Bank Back In Business, Staff In Strong Spirits

June 10, 2015

While the Bank of Butterfield’s staff are shaken up by yesterday’s armed robbery, their spirits are strong, and the east end bank branch is back in business today.

Just past noon yesterday [June 9] there was an armed robbery at the Butterfield Bank in St. George’s, with a man entering the bank brandishing what appeared to be a gun, demanded money and then escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash. A few hours after the robbery, the police arrested a 39-year-old St George’s man in connection with the incident.

Premier Dunkley & MP Kenneth Bascome with bank staff today:

Premier Michael Dunkley Visits Butterfield Bank Bermuda, June 10 2015-1

Speaking today, Premier Dunkley said, “I came down this morning to the wonderful town of St. George’s after the most unfortunate incident yesterday as I thought it was important to show support specifically to those staff members of the bank who were very disturbed by the incident yesterday and of course my colleague, MP Bascome is here with me today, and Mike Collins from Butterfield.

“We have the opportunity going to talk to some staff, no one expects those type of things ever to happen in their life, and as Premier and as a proud Bermudian, I think I can feel some of the concern that the staff members will have, and I thought it would be critical to come down and see how they are doing and help them get through the aftermath of the situation.

“So we’ve been hosted by Mr. Collins here this morning, we had a good visit in the bank and we’re back to business but they still have some wounds that have to heal, and we’re trying to help along that road.

“It’s always good to be in St. Georges, under this unfortunate circumstances there is a bit of a shadow but we’ll recover from that, the spirit of Bermuda is strong, the spirit of the employees of the bank is strong.”

Premier Dunkley and MP Bascome visits Butterfield Bank Staff

Mr Collins said, “I just like to thank Premier Dunkley and Mr. Bascome for coming and it means a lot to the staff, who are obviously very shaken up. Spent all afternoon with them yesterday and it come in waves, it’s very emotional, really stressful experience and it doesn’t end today…a week down the road there will still feel it.

“Definitely a life changing experience but I can tell you that they all acted incredibly, they did exactly what they supposed to do. Incredible bravery and I think we should all be very proud of their behaviour, and I just like to thank them, and thank both of you for coming by definitely means a lot.”

St George’s MP Kenneth Bascome thanked the Premier for coming to”our illustrious town” and praised the bank’s employees, saying: “Once again I would just say to the staff thank you for your quick response and your professionalism in dealing with this situation.”

The Premier added, “And one more thing I’ll say to the people of Bermuda is although the police have a suspect in custody, thecase still goes on. Anybody who has information, continue reach out to the police and give them any information, so we can close this one off as soon as possible because that helps out bring some better feelings to the people involved. Thank you Bermuda for your concern,”

Anyone with any information about the robbery can contact the Southside Police Station on telephone number 293-2222 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477.

Update 2.31pm: Shadow Public Safety Minister Walter Roban said, “The Bermuda Police Service is to be commended for their swift capture of the alleged perpetrator of the crime at Butterfield Bank in St. George’s.

“As economic conditions continue to worsen for most Bermudians, we must remain vigilant against a rise in crimes and avoid the individual temptation to succumb to the lure of the fast cash.

“The customers and workers of Butterfield Bank are dealing with must have been a horrific incident. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.”

Update 8.36pm: The 39 year old man arrested in connection with this has been released on police bail.

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  1. Noncents says:

    “As economic conditions continue to worsen for most Bermudians, we must remain vigilant against a rise in crimes and avoid the individual temptation to succumb to the lure of the fast cash”

    Oh Walton- you just couldn’t resist the temptation to make it political.

    • Theresa T says:

      Did I miss the politics in this statement?? Clearly I did, seems like he only said things are difficult right now…….things do seem to be getting worse…..Belco rates are rising, jobs are being lost left right and center……I just didn’t see politics in his statement other than he is on the opposition…..

      • hurricane says:

        You didn’t miss anything, Theresa T. Nonecents just trying to be a trouble maker They would want to note that it wasn’t even Walton who made the comment.

        • Come Correct says:

          Lol For real and for real. Oba on their toes after the childish twitter ****.

    • Curious says:

      hahahaha, i was JUST thinking the same thing!!!!

    • Real Talk (original) says:

      FFS, where did you read Walton? It’s Walter. W-A-L-T-E-R.

      • X Factor says:

        I think they’re getting confused with Walton Brown.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      Unfortunately – there is going to me more of this “nonsense” as the economic conditions for hundreds of people get worse!! Better Security measures had better be in place in the future!! And properly trained “armed guards” do in fact deter these types of crimes – especially here in the states!!

  2. Politricks says:

    I know the guy Mr. Roban.

    This has nothing to do with ‘worsening economic conditions.’

    This is all to do with bad habits. Period.

    Your attempt to politicize this issue and play on people’s emotions is pathetic.

    • Yahoo says:

      Bud is a sad, sad man so his weak attempt to score some cheap political points is not surprising.

      • Come Correct says:

        D@f#q are you lot on about? He’s making a statement from the same perspective as most of us. Nobody knows why the guy did it. He said nothing about politics, give it a rest. People said it’s going to be a hot summer (politically), you don’t have to light a candle.

  3. Bermyman says:

    The crime rate is actually gone down over the past 2 years. Especially theft and gun related violence.

    I seem to remember bank robberies in Bermuda when the economy was in fact very good during the 90′s.

    The fact of the matter is a Gun is a very expensive item in Bermuda, so whomever had access to one would have I assume quite a record of criminal activity previously.

    • Don't need none of them says:

      Let me say this the oba will not stop until every man in Bda. Is working for food, or living somewhere else! Protect your brithrite

  4. Jay says:

    Any info on the cause of the power outage Monday?

    • X Factor says:

      Expect a lot of it-it’s going to be a long, hot summer.

  5. Truth is killin' me... says:

    I’m very glad this incident went down the way it did. It could have been a whole lot worse!

    • Whistling Frog says:

      How could it have been a whole lot worse, if it went down the way it did?

  6. Pollster says:

    Thankyou Premier and OBA reps for caring!

  7. Dr Dolittle says:

    we should take that animal and put him in public like an animal that he is for people to throw stuff at, put him in chains and leave his worthless animal behind there for a good long time. He pointed a gun at women? people’s mothers? That piece of *&%^*^ animal is no human and the family that spawned him cannot be any better. Fruit don’t fall far from the tree. We need these animals sent off this island so it can be the gem it used to and not polluted by these barbaric psychopathic animals who are far less than humans. You act like that, you get stripped of your human title. Go to hell you animal!

  8. Dr Dolittle says:

    Chop his F’N hands off so he can’t point guns at our mothers anymore. Not like he used them to work anyways.

  9. Don't need none of theem says:

    Moses went into eyjept an told pharoah to free gods people out of slavery ! I need to know, do we have any more of moses people who need to be freed from a political pharoah?

  10. Don't need none of theem says:

    Im sorry, I’ve tried to avoid saying this, but what clown thinks that the oba gives a shush about my people! Its business as usual.