Plans Developing For Mandela International Day

July 13, 2015

Imagine Bermuda in collaboration with ADHT Bermuda Foundation are encouraging Bermuda residents to support and participate in Nelson Mandela International Day on Saturday, 18 July.

A spokeperson said, “In the spirit of the example lived by Mandela, we have been expanding the collaboration supporting this global initiative, across all sectors of the Island.

“In addition to encouraging residents to choose how they would lend a hand on July 18th, in their neighbourhood, club, church or favourite charity, we have secured some hubs, which all have a plan to facilitate any assistance that residents may want to provide.

“These hubs are open to receive calls anytime this week, in the lead-up to the day, from any interested resident. This will facilitate service provided on Saturday, July 18th. [Residents should make contact at their earliest convenience]

“The hubs can be contacted at the following phone numbers:

  • Age Concern -238-7525 for their list of seniors throughout the island who are in need of specific assistance.
  • Chewstick – 292-2439 for assistance in their renovation of their new venue.
  • KEMH -239-1569 – by the close of Thursday 16/7/15, for assisting by reading to patients, etc.
  • Rest Homes – Public & Private – 292-7802 – for assisting by reading to patients, etc.
  • Salvation Army Shelter – 292-0601 – lending a hand with maintenance work.

“In addition, we have expanded the collaboration to include the Bermuda College and Chewstick in coordinating a gathering on Friday, July 17th – the eve of Mandela Day -from 5.30 – 7.30 pm at the Campus’ Student Centre. This event, will include music, poetry, story-sharing, as well as cross-community networking.

“This alternative to ‘Happy Hour’ will include a meet & greet which offers residents the chance to leverage their personal and career potential by reaching outside of their normal ‘boxes’. The spirit of the gathering is to capture Mandela’s passions for enjoying music and the arts, life-long learning and moving beyond barriers.

“To find out more about the Nelson Mandela International Day global effort, visit the Mandela Day website, for information about Bermuda activities visit Join the conversation by using #ServeBermuda, #MandelaDayBermuda and #67minutesBermuda.”

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  1. What needs to be done is to have an open forum on race relations in Bermuda and how the economic and social structure that divides the races in Bermuda, other than that its just a mockery to the memory of a Great man.

  2. Just a matter of time says:

    @Onion Juice – there is no racism in Bermuda, don’t you know that?

    Those forums were already tried already with the Bermuda Race Relations Initiative (BRRI) under the PLP. And there was much negative flack about it then. Also with CURB which has now had its funding cut by this Govt. What are the chances of the OBA initiating such….? Zero. This country does not want to acknowledge that there is major institutional racism existing in this island ‘paradise’ impacting many. Anyone that suggests such is labeled erroneously as a ‘racist’. You see the new narrative now is that merely mentioning or discussing race now = being a racist. Maybe the BTA should advertise Bermuda as being the perfect non-racist society and teach the rest of the world how to do it since racism no longer exists here! All this sleeping by many of our countrymen about the subject is very sad indeed.