge, Artemis Racing Helmsman.

Artemis DSC_0509

“The full Artemis Racing team base will require a significant amount of land space and they are therefore exploring all their options for locating that base on the Island,” the ACBDA said.

“The recent decision to have the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers, Challenger Playoffs and America’s Cup Match all take place in Bermuda continues to prove beneficial in terms of the presence that the teams will have in Bermuda and therefore the economic impact on the country.”

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the warm welcome and enthusiasm of the local community here in Bermuda and we are looking forward to making this our new home” said Iain Percy, Artemis Racing Team Manager

Artemis DSC_0532

The ACBDA said, “Artemis Racing have indicated their clear commitment to the Event Village concept, which will feature all the America’s Cup teams in one location for the first time, and, should they choose an initial alternate location for their main base, they will certainly move into the Dockyard Event Village early in 2017.”

Peter Rusch, Director of Communications ACEA and Mike Winfield CEO of ACBDA both expressed their appreciation to Artemis Racing for their commitment to both the Americas Cup and for making Bermuda their home base.

“We look forward to working with Artemis Racing, in helping relocate their full team to Bermuda and doing what we can to assist them in setting up their full operational base here”, added Mike Winfield.

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  1. In-spite of the, “nay-sayers”, this is great news as well as some fantastic free publicity for Bermuda and everyone. Yes, everyone will benefit from their presence here on the Island of Bermuda :-)

    • Pure Madness!!!!!! says:

      Please explain how “I” will benefit from this….

      • Barracuda says:

        You wont because your attitude sucks .

        • Thanks Barracuda…But just maybe if this individual,(and others that think like him/her) were to remove their head from out of the anus they will understand more than what they’re led to believe :-( Sad yes, but true…

        • high road says:

          Yup and this person is more concerned with themselves before Bermuda

      • Terry says:

        If your not homeless and a drug addict and living with relatives every other week or at the Salvation Army or in Westgate or sleeping behind city hall or the railway tracks and being fed or stealing corn and selling it or stealing vehicles I think your doing pretty good you ***.

        Damn. No full stops commas et al.

        Why do I even respond.

        There is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel.

        Know how to spell “Pure”.?


      • jt says:

        If you can’t figure it out it’s a waste of time trying to explain.

      • Kangoocar says:

        You sound just like an employee I fired this week??? I can tell you that I already have benefitted by those that are already here for the AC!!! And in case you are wondering I have absolutely no affiliation with anyone in government!!! I because I actually make things happen in my life as opposed to your type who will fall into one of the following two categories, ( those who watch things happen or the those that say, what the F happened?? ) trust me when I tell you, you will never benifit from it and nor should you!!!!

        • Mockingjay says:

          That’s because you’re in the Elite circle or if not you fit the profile, we all know that the White establishments cater to their own (and nothing wrong with that) but don’t make it seem like you’re some think tank genius and others wear a dunce cap.
          Bermuda’s History is ingrained with Subliminal Racism and Selective Economic Favor, in the latest statistics (which is nothing new) White professionals make more money then their fellow Black counterparts in the same field, so before you start blowing your horn and ride on your white horse(no pun intended) most of us in Bermuda are not blind to the fact that in this Conservative Cooperate World we know who has the money and who benefits.

      • Well then says:

        You’ve never heard of the trickle-down effect?

      • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

        Services require money, so get off your ***, and PROVIDE A F****** SERVICE!!
        these brain dead, spoon fed people are just taxing on society…Man was born a HUNTER…what de hell happened to YOU!

  2. Lois Frederick says:

    This can only be positive for Bermuda. It will mean more economic activity in Bermuda, which means more money flowing around Bermuda in general. For those who choose not to see the potential benefits of this, I feel sorry for you. Of course, most won’t get a direct benefit, but with the combined effect of all stimulus that is kicking in, it will benefit Bermuda as a whole, as more money is spent here over the next few years. Some of that money will even filter through to those naysayers too.

    I have already identified a way I can make money indirectly from the America’s Cup and hotel developments that have been spurred by it. Nobody will be handing out wads of cash to people, but there are plenty of opportunities that will arise from the America’s Cup.

    • TY says:

      Well said .. thanks!

      • For some reason or another, “certain individuals” fail to acknowledge this fact, and that is, the only way we,(Bermuda) will get that 2.x billion U.S.A. dollar debt paid off is with more U.S.A. dollars and not our pretty coloured monies :-(

        • Mockingjay says:

          So we pulled $77 Million out of our @$$ not knowing if we’re going too surpass or break even so that a few business tycoons fight over bragging rights, while the average working Bermudian hasn’t had a wage increase in the last 6 years and the prices are continuing to rise.

  3. Economist says:

    We must all figure out how to get a piece of the pie.
    Must admit, I got it figured out!

  4. Spotty says:

    Wish everyone would welcome new companies and their expat employees the same way. The effects are the same yet more permanent

  5. Terry says:

    And if the Spanish/Italians/Portuguese/ et al had run aground you would have Euro……………..
    never mind.

    Shalom and key up for the next post.