Marine Police Respond To Jet Ski Incident

June 16, 2015

On Monday evening Marine Police responded to an incident in the waters off Admiralty House Park, which involved a Jet Ski operator “performing high speed manoeuvres” when he and his two female passengers were thrown overboard.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 7:30pm on Monday, June 15th Marine Police responded to a marine incident in the waters off Admiralty House Park involving a Jet Ski.

“It appears that the male operator of the Jet Ski was performing high speed manoeuvres when he and his two female passengers were thrown overboard. One of the female passengers, believed to be a 20 year old woman was injured, taken ashore for hospital treatment of a sore neck and back and later discharged.

“The male Jet Ski operator was issued a ticket for driving in a dangerous manner.”

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  1. Mockingjay says:

    Hope it wasnt a JSUI.

  2. Retired says:

    We saw a jetski operator doing something similar at Shelly Bay earlier in the day which sparked a comment – The 5 knot, no wake, regulation within 100 metres of the shoreline should, if it does not already , should apply within 100 metres of an anchored or moored marine craft.

  3. mosquitos of the sea says:

    Jet skis are becoming a nuisance on the water. The morons who try to show off by speeding into shore or whipping between boats at anchor are going to cause someone serious injury. Little boys with toys looking for attention.

    Not all of course, but becoming a majority as of late. I think it’s time for some more harsh penalties and a marine license for boat operators. Sad to say but you can thank the morons out there with a below average iq operating their crafts like an a**hole.

  4. Say What? says:

    Since time began, men have been doing stupid things to impress women (sigh)…

  5. swing voter says:

    jet skis were made for non-mariners. over priced, over rated, no experience required

  6. Christopher Notorious says:

    It seems amazing that the only water craft without a reverse gear, are the ones frequently driven irresponsibly and way beyond the 5 knot speed limit.

    Often I’ve been rafted up somewhere and people (kids) are swimming, and jet skis jump around showing off – dangerously close by. They seem to think they are impressing someone, and are totally oblivious to the incredible danger they are presenting.

    I note they were banned from Non Mariners for this very reason. Why can’t they just go and be dangerous somewhere else – instead of up close to people.

    I shouted at a couple of jet skiers recently to stop acting in such a dangerous manner, and go away. I was told to go back where I came from, and called a racist.

    Not quite sure why he thought I was foreign, or racist. I was just concerned for all the people swimming and the dangerous situation of half a ton of machinery, at close range, jumping about in an epileptic fashion.

    Next time I will simply make a video, and give it to the police.