BHS Students Participate In Beach Clean-Up

June 19, 2015

Dozens of students from Bermuda High School left a litter-laden beach squeaky clean after pitching in to clear it up.

The students, all from Year 7, turned up at Whalebone Bay, on Ferry Reach, where they were greeted with the site of a beach strewn with tiny pieces of plastic.

After 90 minutes of painstaking work the beach looked pristine and the students had picked up a dozen bags of trash.

BHS beach clean-up

It was organised by Year 7 student, Hannah Deacon, 12, who said, “I wanted to do something to help the environment. My dad suggested Whalebone Bay and it was an obvious place to do a clean-up.”

Hannah prepared a presentation to give to the year group explaining why it was important to help and BHS adopted it as a Year 7 project, so the whole school year got involved. KBB donated all the gloves and trash bags.

“I’d really like to thank everyone who took part and I really want to do it again” Mrs. Davis, Head of Year 7, said, “BHS is very proud of all the girls who gave up their Sunday afternoon to give back to the community and environment. Extra special congratulations to Hannah for organising the event! It was a really fun day out for everyone involved.”

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  1. I as a public member, want to thank everyone that had taken part in this clean-up at Whalebone Bay.
    May I suggest this to our Government/Parks Dept.(or whatever they are called) to take a serious look at the boats that have been sitting high and dry” along the waters edge out at Ferry Reach, and yes other places around Bermuda.
    Each vessel has a registration number on them and that’s the way to go about contacting the owners and giving them a limited amount of time to re-float or remove their boats…If anyone fails to follow up then Government, e.g. Parks remove them and charge the owners for time and labour.

  2. Thanks says:

    Awesome job kids! Thanks you to all of you that participated. I’m so proud of you all, and I don’t even know any of you!