Couples Honoured For 50+ Years Of Marriage

July 8, 2015

Thirty couples –who have been married for 50+ years — were honoured at a high tea on Sunday for the longevity of their marriages.

Bermuda CableVision partnered with Heart to Heart Marriage Mentoring Ministries [Heart to Heart] and recognised the couples on Sunday at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club.

Bermuda CableVision advertised for members of the public to nominate couples who had been married for 50 plus years. There were 70 couples nominated and after rounds of interviews, 30 couples who met the criteria were selected to be recognised.

The event, “Salute Marriage: 50 to 59 Years”, was organised by Mildred and Allan Hunt of Heart to Heart. Salute, an acronym, stands for Stop And Look Up To Enduring, Exciting, Energetic, Eventful, Encouraging, Effective, Enlightening and Enriching marriage.

The event acknowledged couples who have been married between 50 and 59 years.

30 Couples Celebrated Five Decades Of Marriage

The celebration featured a variety of entertainment including the reenactment of a bridal procession at a wedding, various singers including Toni Robinson, Elca Maranzana and Mr. Hunt, comedy by Bootsie and salsa dancing by Ricky & Greashena Spence.

There was also a slideshow featuring photos of the couples over the years. Each couple was honoured and presented with an award courtesy of Bermuda CableVision. Lady B and Dwayne Caines served as Masters of Ceremonies.

Mrs Hunt says: “We were so happy to honour the 30 couples who were nominated by members of the public. The objective was to celebrate marriage as we believe marriage is the bedrock of all successful societies. On behalf of my husband and I, I would like to again congratulate the couples on their long, successful marriages.”

Terry Roberson, CEO, Bermuda CableVision, says: “We were delighted to partner with Heart to Heart to honour those couples in our community who have been married for decades. We believe that strong families make strong communities and salute these couples for developing kindness, love and respect for each other over so many years.”

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    THIS IS JUST BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations to all the couples. What an inspiration as marriage is becoming a cliché, unfortunately losing its value, significance and order of family that God has set out! Praying for 50 more years!!! :-)

  2. mumbojumbo says:

    Honored?….that is all?….dey need to be nominated for de Nobel peace prize!…

  3. Audrey says:

    So beautiful to see! It’s great to know so many marriages are still going strong!

    • Cherie says:

      Who said they’re growing strong!!!! Some probably wished they weren’t together.

      • Edwin says:

        You are speaking for own relationship.

      • Alafiyah says:

        WOW, SMH!!!! You must be a disgruntle relative of ALL of these people. They are celebrated for their the LONGEVITY of their marriage or did you overlook that word because of your misery and hatred! Anyone who stays married to the same person, despite their personal ups and downs deserve all the praise they can get. None of us are perfect. We could learn a lot from them about forgiveness when it comes to being married.

  4. I LOVE MY LIFE!! says:

    This is so, so, so RARE today in 2015 that this article should be on CNN, CNBC and BBC news!! Some couples don’t even last 50 DAYS let alone 50 years!! In addition to that Bermuda has one of the highest divorce rates in the WORLD! People today have 1 problem in their marriage and they get divorced IMMEDIATELY! They don’t wanna talk! They don’t wanna reason and they certainly DON’T want to compromise!!! I’m here to let these 30 couples know that people like them are going EXTINCT in the THOUSANDS every second! Aint too many left like them! I wish they would have all came together and wrote a book on the SECRETS to making a marriage work!! I will guarantee that book would make MILLIONS before it even left Bermuda! Like i said there have been THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of divorces on this little small island so it sounds like thousands and thousands would benefit! I APPLAUD ALL OF YOU COUPLES!!! But seriously write a book , make a movie or have a real life play!! ALL JOKES ASIDE!!!! Bermuda NEEDS IT!!!!

    • mj says:

      most of these couples like my parents and others who have been married for fifty-nine years plus have been together so long because of the war, and culture that existed back than, man knew he was the head of household and so put a roof over his brides head and took care of her because she couldn’t go back home to grandma or mom. these situations drew people closer, also vegetation back then was different, more farmers healthier eating habits and also a more cohesive society especially more meighbourly.. Our system has changed and so in keeping with “times” or “global” habits we adapted to other people and places we had never been to and so we have consequently been divided and conquered by a throw away system which has given us a different mentality of materialism versus tradition and culture..I applaud men and women who understand for better or worse for richer or poorer.. Vows were more important and adhered to, nowadays people change vows like they change attitudes.

  5. Thinking says:

    This is nice, but what was the criteria outside of being married for 50 that you would be judged on? How did you tell the other couples their 50 years of marriage wasn’t as good as the others? I get you have to narrow it down for numbers but still ….

  6. Hmmm! says:

    Congratulations,how privileged you all are to have been able to marry the person that you love. Now Bermuda, it’s time to stop discriminating and afford gay couples the same dignity!

  7. smh says:

    dont see any same sex couples!!! Yessss I *fistbump*

  8. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Marriage is a threatened Institution……like Fatherhood……it is taken lightly……Mothers are the salt of the earth….If anyone can keep these responsibilities going successfully…….as they say…..for better or worse…..I applaud them…..definitely I believe that more mothers have found favour with G-D than any other person on this earth period……for all times.Allah-u-Akbar……Congratulations ladies.

  9. BermpBermp says:

    Why only 30 couples? I wonder what the criteria was?
    Blessings to all pictured here and the 40 couples who are not!