PARK[ing] Day To Be Celebrated This Friday

September 17, 2015

International PARK[ing] Day will be celebrated on Friday [Sept 18] in the City of Hamilton for the third consecutive year.

PARK[ing] Day is an annual, worldwide event which began in San Francisco 10 years ago where parking spaces are turned into temporary public parks and other spaces for people to enjoy. The intent is to promote creativity, civic engagement and social interactions in the public realm.

The Department of Planning and the Corporation of Hamilton have joined forces again this year to encourage artists, musicians, businesses and community groups to use their imagination and to transform selected car parking spaces on Lower Reid Street and Court Street for one day.

This year’s PARK[ing] Day participants and sponsors include: Washington Properties [Bermuda] Limited, Sousa’s Landscaping, the Bermuda College, Ashley’s Lemonade, Paddle Pops, Sweet Saak, the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation, the Institute of Bermuda Architects, the Department of Planning, the Department of Parks, the Corporation of Hamilton, and the list keeps growing.

Meanwhile, there will be some bays open for impromptu ‘people parking’. City Park Superintendent Steven DeSilva is encouraging people in their lunch hour to come out with folding chairs, picnic blankets, and a game of cards, and read, do yoga, have lunch – whatever they choose, and relax right inside a parking bay.

“One of our missions is to make the City more pedestrian friendly, and for that reason I think PARK[ing] Day is a smart initiative,” said Mr. DeSilva.

“It has the definite effect of slowing down traffic. This day reminds people that city streets are not only the domain of motor cars. We invite everyone to come, slow down and relax for a short part of their day. We encourage environmentally-friendly and simple, minimalist spaces as much as the elaborate highly-designed displays.”

Court Street’s involvement is even bigger this year with two locations – parking bays are set aside between Jamaican Grill and the new sports bar [formerly Chewstick] and also outside of Magistrates Court. There will be chess & checkers, local busker talent and more.

Roxanne Christopher, BEDC Economic Development Officer said: “We’re collaborating with the Bermuda Institute of Architects who are helping to design our Court Street locations. I encourage everyone to come and enjoy, spend a few minutes or hours, see the beauty of North East Hamilton and what we have to offer.”

Please contact Julie Marshall, Department of Planning, at for further information.

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  1. Watcher55 says:

    This is one stupid idea that just seems to add more stress to people trying to do business in town, last year I had to help an elderly lady I know who was going round in circles trying to park close to the pharmacy I ended up taking her car around and around till she came out. San Fransico has about half a million parking spaces, we have about 8 streets in that zone, and yes I get all the “doo gooder” stuff that wraps around this initiative but still think it’s entirely inappropriate and is an advertising board for sponsors

  2. mj says:

    pave paradise and put up a parking lot..just great!! more suffocation to the earth!

  3. And for those who would abuse handycap parking…a new sign will be installed…”Stupidity is not a handycap park elsewhere”.