WiRe Launch Chocolate Fundraising Campaign

October 14, 2015

Women in Reinsurance [WiRe] – a Bermuda association for women working in the reinsurance industry — are launching a chocolate fundraising campaign with plans to donate all proceeds to the Family Centre at its 2015 telethon on November 18th.

“From its inception, a major goal of our organization, WiRe, has been to support our community through charitable work,” said Rachael Ashford, VP Specialty Reinsurance at Allied World Assurance Company, Ltd. and coordinator of WiRe’s chocolate campaign.

“Our members were very enthusiastic about this campaign and have volunteered to sell more than 6,400 boxes of chocolate covered almonds within the next month to help FC fund its very worthwhile programmes for children and their families.”

WiRe members Sarah Cooper, Zoe Kempe, Rachael Ashford, Angelika Davis and Fiona Brydon get ready to sell chocolate covered almonds to help raise funds for Family Centre

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Family Centre works to improve the lives of Bermuda’s children by providing specialized programmes and prevention initiatives to those who are suffering from family based problems such as abuse, neglect, and other emotional challenges.

Martha Dismont, Family Centre Executive Director commented, “Our Children Come First Telethon hopes to raise significant funds for Family Centre while educating the broader community about our services and celebrating our 25 year history, as well as the success of our children and families. We are so grateful to WiRe for spearheading this great and creative initiative.”

For more information about Family Centre, please visit www.tfc.bm. To purchase boxes of chocolate covered almonds, please contact Rachael Ashford at wire@wirebermuda.com or 278-5493.

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  1. Vulcan Trash Cleaner says:

    OMG! that’s all we need! more chocolate filled butts!

    • Food Bank says:

      I would hate to live in your home Vulcan Trash Cleaner. You are consistently negative about everything! Most people would just say THANK YOU! or nothing at all.

  2. Allergy says:

    We have to be mindful of the items that are being used for fundraising for our children. Our children are been born with food allergies, my child has a severe allergic reaction to almonds. This product would do great harm to my child and four other classmates that have the same allergy. Not trying to damper your campaign but let’s try to get it right for our children!

  3. Erica says:

    “Allergy “. the chocolates are not being given to school children they are being sold and all funds donated to The Family Center. My son has a nut allergy too but his just means he won’t eat any that I purchase. Well done WiRe committee for a great idea! Now let’s sell some chocolates!

  4. Julia says:

    The comment at the top from “Vulcan Trash Cleaner” is such a ‘feel-good’ comment for me….as it makes me realize that no matter how cynical and jaded I am, I have such a long way to go before I reach that level. At no point when I read an article about a group of people who choose to find a fun and hopefully profitable way to raise money for those less fortunate than themselves, who choose to do something good for our community, who could sit back on their “butts” and just take but instead use their influence for positive change…at no point when I read that do I think of something negative to pick on about their chosen field of fundraising. I think “wow, that’s great, good on you, thank you”. Maybe that’s just me. But I really hope not. In fact I know not – as so many people have bought these chocolates already – including lot of very skinny people! Please…tune into the Telethon on November 18th and see for yourselves how much money WiRe raise for the Family Centre from this initiative over the next couple of weeks. People will buy chocolate regardless….they can choose to buy THIS chocolate instead of their usual brand and help their community at the same time.