Airport Geotechnical And Topographical Survey

November 10, 2015

The “Development Phase” of the airport redevelopment project is now underway the Government said; a topographical survey is ongoing and a geotechnical study will begin on Friday [Nov 13].

The Government said that “Aecon is directing this work which is being performed by Bermudian companies Atlantic Water Development, Onsite Engineering, and Bermuda-Caribbean Engineering Consultants Ltd.”

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A Government spokesperson said, “With the Development Phase of the Bermuda Government’s project for the redevelopment of L. F. Wade International Airport now underway, a topographical survey is ongoing and a geotechnical study will begin on Friday, November 13.

“A necessary initial step in the new terminal design process, the geotechnical and topographical work involves assessing the rock elevations, soil condition and strata of the airport site, using both backhoe and drill rigs.

“Information gathered will be used for foundation designs for the new terminal as well as pavement designs for the aircraft parking aprons, roadways and parking lots.

“In areas outside the site of the new terminal location, a backhoe will be used to excavate test pits, while for areas both in and around the new terminal site, drill rigs will be used to drill holes deep enough to indicate rock elevations. Work is scheduled to take place over a five week period for up to ten hours per day, with no work to be done at night.

“Aecon is directing this work which is being performed by Bermudian companies Atlantic Water Development, Onsite Engineering, and Bermuda-Caribbean Engineering Consultants Ltd.”

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  1. Kangoocar says:

    About time???? Nice to see the OBA is moving forward and for once not letting the miss-information propaganda from the plp hold things up!!!!! Let the building begin post haste and let’s get our many ( thanks to the plp ) unemployed construction workers back to work!!!!

    • Kangoocar says:

      Seriously Alaska Hall??? 52 dislikes in 5 minutes??? Hahahahahah you really should have waited to read my reply to that pathetic San George!!! You desperate pathetic bunch really need to get a life!!! How did your latest desperate fish fry go?? Any new members??? I bet not??? You are probably at Alaska hall eating what nobody did last night and washing it down with the special plp tea!!!!

      • mixitup says:

        Just the fact that someone goes in panic mode about how many likes or dislikes say’s it all… and who are the pathetic bunch again?

      • impressive. says:

        man, you got some serious issues.. your immaturity has no bonds..

        • Kangoocar says:

          You say I am the one with serious issues??? It comes as NO surprise that you give YOUR plp a pass when they organize a dislike button pushing session!!! No wonder you sheep allowed your plp to cause the fiscal carnage they did and you all said nothing, in fact you still staunchly support that pathetic party??? I will not call them incompetent because they knew very well what they were doing when they took our finances into the mess they were on Dec 17, 2012!! The only ones that did not feel the pain from their actions was they themselves, and you and those that think like you still can’t see it??? Can you tell me again who has the immaturity issues????

    • Onion Juice says:

      Airport Gate is in motion, haven’t heard the word corruption since 2012.

  2. Widget says:

    Progress, it’s a good thing. Right Betty!!!!!

  3. San George says:

    Bob Richards International – Yeah Baby!
    How can we tolerate a man who believes the entire country is incompetent?

    • Kangoocar says:

      @san George! Let me help your miss guided thinking!!! Min Richards only thinks the plp is incompetent, of course it goes without saying anyone that supports the plp in MY opinion can only be considered as incompetent after al, the fiscal carnage THEY caused!!! When it comes to you already stating the new Airport will be called Bob Ruchards International?? Why don’t you just be honest and state that is your REAL concern?? The problem with your and the plp thinking is, you STILL let little petty things such as that get in the way of things of real importance!! Such as putting Bermudians back to work and injecting much needed FORIEGN money into our economy!!! Your and the plp way of thinking only proves you would rather rule the ashes over what is good for ALL Bermudians!!!!

    • Lois Frederick says:

      I suppose you prefer the pandering politician then. Our last Premier and Finance Minister was so good wasn’t she. I prefer to be spoken to like an adult, even if the truth is difficult for us to hear sometimes. Most simply aren’t used to it and it hurts their feelings and feel “disrespected”. Keep giving us that bitter medicine Bob. It sure tastes bad and is hard to swallow, but deep down we all know it’s the only cure for our sorry state. I am even beginning to see some of Bermuda’s vital signs improving. BRIA indeed.

  4. Y-gurl says:

    They are going to force this one through no matter what, just like the PLP did with the hospital

    • Micro says:

      The naysayers forget this was the exact same type of deal that built the hospital.

      • Legalgal says:

        And that’s the problem….

        • PPP Knowledge says:

          Duh, but the money that pays for the horspittal all comes out of BDA pockets (local payments and insurance). The money for the airport will be predominantly Business and Tourism – money coming in to BDA. There is a subtle but polar difference!

    • Raymond Ray says:

      The One Bermuda Alliance Government aren’t going to force anything through as some from the “other side” want people to believe :-(
      And as for them that think like this character San George who says: “Bob Richards International – Yeah Baby!How can we tolerate a man who believes the entire country is incompetent?”
      Whoever you are you are sooo narrow minded! No-one will “jump on an ego trip” as did the P.L.P. and change the L.F.Wade International Airports name… Where have you heard that?
      Please, all u’lot who are attempting to hinder / obstruct progress take a fr-ing break!!!

      • Raymond Ray says:

        you that post dislike can’t do sh-t to change what is inevitable…Sad I know but true :-(
        You diehard can click a thousand time “dislike” but it nothing you can do…but complain and attempt to put a stick into the spokes of progress and stop other in need of a job from getting a job…Oh yeah, under the Progressive Labour Party all Bermudians will not have to work ’cause the Government will give out monthly checks…U’lot are such fools!
        As for me and my immediate family, (including our 2 Lab) are off to retire in Asia at the end of Nov/early Dec 2015,,,

      • Gloria says:

        Please just change the name back to Bda Intl Airport and pass a law so that nobody can ever change the name again. naming public spaces for vanity projects is something the PLP love to do and we all know why.

        • Onion Juice says:

          Seems like people in Bermuda have a problem when something is named after a Black Bermudian who fights for the cause of the PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Widget says:

    In the long run I believe we are far better off with the OBA then what the PLP left us with.. Give us a first class airport at no cost to the taxpayers, Hmmmmm looks like a good deal to me. Oh and we”ll be given a first class airport when the contract is finished, that’s unless it’s renewed.

    Okay so let’s compare what the last government left us besides debt and lots of it.
    A. Barkley
    B. Courthouse.
    C. Port Royal.
    D. New Pier at Dock Yard.
    Shall I go on?
    How much extra did we pay out on all those projects?

    • fact check says:

      It is not no cost.

      The cost is 30 years of income from the airport.

      And that is assuming the company is able to honour its commitments.

      Cf UK PFI projects: mortgaging the future.

      What safeguards are there against future landing fees making Bermuda uncompetitive with other destinations?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Useless handicapped buses, half capacity trash trucks, very expensive fast ferrys with nowhere to use the speed, Jeeps for W&E staff, waste of money mobile homes which first sat in storage for years then only got a few years use before they were trashed.

      Want more?

    • Onion Juice says:

      And the,
      out dated National Stadium(track taken up 3 times and couldn’t find the contractor)
      Airport with no bathrooms
      West Gate

      • Zevon says:

        $15m TCD, 5x the estimate.
        $25m swimming pool, 3x the estimate
        $25m returfing of golf course, 5x the estimate
        $45m empty apartment block no-one wil live in.
        There’s $100m gone. That’s without the $100m a year given to overseas consultants.

      • bermyguy says:

        are you saying those are plp or ubp projects, because the air port, west gate the incinerator and national stadium were all built by the ubp/oba

      • CUP OF TEA ANYONE? says:

        an airport with no bathroom? making stuff up again, i see.

        the airport needs to be demolished, yes, but it has bathrooms.
        geez. cmon


  6. Ed Case says:

    Poor poor PLP. They can’t stand Oba getting anything done. It just makes the stupid people’s party look so bad.

  7. Coffee says:

    Here we go again ; the OBA/UBP cranks the music grinder and their blind easily manipulated monkeys do a frenzied online dance .

    • Zevon says:

      You’re calling people “monkeys” now?

    • Raymond Ray says:

      That’s more of an appropriate description of the Progressive Labour Party as they, “crank the music grinder and their blind easily manipulated monkeys do a frenzied online dance.”
      [U'lot diehard P.L.P. supporters enjoy Bermuda when it will without any doubt becomes another third world country if the P.L.P. regain leadership :-( ]

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      You don’t like to be reminded of the disaster that your 14 year experiment was do you? You want to look back on those years like they never happened.

      Selective memory.

    • Kangoocar says:

      Nothing stings you plpers more than TRUTH!!!!!

      • Onion Juice says:

        Tell us one time when U.B.P. has told the Truth, Referendum on term limits, License Plates on GP cars, Jet Gate, Stone Gate, Water Front Gate(well they passed a Law to wiggle out of that one) Election Money Gate, Secret Tape Gate…….
        You don’t want the Truth, you cant handle the Truth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        One thing, I’ve got to give it to the Old Boys Association, they wrote the book and play the game well.

      • Coffee says:

        Do you UBP/OBA’ers know the truth behind the disgraceful resignation and party demotion of your former premier ? Now if in fact the TRUTH of that situation doesn’t sting you then only God knows what will !

        Now if you are even remotely interested in learning the TRUTH ask the LEARNERED Thad Hollis , I’m pretty sure that he’ll inform you of all the sordid details .

  8. Ed Case says:

    PLP koolaid drinkers think if they tell a lie enough times it will become the truth.

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