Artemis Racing Launch New Boat In Bermuda

February 19, 2016

Yesterday [Feb 18] marked an important milestone for Artemis Racing, launching their new Turbo boat in the waters of Bermuda, and beginning their two boat testing programme.

Artemis Racing skipper, Nathan Outteridge, commented, “It was good to have our first two boat session here in Bermuda, especially given that it was also the first day that we’ve sailed from our new base at Morgan’s Point. With the early forecast looking very light, it was great to be able to get out there.“

“We did a few systems checks to start before the other boat came out. To have two boats lined up this far out from the America’s Cup is a big thing for us. It was nice not to have to use another team to check how we were going, we can now start to do that in house.”

Left to Right: T1 and T2

Artemis Racing T1 and T2 Bermuda Feb 19 2016

“You can really see the competition within our sailing team developing, which will make everyone start pushing a little bit harder. Our base on the end of Morgan’s Point gives us a good vantage point to see the sailing.

“It’s not just good for the sailors, it’s good for all the guys that are in the shed as well. When they are working they can see the boats sailing past. This is a huge boost for the team and now we just have to keep doing it. We have to keep the boats on the water and keep progressing forward”.

Swedish grinder, Anders Gustafsson, was also happy with the outcome of the session.

“Today was our first day sailing T1, and the recently launched T2, together. It was a great day for the whole team, to finally see them line up. I was onboard T2, and it was an amazing feeling to look over your shoulder and see the other boat just flying next to you. We came really close and the boats matched up really well together”.

Artemis Racing is the first 35th America’s Cup challenger to start training with two prototypes, allowing both for comparison in design, and for valuable match racing training.

The team is looking forward to heading to Oman next week for the first event of the year, in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series. Racing will take place over 27-28th February in the one design ‘AC45F’s’.

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  1. It’s certainly a pleasure seeing “them” in the Sound. “Yesterday [Feb 18] marked an important milestone for Artemis Racing, launching their new Turbo boat in the waters of Bermuda, and beginning their two boat testing program.” This up-coming event can be nothing but a win-win event for Bermuda and its people…

  2. Cranberry says:

    Go Artemis!

  3. JUNK YARD DOG says:


    The America cup competition it is about competing for the ultimate prize, it is much more than a boat race.

    Just as each and every one of us are competing in one way or another for a better life, we can not do it alone as it takes teamwork, we all must work together , we all must play our part, we are all part of the wider plan, that plan involves all of us exactly the same as crew on an America’s cup boat an orchestra of talent all playing in tune,where there is no margin for error.

    Sailboat racing as in many sports is where we have seen people giving of there very best, to do their very best, that comes only with extreme dedication fortitude and talent and a little good luck to achieve their ultimate goal, it does not come easy.

    We will cheer for you all.
    We pick no sides.
    You are all winners.

    Bermuda will experience the greatest sailing event on the planet.

    Thank you all for choosing Bermuda.