Column: In Danger Of Losing Intellect, Creativity

August 27, 2015

[Opinion column written by PLP MP Jamahl Simmons]

To build a Bermuda that works for Bermudians, we must face and deal with one simple fact; racial inequity is holding Bermuda back from reaching our full potential. The systemic marginalization of Black Bermudians has significantly contributed to disparities in access to higher education, hiring, career advancement, wages, access to capital, home ownership and criminal sentencing.

It is also believed to be a contributing factor in the considerable emigration of young educated Bermudians of color during the height of Bermuda’s economic boom. The systemic marginalization of Bermudians based on race, wastes our local talent, represents an impediment to our long term economic growth and threatens the social stability of our island. It must be addressed.

We can begin to break down the walls of institutional racism by starting to seriously, carefully and consistently evaluate how laws, policy and government spending, impact negatively on Bermudians of color.

While laws which overtly discriminate against Black Bermudians have long been struck from the books, there has been over the years decisions that, while on the surface appeared benign, further maintained or exacerbated inequality.

A tool that can be used to address this is the Equality Impact Assessment. Used in various jurisdictions, Equality Impact Assessments analyze the racial effects of public policy with the goal of maximizing equity and inclusion.

This new approach, where equity and inclusion are institutionally factored into the policy making process would represent a considerable shift in how we approach governing and would allow future governments to more efficiently and effectively allocate resources towards leveling the racial playing field.

We analyze the impact of government’s decisions on the economy and on the environment. Why shouldn’t we take into account the impact of government decisions on the people who live and work alongside us in our community?

In jurisdictions that have begun using Equality Impact Assessments positive results have been achieved such as:

  • Greater inclusion of minorities in the government of Madison, Wisconsin
  • Changes in Philadelphia’s school discipline policies that disproportionately and unfairly targeted students of color
  • Reform of government hiring background checks in Seattle, Washington that were deemed to be unfairly excluding qualified applicants of color

Equality Impact Assessments by themselves won’t address all racial disparities, but used effectively, they can help to remove or prevent them from occurring in the future. They should further be used to target gender discrimination and create greater equality for women. In the past, public policy was used as a tool of maintaining inequality and injustice, but today we can use it as a tool for creating greater equality and justice for all.

Today, we are in danger of losing the intellect and creativity of Bermudians who want nothing more than a fair chance to reach their potential. Bermuda is too small for any of our homegrown talent to be thrown away or forced to look elsewhere for a fair chance. It is a national priority that we look at new ways to expand opportunity, end discrimination and work together to help our island and our people reach their full potential.

- Jamahl Simmons


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  1. hmmm says:

    Any perceived or actual inequity surely would have been addressed from 3 full terms of the PLP.

    If not, then you can guarantee that returning the PLP on a basis of inequity would be pointless.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      He really does gloss over the PLP’s role in the severe inequity in the education system that will be from their legacy of allowing our senior public education to breakdown to a melting point. Decade+ of neglect to this structure will resound for generations.

    • serengeti says:

      They were too busy making themselves elite 1%-ers.

  2. Sad says:

    Until the public schools produce tangible results in terms of educating our children the issue will remain.

    In 2012 and 2013 the public school seniors achieved a paltry 28% GCSE pass rate while the worst UK school was around 35%. Last year that sad number grew to 30% receiving A to C grades.

    Only 44% scored a C or higher on English while only 16% and 17% achieved a C grade or higher in maths and sciences respectively.

    Those grades are sad and will only result in issues later down the road. The blame can be equally shared amongst the educators, parents and students themselves in my opinion.

    On top of that the average number of GCSEs sat by a student was between 2 or 3 while local private schools tend to average between 8 to 11.

    We spend more on public education per student then the average private school annual tuition.

    In 2014 the total number of graduates was 227 with only 77 of these being male. The year before that only 93 of the 217 graduates were male.

    Why are our young males not finishing basic high school and how will they survive in our economy?

    Oh and Mr. Simmons the only laws passed in the last few years that allegedly (according to CURB) discriminates against black males is the PLP’s version of stop and frisk.

  3. Seen this before says:

    Thanks Jamahl, but you lot keep citing American politics where blacks are the minority population. You’re part of the majority racial profile in peaceful Bermuda. Instead of another wasted program, how about we just talk/collarborate to one another like the community we are?

    • Onion Juice says:

      Majority racial profile = minority economic profile

    • Longtail says:

      Jamahl, your comments might have some weight if you made any attempt to make your points relevant to Bermuda. I am completely mystified, for instance, by your example of the “Greater inclusion of minorities in the government of Madison, Wisconsin” WHAT does this have to do with Bermuda???? Are you saying that more whites need to be in Bermuda’s government???
      You may perhaps have some valid points, but please think about what you are trying to say and make your comments relevant to Bermuda, otherwise they are seen as yet more divisive PLP smoke and mirrors.

  4. Thank you, Mr. Simmons. It is extremely clear, even based on some of the comments, that there is an insensitivity to what BLACK BERMUDIANS are experiencing during the O.B.A. tenure in Government. Thousands of Blacks are currently unemployed under O.B.A.leadership!Blacks are intelligent! Thousands have earned degrees and are met with WHITE , SUPREMIST bosses who tell them that they are overqualified or underqualified. Bermuda’s racial inequity is real, deliberate and underscores fairness in this supposed civilized society!!!

    • Sad says:

      Yeah because under the PLP there were no black job losses or unemployment.

      It was an absolute utopia.

    • It is obvious who has responded to my opinion. Obviously, my comments are TRUE!!!!

      • hmmm says:

        The PLP got in power and has three terms to take out their agendas on their perceived enemy. It turned out they were wrong about the enemy. The only enemy that existed staring right back at them in the mirror. The tyranny and destruction only hurt those who they promised to help.

      • Bermyman says:

        Name the largest single employer on the Island?

        Then look at the racial demographics of the vast majority of employees working for that said employer?

        Then point to how many jobs have been lost during the recession or even in the OBA’s tenure by that employer?

        Then look at where the money comes from to pay those employees?

      • Can’t overlook the incredible irony of someone posting under the pen name “have some backbone” doing so anonymously.

    • Sickofantz says:

      I am certainly sympathetic to Bermuda’s unemployed WHATEVER their colour. However the 7% unemployment rate is actually a fairly normal (even good) figure in most Western countries. I agree that if people with relevant degrees are being turned down by bosses on the basis of race then this requires attention.

      • alsys says:

        The problem is that the only evidence given is purely anecdotal. If this is happening (and I am by no means suggesting it is or isn’t) then it should be reported and the government should be looking into it. Earlier this year an MP erroneously blamed a business for immigration infractions which was obviously disproved but this is the type of information that should be reported (albeit not in the House per se).

        It’s awfully hard to solve a problem that everyone “knows” is happening but no one actually reports it so it can be dealt with. And the issue becomes if you cannot prove it is happening, is it possible that you might be attributing connotations to an interactions where it actually isn’t there? Actually not being qualified for a job is not racial bias but it can look that if you choose to see it that way.

        I just don’t understand truly how so many can point to this but no one is actually doing anything tangible to fix it. Articles like this are soundbites but you’d think that the learned MP who authored it would be in a great position, even as an Opposition member, to actually do something. But I suppose that would involve a bit more work and then who would write these opinion columns?

        • KJV says:

          Your conclusion at the end shows your hand. Implying that he does not want to do any work or is lazy and why would you conclude that…because of his last name, his PLP affiliation or because of….well you know what I mean!

          • alsys says:

            Since you asked… No, I’m not implying he does not want to do any work, I am simply saying that work to actually fix these issues would be more strenous than just writing articles like this. Do you disagree with that? I am, however, more than implying that articles like this do nothing to further improvements if they aren’t actually accompanied by the additional step of working on it. Which would involve having actual proof and using the power afforded to the MPs to make the changes needed to weed it out.

            You cannot change a person’s mindset if they don’t wish to change it but you can sure as hell make sure that it’s painful to continue that way. That’s what legislating away unfair behaviours IS!

    • Anbu says:

      Thanks for the reminder. I forgot how evil we whites are. Smh. That chip on your shoulder must be pretty damn heavy. Good luck being successful with that attitude

      • Family Man says:

        Don’t worry, according to the past PLP spokesman Wentworth Christopher it’s a ‘genetic predisposition’. Nothing you can do about it.

        • serengeti says:

          Is it part of that same predisposition for white people to have ‘mental illness’?

      • Truth Teller says:

        Why don’t you just join the anti racism movement rather than fighting against it as exemplified by your “I forgot how evil we whites are” comment.

        Whites are welcomed in this movement. but remember you will probably lose a lot of your white friends who may also start calling you nasty names.

        You will need to be courageous if you sign up man.

        Failing that at least stop with the white grievance and entitlement stuff.

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      IF YOU REALLY BELIEVE THIS TO BE TRUE THEN I FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR FAMILY AND YOU….it shows why you aren’t gettin ahead lmfao! But i’ll take your job…and i’m black!

    • mj says:

      The only civilized people are those who emerged from the dark ages..People of colour have always had civility, thats how we ended up in subjugation, being to courteous, giving and forgiving..We are not and will never be equal racially, The most High never intended for us to be equal ..He put Israel above all even though he treats them like NO OTHER NATION.. We must realize that the sytem is designed for certain people to be where they are, we have been actually “accidental” role models for many centuries, we have taught, fought, won, lost, continue to survive because we do not understand that racism was created for us to THINK, learn and discern..We do not, and never have controled this system and so we can never be equal to it, in the interim period of our survival on this earth (by any means necessary) we must seek knowldge and truth ..If we get caught up with the indoctrinations that the school system feeds us we will always be seeking to be in someone elses shoes..The school system does not connect our children to our society, after years of education a hat robe and certificate ceremony,..there is no dots connecting our children to their society for them to live, grow, survive and thrive..Lets examine the truth and why, but .. I am not seeking to be equal to ANYONE ..Our children should not be seeking to be equal to anyone else they should rise to their full potential based upon who we actually are and not what we wanna be,..The racial issue is beyond colour, it is all to do with NATIONALITY..Bermudians are not a nationality.If we review our history we will figure out why we have no control over what our children learn and where they will fit into our soceity once they achieve a certain amount of education.Most Seniors over 80, will tell us that they paid for schooling and even thouight they may not have excelled in this brainwash education system , they somehoe managed to have a husband, children, buy a house, maintain a job and even if they cannot read and write someone elses language, they are survivors and can teach us many things that are not available in this sytem… entry level training and repetition are great teachers.. anyone can be taught to do something that they want to do badly enough..there is so much information available and so much natural talent that is not being recognized.. It makes one wonder exactly what education in bermuda seeks to achieve if our children are not given the proper to connect with society after they graduate or even if they don’t.There are basic needs in all societies and yet we do not educate our children to those needs and groom them accordingly..The spotlight has been recently put on Cuba because education is a priority and people are educated as to the needs of their society, paygrades are not weighed according to what standard of information one received at university or college, ALL hands on deck for one nation under a groove..Bermuda encompasses too many nationalities and for a small island all governments have failed to connect BERMUDIANS(born) to their island. ALso our children are not goats so lets stop calling them “kids”. Thats the first step in education call things what they are, be honest.

  5. Accurate says:

    I agree wholeheartedly – then we could one day have a civil service led by and staffed in a ratio properly reflecting Bermudas makeup.
    Please Mr. Simmons lets try a little harder to be relevant unless of course you really mean to target private (shhh! IB) companies. Careful now loose lips sink economies. And by the way – you may want to lay off the metamucil – you and a couple of Gov ministers are looking a little transparent lately.

  6. Kevin says:

    Wow and only now this comes to light …..I don’t have the answers and I’m not sure to what degree we are currently and if it is better or not compared to when ? but to be sure Jamal the PLP did have 14 years to address or at least be seen to address it can you tell me programs and/or checks and balances that were put in place since 1998 that have now been removed or stopped.

  7. J says:

    As a ‘black Bermudian’ I have never experienced anything that would constitute as racial inequality or a ‘holding back’ of opportunities because of what race I am identified with. At 20 years old, I have had a wealth of opportunities from international companies and people who have helped me along the way to become a well educated and well qualified individual. ‘Racial inequality’ only affects and hinders you if you let it, especially in a well integrated country like Bermuda. I have had some of the best eduation, employment and professional experiences in the world because of hard work and determination…and that determination is not to prove that ‘black people’ are of equal standing but it is determination to be as successful person as I can be, for myself.

    You cannot wait for opportunities to be given to you and for laws, policies and whatever other societal, poltical and economic institutions to change to help you make something of yourself, black, white, red, yellow, WHATEVER. You can achieve whatever you want by working hard and not letting anything hold you back from your goals;this so called ‘discrimination’ included. All of the bosses I have ever had have wanted nothing but to see myself and others succeed (regardless of colour) because they say determined young people, and gladly gave us the tools to ensure we reached our full potential. Nothing can stop you unless you let it.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      A wonderful response and truly a credit to Bermudians, thank you. While we cannot dismiss what has gone in the past, it has left some inequities, however, we do not still live in that past, if there are still some linger remnant of the old thinking, then that is now the exception and not the rule in our way of life here. As this young Bermudian has mentioned, it is more about attitude than colour in employment here and a sense of entitlement will only hinder you than help. As with the past though, we have to work for what we want, and cannot expect someone to simply give it to us because of the colour of our skin or the place of our birth. Something that is more possible in this day and age, than has ever been before, and we should not forget how we got here.

      • Onion Juice says:

        Good inspirational speech J, but if you are really who you say you are (because in the past there have been some fabricated, fictional young black Bermudian characters) then I applaud you, but being that you where just born a couple decades ago, you obviously need to be schooled how the system works.
        I agree that you can do whatever you want if you put your mind to it, if you are determined, but your oblivious experience of “Racial inequality’ does not speak for the MAJORITY of Blacks not only in Bermuda but Worldwide.
        This is a classic example to what Malcolm X quoted about, “Whenever a Black man stands up and says something that white people don’t like then the first thing that man does is run around to try and find somebody to say something to offset what has just been said. This is natural but it is done.
        Live a little longer grasshopper you have a LOT to learn, and don’t forget to thank those who came before you who sacrificed and maybe lost their livelihood so you can live a comfortable RACELESS life.

      • KJV says:

        A racist reply… who said we are expecting hand outs when we are addressing the legacy of white supremacy and how it still impacts the economics of today. This young man has clearly not been in the workplace and when he goes he will soon find out that white men are dominating the workplace not because they are better rather it is because they support one another and are not afraid of each other and are in the business of nurturing their own. If one talented black person gets through it does not negate the presence of racism which impacts upon most of us. I am educated employed and make six figures but trust me, I am not stupid enough to believe that the thoughts expressed on this website by angry whites are not impacting their hiring and firing practices. If white people don’t get the whole idea of racism they will blindly practice it and not even know it. such is the case with most racist. This youngster needs to read and analyze and apply before speaking.

        • Chisel69 says:

          KJV, did you actually read the entirety of J’s comment? He was, contrary to your assertion, writing from experience, since—according to his statements—he does have work experience under numerous managers. Perhaps you responded before fully acquainting yourself with all of the relevant facts because you were in a rush to make the account fit your pre-conceived narrative of ubiquitous racism, but if this young man says he has never experienced such racism, who are you to tell him he is wrong? You know, maybe what you referred to as ‘thoughts by angry whites on this website’ are just responses to tired accusations of racism in places where it might not still exist by people of colour who are so angry themselves they cannot see genuine goodwill and amity on the part of the vast majority of white people. It is a new world out there, the times they have been (albeit slowly) a’changing, and if the experiences of this man demonstrate the success of decades of fighting racism, shouldn’t that be applauded rather than summarily derided? Perhaps you should take your own advice to read and analyse before speaking.

        • Skeptical says:

          You might want to check your sexism at the door before commenting….J is a young lady :) Could an intelligent, hardworking young lady not have written a comment like that :)

    • KJV says:

      So do we live in a racist society or not?
      Because you are talented does not mean that racism does not exist. You are a hard worker very good! You need to read more broadly and use your intellect and hard work to examine the water that you swim in. Your education and personal courage should have alerted you to the racist history and society that is rampant in our country. Do you not read? Do you not ask questions? Or are you satisfied to be spoon-fed and spew out the pablum. Exceptions don’t make rules. I am happy for you but you need a true education and not mere training. Keep working hard and keep being positive but please read and examine the society and its social underpinnings. If you don’t understand white supremacy and how it works everything else you understand will only confuse you. Based upon your comments you are confused.

      • WillSee says:

        Explain to me why the civil service has very few white Bermudians employed?
        I know of whites who have applied for jobs and never got them, not one.

      • Chisel69 says:

        Since you asked such a simplistic question, it can have only a simple answer: No, we do not live in a racist society.
        While there are indeed racists in our society—white racists, black racists, racists of every colour—racism is anathema to all thinking and fully engaged participants in society.

        The condescension and narrow mindedness you reveal in the tone of your reply suggests that you lack both the positivity you recommend, and the insight to see beyond the limitations of racial alignment. Your fixation on supposed white supramacist machinations blinds you to the progress made, the goodwill and better intentions of a group of fellow human beings whose efforts you deride. Based on his comments, J sounded very mature, grounded and thoughtful in ways you do not. To paraphrase you, Based on your comments, it is you who is confused.

  8. jt says:

    Ramp it up. There’s positive news out there that requires distraction. Who’s next in line?

  9. Noncents says:

    Why would anyone care what this guy has to say. He is the one that wrote, “what would happen if we stopped shooting each other and started putting bullets in the heads of those who hate us and won’t hire us?” and “if you are excluded from society what do you care if society burns … it might even be fun to watch it burn”


    Not that he wrote this piece anyways.

  10. Navin johmson says:

    Sure just send out good old Jamahl the race baiter. Disgraceful. But then again they don’t wish to speak of 14 years of absolute failure do they

    • Truth Teller says:

      Navin you epitomize the voice of a Bermuda style white supremacist: “…just send out good old Jahmahl the race baiter”

      As if he has broken some taboo by even touching on the subject.

      On the other hand maybe Jamahl has by making people like you uncomfortable.

      Perhaps Jamahl forgot that white privilege means that you also possess the privilege of not having to address these issues.

      Maybe Jamahl should just apologize to you and pledge never to do so again.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        *Navin you epitomize the voice of a Bermuda style white supremacist *

        I wonder if Navin has ever posted , or tweeted , anywhere that he’d like to shoot people in the head ?

      • Navin johmson says:

        Jamahl need not apologize to me. Some people need to manufacture discontent. Certainly those with defeatist attitudes. Ironically I am anything but a white supremacist but have little time for those who trot out race for votes

        • Truth Teller says:

          Oh…I get it. You say that you are not a white supremacist and I guess you think that by hiding behind colour blind racist memes and tropes that that sufficiently masks your bigoted views of black people.

          Well guess what? It doesn’t

  11. pot stirer says:

    How about the whites that lost there employment during the PLP government, is this ok. Or doesn’t it matter.
    Bunch of jokers got a lot of hot air to release..

    • frank says:

      don’t trust this guy he will sell his soul after all he has been ubp nlp and now plp don’t trust him

    • Truth Teller says:

      Hey pot stirrer…where is the data to back up your claim of all those poor little whites that lost their jobs under the PLP?

      I won’t be holding my breath. You know why? Because there isn’t any.

      In the US you would be right in the front row of all the Trump Rally’s.

      And guess what? the only racial group to practice racism in Bermuda are white Bermudians. And that is not just an opinion; its called an informed opinion unlike yours.

  12. Lost intellect and creativity says:

    The one glaring thing that substantiates Mr. Simmons’ claims about the loss of intellect and creativity is the political discourse in this country at present.

    It is juvenile and does nothing to address the issues of the day.

    The world and voters are watching and neither are as stupid as some of the talking heads believe!

    We Bermudians are embarrased at the low level of political discourse while to country is confronted with real world problems.

    You all can do better than this for the people of Bermuda!

  13. Enough says:

    Everyone in Bermuda, black, white, mixed, whatever colour their skin is all have to work extra hard in order to be a success. There are no handouts in life and when you continue to portray yourself as the victim continuously it makes any argument you may have had even weaker. I had to go away to further educate myself, came back here at 24 years of age to find work and couldn’t so I left Bermuda again to work abroad, get experience and then I moved back when I was 31. I didn’t complain that I wasn’t given a job because of my race (I’m white) because that was not the reason I was not hired. Should I have thrown my hands in the air and screamed out loud that I did not get a job because of the colour of my skin?? That’s what you are suggesting but the fact that I am white then it probably has no bearing? Appalling….

    The sense of entitlement here is what is the biggest problem, it is not down to race. People like Jahmahl are part of the problem here always looking for the easy way out. You quote legislation for greater inclusion of minorities in the Government in Wisconsin as your argument? Newsflash Jahmahl, black Bermudians are NOT the minority here in Bermuda and I think you will find that the large majority of of employees within Government are indeed black Bermudians, if that is indeed what you were intending to reference?

    Having someone in a position such as the one you are in is extremely dangerous when you portray views in a manner such as the above.

    • KJV says:

      Your analysis is flawed. Black Bermudians are in the minority as business owners and bosses. Why? Oh because you think blacks are not working hard enough! Well that is a reflection of your racist socialization. clearly in a society with a history of white supremacy and racism whites have more access to money education and fringe benefits and should not be allowed to practice defacto racism unchallenged. Let s keep it real, since you are educated and so am I, (terminal degree) who will get the job first? well if history tells the story…clearly you would, Who would be trusted to do a great job, you would, who would be supported and nurtured without suspicion? You would why? Don’t scratch your head for answers…it is because you are white in a racist society. 400 years of this sick white man’s psychological pathology will take intentional efforts to reverse. Yet you don’t see racism just like many males don’t see sexism. Well he who feels it knows it!

      • Enough says:

        Point out where I said blacks are not working hard enough? Clearly I stated that no matter the colour of your skin there are no hand outs. My point is that we can’t revert to everything being down to racism when there may be other factors at play.

        With regards to your statement about me being blind to racism I’ll simply point out that my ancestors have been the subject of racism dating back hundreds of years and were the main source of slaves to the new world in the 1600′s. We are talking centuries and centuries ago and time has moved on. I hold no grudges for that time, nor for the odd idiot who may bring it up now an again. Those were different times, different people and have no bearing whatsoever on the people of today. It’s time to put it all to rest as having a chip on your shoulder that large is not going to benefit anyone, certainly not yourself.

        Be blessed we all live in Bermuda for there are a lot worse countries we could all be in.

      • WillSee says:

        You forget whites settled the country first and culturally believe in working for themselves like the
        asians and indians for example.
        Thats how business grow.

  14. Jurist says:

    Jamahl ,the political opportunist trying to get back in power so he can make money for doing nothing.

  15. The Truth and Nothing but the Truth says:

    Jamahl the flip flop noise maker non-preforma UBP/PLP member! How long did it take you to come up with this GA GA GUGU?

    • KJV says:

      you are so wounded by the truth that this is all you could come up with…lol!!!!

  16. Ringmaster says:

    Oddly enough, I see a large number of “Bermudians as described by Jamahl” in IB, just that they are almost all females. Is it a race issue or a gender issue? How many PLP MPs are not black? How many are not female? Should the PLP begin at home and show Bermuda their diversity?

    • KJV says:

      The absence of black males in white dominated professions is because of racism. The absence of whites in PLP is because of racism. Don’t try to shift the historical plot of sexism a white mans legacy and racism a white mans psychological maladaptive coping strategy because of his fear of black male strength. Lets keep it 100 percent…it is FEAR!, PRIDE and GREED that keeps white people functioning as racist. Just listen to their private musings and public messages. THEY ARE STILL RACIST because they are afraid, proud and greedy…LOOK at sports( how serena is treated), evaluation of who gets the scholarships (everyone counts the whites versus the blacks) and distribution of contracts etc. This is a RACIST society. What do you suggest we do about it?

  17. Ann says:

    I’ve been on holiday on the east coast, Bermuda has such a huge presence there. The interesting thing I found was that most people that you spoke to about Bermuda knew what a horrible goverment we had for 14 years, and they all were so happy we were trying to get back to the place people like to visit. Thankfully after reading this article in my opinion another one crying about the fact he wasn’t getting free money anymore, people are just saying enough and be quiet. They are not in power and just can’t get over it!

  18. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    Bermuda is past the point of no return…you fools that think any different is the reason why you can’t get a job…f#@k the man and his business…show them how intelligent you are by starting your own business…hire the countless number geniuses that you mention everyday and supercede the expectations…stop bit@#ing and moaning about the man won’t hire you…its his business to run and succeed…now start yours and get with it.

  19. Enough. Black vs white. Give me just one proven example. Never mind F*** It as a zebra i have had it with a** H*** politicians that spout off but don’t offer proof or have done anything about it. Jamel you are blinded by your latest political party.

  20. Sonia says:

    This is a small island, why are they not fixing the problems? unemployment is still an issue. I think other topics here get the distraction so we don’t see that lack of achievement In our government.