Sailing Vessel Towed In After Engine Failure

August 8, 2015

An inbound sailing vessel coming from Florida with four persons on board requested assistance on Thursday [Aug 6] after experiencing an engine failure. The “Primrose” was eventually safely towed to the Customs clearance dock at Ordnance Island.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations spokesperson said, “On Thursday 6th August 8am, an inbound Sailing Vessel coming from Florida, with 4 persons on board, calls Bermuda Radio approximately 10nm south west of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.

“The “Primrose” reports that her engine has failed and the vessel requests a tow into St Georges Harbour. Bermuda Radio directs the vessel to continue under sail to the Spit Buoy at the entrance to St Georges Harbour, where a commercial tow vessel will be arranged to rendezvous with the sail boat.

“However there are no commercial tow vessels available, so the Pilot Boat St George is tasked with the job. The Pilot Boat St George and the Primrose hook up a tow line at the Spit Bouy shortly after 2pm, and the sail boat is safely towed to the Customs clearance dock at Ordnance Island.”

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