East End Garbage Collection Delayed Today

August 18, 2015

The Waste Management Section of the Ministry of Public Works said would like to advise the public that there will be delays in garbage collection today, Tuesday August 18th.

A spokesperson said, “Due to truck shortages, Monday’s collection of West End garbage was not completed and crews are now working in the West End today to complete the task. East End garbage will be collected tomorrow, Wednesday August 19th.

“Waste Management thanks members of the public for their understanding and patience while the issue is resolved.”

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  1. inna says:

    Seems like there are delays every week with trash collection. Hm.

    • Lady Bug says:

      I live in the West and for the past two weeks my trash hasn’t been collected on the Monday OR the Thursday, but only on the Friday of each week. My neighborhood smelled awful.

      People must be complaining for them to release this comment…

    • Hurricane says:

      Third week in a row, Garbage wasn’t collect until Wednesday night last week and I never saw any such notice. Truck again? SMH

  2. Islander says:

    While we are on trash collection, can Ag and Fish send their troops to tend to our Roads as the trees, weeds and their cousins need tending to. It has been quite sometime since we have had someone to take hold of these unruly lot. Best game in all of County is coming up next week Saturday and our streets need to be cleaned up.

    • Seascape says:

      I agree. Not only has the trash not been collected on time for the last couple of weeks but we are still overgrown on our roads since last year. In addition, we still have trees that the hurricanes knocked down and have not been chopped up or removed. As we are in the middle of the hurricane season, the busiest part of the season is coming up, when are we going to cut back and cut down the trees and remove the ones that have fallen? When driving in most areas, we have to move away from the sides as the trees are growing into the roads. Something needs to be done about this! Can’t use the excuse of the rain as we have had this problem since last year.

  3. San George says:


    • Regina says:

      When it is done, that is.

      • Regina says:

        Oh, and might i add – the trash here is still not picked up and the rats have torn it apart and strewn it. THIS is now your mess to clean up so don’t even THINK about leaving the mess for me to clean up! I did as I was supposed to – you did not. YOUR mess now. Clean it up!

  4. Arts Lover says:

    Thanks for the update but our East End trash collection hasn’t been on time since before Cup Match!

  5. family says:

    Of course the press release will NOT tell the public the TRUTH!! Overtime has been denied over the last couple of weeks and guys are tired of not getting paid correctly!

    Fact: new trash trucks are lemons and getting parts is crazy. Fact: as any other working dept, staff are in titled to vacations and sick times. Fact: these guys make 730 and are in titled to knock on time after a full work day. Fact: overtime is SOMETIMES offered. FACT: Gov always cuts guys short of their overtime pay.

    So why the hell should they work and not get paid when supposed to??? You work overtime and have plans for that extra cash that we all need only to be given in little bits with the promise of getting it all the next week but still don’t!!

    Yet your Gov can pay tourism dept hundreds of thousands in bonus for what?? To bring in America’s cup that’s in 2 years time for a couple of weeks??? To have tourists numbers DECLINE????

    Don’t get me started!!!

    • Seascape says:

      if they did their work properly, why would they need OT. Cry me a river! I work overtime quite often and do not get paid. Get over it.

  6. Sara says:

    Since the government is broke, why not go back to collecting trash one day per week? Make it a law that you can’t put the trash out at the curb before the evening before and be done with it!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      No problem with going back to 1 day a week pick up here. No different than many other places.

      How will that save much money? Will staff work short weeks & only get paid for days worked? How can our little trucks carry double the trash in a day that they do now?

      IMO the big waste is how we deal with waste. 3 man truck crews is crazy. We could use standardised trash containers & 1 or 2 man trucks. We could use neighbourhood dumpsters instead of piles of bags of trash at the end of roads.

      There is much that can be done to save money in sanitation starting with privatisation of the service. Civil servants have no motive to be efficient, no reason to change.