Poem Inspired By Google Street View’s Bermuda

September 8, 2015

Bermudian poet Nancy Anne Miller has responded to news that Google Street View has added its Bermuda Highlights, writing a poem in commemoration of the event that provides a fun and colourful tone.

Another uniquely Bermudian offering from the poet, called ‘Lionfish,’ was recently featured on overseas blog.

The full Google Street View poem follows below:

I follow the yellow brick road,
see the Somerset Cricket Club,
Christ Church blur as if I’m on
my Mobylete, as if this line of

fire is memory’s comet speeding
through. I am Dorothy, I can
click ! click! be in Kansas, be
where I want to be. Drive through

without spoiling the environment,
no fossil fuels. I saw the woman
hired by Google to track the island.
She was laden with equipment

like a 1950’s tourist on an underwater
dive inside a glass bubble. Which
way to town? I say follow the bus
stop posts. The popsicle sticks’

melted colours: blue for to sky, to sea,
to where rain comes. Pink for to
the island’s tiddlywink belly button,
the soft limestone it is made up of.

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