WOW Granted Licence For Different Spectrum

January 28, 2016

World on Wireless’[WOW] has relinquished its use of the 700 MHz radio frequency band for transmitting video content over the air and has been granted a licence to use a different spectrum range to service its customers, the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda said.

“This completes the first phase of the Regulatory Authority’s undertaking to optimize the assignment of various frequency ranges [referred to as spectrum] that are used to transmit data and voice information over Bermuda’s airwaves,” the RA said.

“The current phase of the Authority’s undertaking will establish the process for the assignment and licencing of high demand spectrum, including spectrum use for mobile service [HDS-1]. This process is the subject of an ongoing public consultation [] the final round of which is scheduled to end later next month.”

Kyle Masters, Interim Chief Executive for the Regulatory Authority, said: “The clearing of this valuable 700 MHz block of spectrum ahead of the Authority’s high demand spectrum assignment process [HDS-1] is a key component of the Authority’s plan to make it possible for mobile providers to improve the delivery of mobile service to the Bermuda public.”

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