“Personal Stories” Of Long Term Residents

February 24, 2016

Saying that it is part of the public awareness campaign for the Pathways to Status initiative, the Government released “personal stories” from “some of Bermuda’s long-term residents who currently do not have a Pathway to Status.”

The recently announced initiative will see changes allowing eligible people who are ordinarily resident in Bermuda for 15 years becoming eligible to apply for permanent residency, and any permanent resident who is ordinarily resident in Bermuda for 20 years becoming eligible to apply for Bermudian status.

In addition, adoptive children of Bermudians in Bermuda can automatically obtain status if they meet certain conditions; any person who was born in Bermuda, or who arrived before his or her 16th birthday, will be eligible for permanent residency after ten years of ordinary residency in Bermuda upon reaching their 18th birthday; and any person who has a “Bermuda immediate family connection” will be eligible for permanent residency after ten years of ordinary residency in Bermuda upon reaching their 18th birthday.

Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy speaks on the initiative and related matters today in the Senate:

While the announcement was welcomed by some, others expressed concern, and the Government’s recent attempt to hold an information session on the matter was closed down after protesters shouted “no to immigration reform” and “no, no, no” for almost 20 minutes.

The “personal stories” released today include father-of-three Stuart Brash has lived in Bermuda since 1993, Renato Carlit who came to Bermuda from the Philippines, Dr. Janie Brown who came to Bermuda on vacation from New York in 1992, Elvira Yusi who came to Bermuda from the Philippines to work as a nanny in 1991, 21-year-old Nicole Fubler who was born in Bermuda to a Bermudian father and a Jamaican mother and Jamaica-born Janice Mullings-George arrived in Bermuda in 1991 at the age of seven.

Pathways to Status - Personal Stories 05

Pathways to Status - Personal Stories 06

Pathways to Status - Personal Stories 01

Pathways to Status - Personal Stories 02

Pathways to Status - Personal Stories 03

Pathways to Status - Personal Stories 04

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  1. Keepin it real says:

    These folks are firmly established, invested & rooted here. They have already contibuted for decades. The children have been born here. Take the political BS out of this argument and give these people status. If the shoe was on the other foot…

    • Hmmmmm says:

      2 many holes in 1 story. How did his daughters get bda status but Mr & Mrs didn’t? Normally you get it from the parents.

      • John says:

        The mother of his children, to whom he was married, is Bermudian

      • 32n64w says:

        If the mother is Bermudian the children would have been granted status.

        • sage says:

          And what about Nicole Fubler, her father was bermudian.

          • Come Correct says:

            He passed away you ham. Stick to advocating weed you’re so much better at that.

            • Its me again says:

              So because her Bermudoan father died she wasnt granted status?

              • odd but says:

                If her parents weren’t married at the time of her birth, she wouldn’t automatically be Bermudian. Her Bermudian father would have had to officially adopt her. And it appears that, sadly, her father died before the paperwork was done. (There are lots of similar little quirks in the legislation.)

              • Yup yup says:

                That’s utterly distgusting. A truely shameful way to treat a human being! Bermuda should be embarassed by stories like Nicoles!

        • This is not true, it is not that simple.

          • Nicole fubler says:

            They didn’t give me no status because he died before he could my papers through they told my mother in Better off trying to get my Jamaican papers because the law got change to who was born 1993 whos gas aparent from bda to get statusim born 1994 so they are trying to say I missed the brackets bu it’s not my fault the year I was born.

          • Billy Mays says:

            Duane, it IS true, and it IS that simple. As usual, you’re wrong, both factually and morally.

        • Valhalla says:

          I believe they stopped this for a few years, something to do with a population concern. I got mine because my mother is Bermudian but after I think the govt stopped doing it that way.

      • JCrock says:

        Because if a child was born before 1989 then they are automatically granted citizenship. Many families on the island have some bermudian children others who are not (who were born after 1989) and the both parents are not Bermudian either.

    • Referendum says:

      Have a referendum OBA on the Status Initiative. Let the Bermudians decide END OF STORY!!

      • Voter says:

        The OBA doesn’t listen to the Bermudian people that voted and place them in power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Cocky bunch of jokers and they can forget my vote 2017.

        • aceboy says:

          How many referendums did we get from the PLP? NONE.

          By your logic that makes the OBA only as bad as the PLP, yet you will vote PLP in the next election based on cockiness. How about the “we don’t care what you think” attitude they displayed for 14 years?

          • Bermudian voter 2017 says:

            No I don’t think so Aceboy. My whole family voted for this new government because we trusted that their team wouldn’t become arrogant like the PLP.

            Here me Premier Michael Dunkley :(

            It appears the OBA need a lesson like the PLP received in 2012. My family was one of the many that helped them win by 2 seats.
            So before I think or worry about people that have another Country to move back to and a home that possibly took them 4 years to pay off. I’m worried about my children while I pay off my 20 year mortgage.

            Remember you only won by 19 seats, the plp won 17 seats.

            Don’t screw up your chance to win a 2017 election because every PRC holder or 15 year work permit holder who stands to benefit is ticking LIKE or DISLIKE.

          • Jacob says:

            You can’t be that dumb. Bermudians are only worried about Bermudians.
            I dare you talk like this in the USA, CANADA or CHINA. Better yet go over in North Korea or Iraq where they hogtie you with a nuke wrap around your backside before they send you home to your country.

          • Its me again says:

            Did the PLP promise to have a refferendum on gaming and then all of a sudden change their mind last minute?

            • Bullnose says:

              There were no referendums under the plp. They did not care what anyone thought.

            • hmmm says:

              No the PLP said bring it. So there was no longer a need for a referendum

        • jt says:

          The ‘activists’ didn’t vote OBA and don’t pretend otherwise.

        • lucky 7 says:

          @voter–its ok, they have mine.

        • Hair says:

          Hope you have a job in 2017, joker.. Be real to the situation!!

      • I’d like for all them “no-no-no-no”shouter take a good look at that picture and count how many are /aren’t white people…

        • The PLP Did it!?!?! says:

          Given that 75% of PRC holders are European… I’d say the OBA is trying to make it look like that’s not the base.

          • TheTravelingTreeFrog says:

            Just out of curiosity… how do you know that 75% are European?

            I read else where that oposers said that Gov’t hadn’t provided any data.

            Are you just Assuming??

            • Its me again says:

              There are numerous documents that say this.

              • hmmm says:

                Show me one

              • TravelingTreeFrog says:

                What are these documents?

                There are statistics about work permit holders… however I’m not sure that they release where the work permit holders are from. But I’m not aware of stats on where PRC holders come from… you know work permit holders and PRC holders are 2 different groups right?

          • Come Correct says:

            What European countries are they from? What are the numbers by country, or do you just mean white people? If so, Ireland island/dockyard have some news for you buddy.

    • sage says:

      So Mr. B (non-bermudian) from the UK has three daughters with his wife (non-bermudian) and two of them are bermudian, Ms.N, born to a bermudian father and a non-bermudian wife, in Bermuda, is not Bermudian?

      • Serious Though says:

        The complexity. .of Bermuda immigration

        • Real talk says:

          What is complex? His X Bermudian wife must have divorced him before the 10 year qualifying point. I know a few couples that have been married to Bermudians for 15 years and still the Bermudian spouse won’t sign the papers.

          Almost like the OBA government before election :)

          after election :(

      • Only one answer says:

        He must have been married before to a Bermudian.

        • The PLP Did it!?!?! says:

          BINGO! Of course they won’t tell the whole story!

          • TheTravelingTreeFrog says:

            Before August 1989 children born in Bermuda to Bermudian or non Bermudians were granted status by birth right.

            Do your research… don’t believe every little foolish thing you hear.

            • Car drives over TreeFrog says:

              If that was the case why did the UBP/OBA change it. Also you need to do your research. The man was married before to their mother who’s bda read the blogs above.

              • TravelingTreeFrog says:

                Pardon me… where do you see in the story that he was married before???

                You are referencing the “blog”- you mean in the comments? Which are SPECULATING on the man’s marital situation.

                The comments section is not a good place to start your research.

                Also I don’t care who did what when … I just want the issue resolved. If you want to research the facts as to why they changed the law be my guest.

            • Really? says:

              If they stayed resident on the island until they were 18, right?

            • Really? says:

              I was born in Bda to non-Bermudian parents before 1989 and I’m not Bermudian. We went to the UK when I was 15 so my mom could get cancer treatment. She died only a few months after going to the Uk. While we were in the UK my father lost his work permit. My mother lived in Bda 30 years, and my dad 26 years. I was born the and lived there until I was 15. I have Bermudian cousins on the island. Just another situation like many others…

            • Moonshine says:

              Correction children born to NonBermudians were granted British Overseas Territory Citizenship at that time.. not Bermudian Status. However their passports were issued by Bermuda. Get your facts straight.

      • whatever says:

        Mr B married a Bermudian and had two daughters with her who are also Bermudian. He and his wife got divorced and he later remarried to a non-Bermudian, who had one daughter.

        • Its me again says:

          Lol shoulda made his first marriage work of he wanted status.

    • @ Keepin it real, I clearly can agree to the reasoning as to why these folk would qualify, but they are (6) cases out of over 600 plus others that will be able to qualify each year as they reach the mark of the required years.

      In all honesty if we were a destination that can keep opening up it’s boarders like The united Sates, Canada, Europe and larger jurisdictions, then I say yes, but we have Bermudians that are severely suffering greater then we have ever seen, just look around and the state of homelessness has grown, unemployment is outrageously ridiculous.

      I would like to see a public posting of all that qualify at present, and along with that all the persons who will be eligible to qualify in either category within the next five years, I think we would have some real discrepancies.

      each one of these stories have it’s merit and based on the limit information, they each clearly have reasons under the former legislation that would clearly be not suited to their situation, and one thing we hear very little about is all the portuguese national’s who contributed greatly to Bermuda, but was sent packing back home under the U.B.P and the P.L.P,and other nationals from the Caribbean.

      You want to talk of being fair, I say let these folk back in here that want to come, along with any of their children that was born during their time here. I can go on and on , but you get the point, a chef and a nanny, how do they get to be here so long and no Bermudian qualified, yet we here of so many stories of Bermudian chefs that had to seek employment overseas and some go into other job’s to survive. Cleaning and being a nanny does not qualify to be a necessity for a college degree, but yet there is no Bermudians can fulfill this position.

      Some may be afraid to speak,because they do not want to offend the nationalities that are listed here, but I say if you have been here all these years and a Bermudian is able to fulfill these positions then the Bermudian needs to be taken care of, with all due respect, each one of all the 600 plus eligible people and their families have another home to go to should Bermuda go under, but the Bermudian is stuck to go no where.

      Even in the U.K were so many of the Bermudians have fled, their are U.K politicians that is fighting feverishly to close up that loop hole, so What about all the Bermudians there in the U.K, WHY NOT OPEN THE FLOOD GATES FOR THEM TO HAVE EQUAL OPPORTUNITY IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

    • NO MORE WAR says:

      The story of Nicole Fubler is in my view the most tragic and should have been addressed years ago. Before sharing this lady’s story the OBA government instead should have given her Bermudian status. This would have been a powerful story. Who is the OBA’s advisers? Give this lady status.

    • Go on a trip, meet ya intended husband then get married 1 year later !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It’s about time this matter has been cleared up!
    Right on O.B.A.

  3. The Original Truth™ says:

    How did Renato go from chef to sous chef? Did he get a Certified Chef de Cuisine degree for this position?

    • The Original Truth™ says:

      It’s funny how there are so many dislikes for my two questions but no one can answer it. I must have hit a nerve.

      Here’s a challenge to those who clicked dislike.

      Prove that when Renato’s permit is up the job add doesn’t say the applicant needs a sous chef degree and prove that Renato has one.

      Rick Olson is willing to put Bermudians first so I will dedicate my patronage to his beach house before I ever go to the overpriced one in St. George. I can’t wait for Chops to open.

      • Car drives over TreeFrog says:

        Good go there after 12am when the cowboys and Indians are drinking.

        • Rick says:

          Kitchen closes at midnight so come early and the yes the fun starts at midnight as we are inclusive.

          • Verly says:

            Good ole Rick…never misses the opportunity for free advertising LOL!!’

      • @ the original truth, let me add on here to your comment, if you do research around Bermuda and look at how many Status Bermudians have down through the last 30 years become Status Bermudians, a great majority that came here working in the hospitality industry, and now own their own companies and businesses.

        Do the research, when the service industry first started to go down and Bermudian hospitality was seen less and less in the industry, it was when many hotels, restaurants and the likes took those who were on work permits, and then became paper Bermudians, put them in position that made the work place hell for the average born Bermudian.

        then we saw the likes of these same folk move out of the hospitality industry to go on to open their own businesses all across the islands, they the paper Bermudians had no problem in getting financing from the lending institutions, while the average hard working Bermudian had hell to even get a car loan. lest we forget, these same Paper Bermudians began to run the industry in a way that has suited them now for many years, and this is why we continually see them have the same work permit holders renewed year after year.

        some establishments in the city is a prime example, and if we were to be allowed to do a name and shame list, some folk memory may be jolted. a chef once came into these shores and now CEO of some of the major businesses in Bermuda.

        There are so many sob stories with real facts, but no one wants to open that can of worms. do the research and be reminded that Bermuda did not just get were she is overnight by some lazy group of wall sitting population who were just looking for hand outs, this was designed over 40 years ago, and we are now seeing a very long thought out and implemented plan, that is now in action and if you think the future looks any brighter , think again if the real Bermudians don’t stand up for what is really their rightful place in this country.

        Our future generations of real Bermudians deserve it.

      • Bd says:

        If Bermudians would simply Google ” Recto University” they might get some answers as to where many of our so called “qualified” chefs,nurses, care givers, accountants and even cleaners (with 3 to 5 years experince as unusually required by Portuguese cleaning companies) may have obtained their documentation. Many countries worldwide are having massive problems with Filipino nationals with fake qualifications. This is a serious issue. Even passports and birth certificates are doctored in many cases.Bermuda is only 21 square miles long and 1 mile wide. An island of this size can in no way afford to have people performing jobs which they are not qualified to do or presenting themselves as someone other than who they really are.

        • FilBermy says:

          Now, now. You have to prove your accusations first before blabbering about this in this forum. This is a total lie. All contract workers in the Philippines have to be vetted by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration first, before they are deployed to work overseas. There are also employment agencies that vet the qualifications of these contract workers, and majority of them are the most qualified ones. You say “Many countries worldwide are having massive problems with Filipino nationals with fake qualifications.” That is another lie. In fact, employers all over the world prefer Filipinos because of their competence, education, good work ethics, gentle nature, and, rain or shine, they show up for work everyday!

        • sage says:

          Please no facts, Bermoojans are the “unemployables”, just being a foreigner is qualification and clearance enough. Our authorities are oblivious to the fact many folk from developing nations can buy police clearance and new identities. The fact that our entitled rich absolutely refuse to hire Bermudian “nannies” is how a woman can be brought in and stay 25 years while finding jobs for sister, auntie, nephew and nieces, and despite signing a contract and maybe the waiver of expectation to residency, she should now become Bermudian? Portuguese people were not allowed to bring spouses why were others able too?

        • The Original Truth™ says:

          In Cayman there’s been cases where permit workers were found to have forged papers.

          Some family members of mine brought in a Filipino caregiver. The caregiver was supposed to be trained and able to drive. Later they found out that the caregiver didn’t even know CPR/first aid and never drove in their life. The caregiver was supposed to have my relative on a special diet but many times they didn’t follow food preparation instructions. Not long after my relative passed away. :(

        • Lois Frederick says:

          The Philippines is a country of 100 million people. There are literally millions of highly educated people there. Just looking at nursing. In any given year up to 20,000 men and women pass their nursing board certificate examinations. For you to suggest that many amongst the Filipino workers in Bermuda are here because of forged documents makes you look like you have a large chip on your shoulder. And I dare you to say what you are implying, to any one of them to their face, working in their capacity, as a mechanic, auditor, nurse or any other profession.

          • Bd says:

            The facts are the facts and they have been presented by your own people. They are sometimes hard to accept when they come to light. If you are disputing them then you need to take that up with your own. Do not dare me. Dare them to stop mentioning Recto University. Quit while you are somewhat ahead.

        • ConfidentlyBeautifulWithAHeart says:

          @BD, Just to let you know, Filipinos who came here are well trained, well educated and very intelligent people. All the accountants here are all CPA passers (some were even on the top 10 of their graduating class, and a lot of them are Magna Cum Laude and Cum Laude when they graduated from the University). Ask any filipinos around and you will be surprised that 7 out of 10 of them graduated in the university with flying colours. The Chefs are mostly trained from other countries and/or used to work in high ends restaurant (some used to work in the cruise ship). All the nurses even worked in more advanced hospital before they even come to Bermuda. I trust the employers in Bermuda who hired them have extensive hiring process before offering them the job. Otherwise, they would be sent back to their country if they’re doing a lousy job. Don’t you think? I am not sure about the cleaners as I dont think you need 5 years experience to actually “clean”. But why do they keep hiring these cleaners anyway?? because they are hardworkking people. Something that Bermudians never learned even if they have 5 years work of experience.

        • Really? says:

          As the saying goes, ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’, and it shows in all your posts. Your allegations are just full of BS. All these overseas Filipino workers undergo rigid vetting by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, the Professional Regulations Commission and their own employment agencies before they are deployed to work overseas. Filipinos around the world are the preferred workers because of their skill, competence and good work ethics.

        • angel'sbreath says:

          speaking for the nurses, the Bermuda Nursing Council checks with the professional regulatory commission from the Philippines to verify professional registration.

    • odd but says:

      just possibly because of his more than 20 years experience in the industry?

      • sage says:

        Not good enough for a local, who would be told he needs to get certification.

  4. Paradise Reclaimed says:

    Outstanding examples of the contributions these good people make to Bermuda. I am familiar with one of these people, and their love for Bermuda is as real as any Bermudian I know. It is a pleasure to see their smile on the streets in town, and praise is due for all their courage in allowing their stories to be shared!

  5. wahoo says:

    Cool with me. Welcome to Bermuda as they used to say.

  6. I have lived here since 1988 and is the mother of 2 Bermudian children and 4 Bermudian grand children. I still don’t have Bermudian Status.

    • Are you kidding me? says:

      This article makes me laugh ,here we were talking about people tha have been here for 40 , 45′ 35 years pushed aside by UBP,PLP,NLP,any other Ps that you could name and still to this DAY are pushed aside ,people that have children born here that had to wait till they were 21′ then came down to 18 years of age to get status have grandchildren that are Bermudians. and still to this day have no status ,and this article talks about people that have been here for 22 ,25 …lol clear this mess up this status thing is umbaliveble how much longer are we going to talk about this and still no answers…

      • The Original Truth™ says:

        That’s because they are trying to piggyback one pathway off another. All of the sudden it went from PRCs to ordinary residing.

  7. Family Man says:

    And we should be glad to have every single one of them here.

  8. Average Bermudian says:

    What about my story as a Bermudian who has EVERYONE in my household unemployed.
    Yes, and educated up to Masters degrees and beyond.

    How are we to obtain jobs since there will be no more employment opportunities since these will be taken away for good.

    Where is my son going to work when he finishes university next year ?

    Anyone care to know how we are feeding ourselves right now ???


    • Lets be real says:

      What did they get degrees in? What Jobs & companies have they applied for? This will be helpful to help us help you. I too have a masters degree and have had several offers in Bermuda. Something is not right here….So again, please explain so we can help you! ONE LOVE!

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        This is an unfair question I have insurance qualifications and know other Bermudians with CPCU qualifications and we were all laid off together so qualification was not the issue. I still have not been able to get back into the industry and most of the others laid off with me are still jobless.

        LOL waiting for one of the privileged still employed to insult credentials.

        • Bullnose says:

          I bet you wish Burch and Cox had not chased out their employers. You never learn do you.

        • Lets be real says:

          Sincere apologies about being laid off… In the mean time, I suggest you think outside the box and possibly working in another field while applying to jobs requiring CPCU designation (if thats what you are looking for). The important thing is you don’t stop making money as i’m sure you have bills to pay. There is no shame in taking a job you are overqualified for to hold you over. You gotta do what you gotta do. I was a bartender for two years while holding a Masters degree to weather the storm. Now i have a job in my field! ONE LOVE!

    • Voter says:


      • The Original Truth™ says:

        They are hoping they will leave or die off from being sick while unemployed without insurance. #bermudiangenocide

      • Hair says:

        I fourth generation and still living here, so been trough alot, go figure..woo hoo

      • hmmm says:

        The OBA cares about ALL Bermudians……

        • The Original Truth™ says:

          Completely untrue. If they did they wouldn’t push EVERY SINGLE LAW they’ve put through down Bermudian’s throats. Every promise they made they broke from term limits to sex offender registry to a casino referendum. They said a referendum would be too costly but now there are calls from their seats for a referendum on SSM. Casinos have been proven to damage societies not SSM but they rather have it on one and not the other. All both PLP and OBA care about are their own agendas. They are like Michael Manley and Edward Seaga pitting Jamaicans against other Jamaicans.


    • Family Man says:

      Masters degree in BS from Westgate Correctional College probably.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Curious about a couple of things; first, degrees in what, where have they applied?? A masters degree isn’t all, that useful, unless it in a useful field, I know people with masters in arts and philosophy… doesn’t get them jack. Second, how is granting status to these people going to prevent them from getting jobs, these people already have established jobs, so they aren’t taking away any possible job positions from current status holders?
      Yo help you out, there are 208 jobs currently listed on the jobs board, you know, the site that the government runs and made more transparent immigration regulations for people to access in search of employment
      To date the OBA government has made it easier and tackled more immigration violators than the PLP government, but I guess that still means they aren’t watching out for Bermudians in the job market.

      • mj says:

        if those that have established jobs left than we bermudians could work in those positions..They should not have been sooo established anyway!!!!

        • Double S says:

          That’s funny cause when 3,391 expats did leave between 2008 and 2014 it resulted in 3,347 jobs being lost for Bermudians.

          How did that happen as according to you and other folks the 3,391 vacant expat positions should have resulted in 3,391 more jobs for Bermudians.

          • The Original Truth™ says:

            In 2007 the highest number of work permits in Bermuda’s history were passed. While plp pushed out IB they brought in more blue collar workers. Not all lost their jobs because IB left. Many lost jobs because they were replaced with cheap labor PLP allowed in. OBA is now riding off PLPs coat tails. They both feel they have to deceive you.

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          So your reasoning is that if we had less people on the island, Bermudians would be able to take those jobs… doesn’t track very far, cause if there were less people on the island, there would be less people using services, which means there would less need for services jobs, thus there would be less jobs for Bermudians. Back to my original point, check the jobs board, there are over 200 jobs listed there right now, across multiple sectors.

    • True Lies says:

      You cannot obtain a job if you don’t apply and show up for the interview. There are over 200 jobs posted on https://www.bermudajobboard.bm/ from various sectors.

      Did you not read the article? One of the individuals owns a business that employs Bermudians. If she leaves, that will be Bermudian jobs lost.

      I would recommend that your son try to find an entry level job in the US or Canada so he can get some experience and qualifications to improve his chances of getting a good job in Bermuda.

      • Me says:

        Why is it that we Bermudians must search for employment outside of our OWN homes. We send our children to other countries but welcome expets?

  9. Wire says:

    Look at all those scary OBA voters

  10. Infideyguy says:

    I can see now why the opposition is calling for comprehensive reform of the immigration laws.

    In my opinion, someone like Nicole Fubler should be granted Bermudian Status based solely on the fact that her father was Bermudian and she was born here.

    If that doesn’t qualify someone for Bermuda Status then nothing else should!!

    • A few queries says:

      The Opposition is calling for it (and did nothing for 14 years) and the OBA is actually doing it and yet some still oppose.

      • Infideyguy says:

        It doesn’t matter what the PLP did or did not do. All the OBA is doing right now is satisfying the needs/wants of the (in some cases the privileged) few.

        They need to look at the law in it’s entirety. People like Nicloe should be counted as Bermudian. I don’t think what they are proposing will solve the problem for people like her going forward.

        It doesn’t matter whether you are OBA leaning or PLP leaning. It just makes logical sense to look at the law in it’s entirety instead of the myopic approach being taken.

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        Show me the deadlines and /or quotas and cut off date in this bill. Or are we just year after year making 50, 80, 100 new Bermudians

  11. interesting says:

    The problem I have isn’t having pathways to citizenship. It’s how the government has gone about this process, specifically without a consultation process of some sort.

    • Come Correct says:

      I wonder how a consultation process would go. First 3 words that come to mind are no, no and no. Oppose the plp you’re a lynch mob, oppose the oba and you’re standing up for your rights. Tell you what, I understand what is being proposed and I’m ok with it. The rest of you leave me out of your bitter little race war while I get on with my life. I don’t judge by ones color I judge based on whether your an a$$hole or not and belive me both sides are pretty even in that respect. The real sh*t that should be opposed isn’t given a second look, effing amazing.

      • Calm down says:

        Did you have your spliff today? You appear to be stress a$$hole.

        • Come Correct says:

          Not yet but it’s coming, woodworking at the moment which is a great stress reliever and puts extra $ in my pocket. More money than those that b*%@h about not getting everything handed to them. Also I’m not an a$$hole, I’m a d*@k, big difference, I bet you thought you were being cute.

        • Xpat who loves Bermuda says:

          That’s funny I was thinking the same.

          • Come Correct says:

            That’s funny, you’re more transparent that any government we’ve had in 400 years. I’m also the tooth fairy and part time ice sculptist.

            • planeasday says:

              You have told the truth there “come correct” you are indeed a fairy – bet you cant wait to leave your w#$^ and marry a m&*.

      • steve says:

        good comment

      • Come Correct says:

        Oh look at that Alaska hall finally figured out how to do multiple dislikes on one post. Ok, let’s play a game. TO EVERY ONE, if you like/dislike a comment and it goes through, then you like/dislike a comment on the same page and it doesn’t go through, that means you can refresh the page as many times as you want and like/dislike a comment as many times as you want. If you like/dislike a comment and it goes through and then another on the page same thing, you can only like/dislike a single comment one time. There now everyone knows likes/dislikes really mean a steaming pile of horse nuggets on an August day. Exposing the propagandists one day at a time. :)

  12. some beach says:

    On the kitchen table!

  13. average Bermudian says:

    Does anyone want to hear my story as Bermudian whose whole family is unemployed, right now and cannot find work despite being educated up to a Masters degree and beyond.

    I’ll repeat – - everyone in my household is out of work.

    Want to know how we put food on the table each night ? No – no one wants to know or care.
    Want to know how long we have been out of work ?
    Where will my educated children find employment opportunities if these are taken away for good ?

    Any solutions ? Maybe we should just sit on the wall and watch LTR go to work each day.
    Maybe we should leave bermuda – our home land.
    Maybe we will have to steal soon to feed ourselves.

    Bermuda cannot save the world – we must save ourselves first.

    Desperately seeking employment in Bermuda!

    • Lets be real says:

      YES I DO!!!!!!

      What did they get degrees in? What Jobs & companies have they applied for? This will be helpful to help us help you. I too have a masters degree and have had several offers in Bermuda. Something is not right here….So again, please explain so we can help you! ONE LOVE!

      • @ Let’s be real, this is not for you, but for the jokers that don’t understand the real plight of some, give me a break, they don’t have to tell you a damn thing, help my ox. I am sure that this story is factual and if it is fiction, then let me help.

        My wife was made redundant March 30th 2011 , and I was self employed, and work was not enough to carry the entire load after that, along with some medical issues and personal issue, I had no other choice but to leave the country, so my family was in dire straights, and thankfully a family member to help take us in, but because we were living with family we was not eligible for financial assistance.

        So with a roof over our head, and my wife and I consistently looking and applying for jobs, and my wife has qualifications. It took 4 years before she became employed and doing work that she never went to school for may i add,but the four years was like hell but we kept on pressing forward and done with out many things.

        All at the same time of raising two school age children and trying to keep them in school, you want real, well this is as real as it gets, I can give my whole story but that is not the point, we had to do without medical insurance for 4 years, and we have a son who has a rear heart condition that has to go overseas every year, and has not been for 3 years, and we do not have $45,000.00 to take him every year.

        It is only by God’s grace that he is doing fine, but he is not out of the woods yet, because he is only 15 and has to undergo his 4th heart surgery within the next year. I don’t put my business out here for the woe is me, or for no one’s sympathy, but i get totally pissed at folk like you who maybe has not hit the bottom, trying to justify someone else’s plight.

        if You have not walked in some one else shoes, keep your damn mouth shut. The answer to the O.B.A critters and those who think like them, there are far worse stories then mine out there,but hiding behind your pen names with your intellectual BS,You wont know hardship if it came up behind you and stood beside you, oh but life has a way of dishing you out a few other things along the way, live awhile and these words will come back just to remind you.

        • Bullnose says:

          So your wife lost her job under the plp.

        • Smh says:

          What did you think would happen when we chased 5,000 expats and their companies out? This is the knockon effect. I am sincerely sorry that you are in such a tough situation, but you need to place the blame on the real cause of our unemployment and it has Nothing to do with PRCs

    • A few queries says:

      But you still have a computer and the internet at least.

      Since most of these people have been here for 20 years they haven’t taken any job prospects from you. So exactly how will these people be taking away opportunities from your children forever?

      • Ian says:

        How many people have been here through work permit process manipulation and preferential treatment by foreign managers, especially in IB? And try to actually be honest with yourself because Bermuda IS small enough for the average person to be WELL AWARE of this.

        • True Lies says:

          Actually I’ve found that most companies in IB are extremely careful about how they advertise jobs to avoid the appearance of non compliance. We just had a work permit denied because a Bermudian applied who, on paper, had the same qualifications. The problem was, the individual did not have the 8 years of experience with our company that the ex-pat had, so they made the decision to relocate the position to London. So not only does the Bermudian not get a job, but Bermuda just lost the payroll tax, duty, rent, etc. that the ex-pat was contributing to the economy. Who wins there?

    • Sickofantz says:

      I am sure I can help you what is the masters degree in?

      • mixitup says:

        You are scum along with your ten or so likes! The people of this country watch comments like this and it reminds us of what our great grandparents must have went through… But I’ll assure you of this….we won’t be going down this road again..be very careful of the hornets nest you and your bunch are about to stir..

        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          Its an insult on people’s intelligence even if they did not intend it. Its not like people are talking about a basket weaving degree or s this the I could effort Yale so why couldn’t you argument.

          • Bullnose says:

            And what is your Masters Degree in? I can see it isn’t english.

          • Just the Tip says:

            @ Lol and Mixitup

            How is this offencive or insulting people’s intelligence? Sickofantz has asked a simple question, a normal question asked by any job after all a Business Degree is differant from Libral Arts degree.

            You can not expect for an accounting firm to hire some one who doesn’t have an accounting degree.

    • Seriously says:

      For goodness sake, stop complaining and get a job in a lesser field that doesn’t involve a masters etc. Such as a job in the cleaning department. There are plenty if not hundreds available. Don’t want that? Try being a waiter. Or a sales person. There are many many jobs out there. Stop being picky.

    • Calm down says:

      You need to leave and return on a work permit it will be better for you the next time you apply.

      • Come Correct says:

        The most uneducated thing I’ve read today, thanks, I feel dumber now. A Bermudian literally can not apply for a work permit, but I get your sarcasm, probably my only qualification. Meanwhile since 2013 I’ve quit 2 jobs with none to go to, I again have another and I do my own thing on the side while my former school can’t even give me a copy of my GED causing me to lose out on a career I could have had for life. I’m still doing me though.

        • hmmmm says:

          What educational facility was it or are you crying wolf like all the other street walkers who claim we long term residents took your jobs.

          • hmmmm says:


            • Come Correct says:


            • Come Correct says:

              Also I have a job like I said. It’s just that I felt it was a job, eve with my limited qualifications, that had pathways to advancement. I feel the fact I couldn’t get a copy of my GED or even a call back from the school my parents paid hundreds of thousands for me to attend could have potentially been the reason I wasn’t selected. Maybe it wasn’t but I was 90% through the process. Am I going to cry about it? No.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Here’s some help,from the government
      Currently 208 listed

  14. Ya fullish says:

    Since when did published government documents begin using American spelling?

  15. Widget says:

    Each and everyone of these people deserve the right to be Bermudian. EACH AnD EVERYONE.

    For all of you that disagree, shame on you.

    • Calm down says:

      Keep quite we need a referendum.

      • Family Man says:

        A dictionary would be more useful for you.

      • Come Correct says:

        Quiet* is what the no no no people should have done, not people trying to understand.

      • Widget says:

        @calm Down. Stick a sock in it you poor thing. I’m fifth generation Bermudian and I say welcome them here as productive members of our society.seems you won’t go anywhere because no one wants your sad a$$$$

    • Ian says:

      And how many MORE real Bermudians, experiencing real hard times, many unfairly so, deserve to have THEIR STORIES told like this by elected folks selling them out everything five minutes with an agenda that starts with the PLIGHT OF THE EMPLOYED FOREIGNER WHO CHOSE TO BE HERE?! You are NOT a real Bermudian (if at all) Widget.

      • Bullnose says:

        More whining.

      • Smh says:

        Our current unemployment is directly a result of our previously hostile business environment i.e./ term limits, incr payroll taxes etc. that drove away a lot of IB.

        • planeasday says:

          That comment SMH is singularly the best example of intentional myopia I have read on this website – you honestly have no idea of the main cause of the “exodus” given the “hostile” environment involved the PLP renewing more work permits than they revoked…

          You probably also believe that the global economy has “recovered”

        • Ian says:

          You do know the OBA proposes increasing payroll tax right…

  16. Just a matter of time says:

    Nice try OBA but this pathetic propoganda tool isn’t fooling me. The overall narrative to make it seem that the PLP and its supporters are totally against any Immigration reform is patently false and is nothing but a shameful scaremongering tactic. Most of us know of someone who was born and raised here with one or both parents being foriegn born. Most of us know someone who is a spouse of a Bdian having children born and raised here. Anyone with some level of conscious understands their plight and in my opinion the focus is not and should not be directed towards them.

    The problem lies in those who came to WORK here (not born, married to a Bdian etc) on temporary or short term permits and ended up staying here via work permit renewals and in many cases manipulation of their renewals by employers to get them to stay at the expense of Bermudians. If they had left when their permit was up we wouldn’t be having these problems. If these same people understood at the time that continuing to stay here is a risk with no guarantee of status rights etc whixh should have been done, we wouldn’t be here. This is not being cold towards them. What’s cold is not having a proper immigration policy and plan in place in the first instance to prevent this limbo way of life. This is what the people are calling for. The OBA refuses to engage in anything bilaterally on this all important subject affecting all Bdians. They just bully what they want through in our limited, fragile 21 square mile chinashop as they usually do expecting that the average Bermudian is too stupid to understand anything they do. Their arrogance will be their downfall.

    • A few queries says:

      Can I ask where the outrage was when the PLP unilaterally changed immigration laws which actually and truly discriminated against Bermudians who are married to non-Bermudians? The ones that made them get land licenses and prevented such Bermudians from buying more than one property in their very own country.

      Yet there were no cries of bipartisanship or bully or injustice.

      No propaganda is needed as the comments on here, in the town hall and the nastiness being speed on the air is evidence enough of how some feel.

      • Lois Frederick says:

        It’s reassuring to know that the people that feel and act that way are in the minority. A vocal minority, but a minority none the less.

        • Ian says:

          Ok, deluded much? Bet you wouldnt bet your bottom dollar on that one!

    • Come Correct says:

      The plp aren’t against immigration reform, they started this ball rolling. I couldn’t be bothered to read after that.

  17. Couch Stew says:

    I think each should be dealt with on its own merit. I don’t have a problem with most but who wrote this story who developed it cause its certainly designed to say one story

  18. Oh,I see now says:

    “The problem lies in those who came to WORK here (not born, married to a Bdian etc) on temporary or short term permits and ended up staying here via work permit renewals and in many cases manipulation of their renewals by employers to get them to stay at the expense of Bermudians. If they had left when their permit was up we wouldn’t be having these problems.”

    Well said,I remember working in the service industry in the 80s and seeing managers advertise for jobs from the hotel I was employed at only to see the same foreign workers retain their positions year after year.It is a difference between those who had an interest in putting down roots in Bermuda and contributing to the island and those who were here for money and a good time.The powers that be(Fahey)stop confusing the issue and lumping everything together because Bermudians are having real problems.We are not talking about the fools that if given a job prefer to sit on their a$$es and sell and smoke weed all day playing Xbox.Im talking about mom and dad with kids ready to enter collage that need to pay the rent/mortgage.

  19. Christina says:

    I have been here my whole life, went to school here why don’t i deserve status. My dad died in 2012 one year short of when we could have received status. My father would have given my mother and I status. Its sad to see people have things against people like me. I feel like this is unfair. My grandfather died here and my father died here I don’t understand why some peoples answers are flat out no. How can people be so violent towards such iniative? Its not fair in my opinion.

    • Ian says:

      Christina, what you seem to miss is the obvious. That is nobody is saying no, THEY ARE SAYING NO TO THE APPROACH TAKEN BY THE OBA which wreaks of underhanded political trickery, focused solely on securing power going forward. Ask yourself this. If you were Bermudian in these times, who didnt have the privileged upbringing many of YOU did (many of which thrived here VERY comfortably on corporate comp packages that included every allowance you could think of) why would you expect the folks who are having a hard time to feel sorry for you? Especially when you have been here long enough to know EXACTLY why the OBA wants to create as many new “Bermudian” voters as possible ASAP!? Even you know for a fact that EVERYTHING the OBA has done to date has been for the direct benefit of nonBermudians. And in the process contempt for nonBermudians (mostly unjustly so) seems to have grown to some of the highest levels we have seen in YEARS. And that is a scary thought.

      • A few queries says:

        You say its a scary thought but every day you contribute immensely to the contempt.

        You are part of the problem.

        Now call me names and the like as you guys do.

        • Ian says:

          Call it what you like. To every action there is an equal yet opposite reaction. Unlike you I see Fahy and the OBA for what they are when it comes to immigration. Don’t expect me to pat them on the back. Again, EVERYTHING they have done has been for the direct benefit of nonBermudians.

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        The scary thought is you actually believe the trash you write lmfao…

      • Widget says:

        @Ian. That’s BS and you know it. That child and her mother deserve status and you know well right had the father lived he would have given that right to them. Wake up man. From a fifth generation Bermudian

        • Ian says:

          Widget, there are tons of folks here that deserve status. Way more than the millionaire executives the OBA prioritized first with the likes of their laughable “Job Makers Act”. The OBA is focused what’s to make these folks the poster children of their campaign now because of the shock they received in constituency 13. And to attempt it in a way that gives NO WEIGHT to Bermudians’ right to have a say only does a disservice to the folks that should have access to status through paths that are accepted across the board. People should be VERY concerned about the sentiments out there right now. Especially coupled with hard economic times.

  20. sebring says:

    if your father is Bermudian U get status when you are born!!!!as a birth right!!!

  21. Bermudians First says:

    Reading all the reviews and the likes and dislikes you can tell who the born and bread Bermudians are. All the stories talk about status so they won’t have to apply for a work permits to work. It is pretty amazing that their work permits have been renewed and renewed and they have it so good that other family members are here also working. WOW what about the born Bermudians born to Bermudian fathers and mothers who don’t need a work permit and don’t have a job and can’t find a job BUT can do the jobs that people on work permits are doing. HUH what about them. It is time to take care of the people born and bread in Bermuda. PUT THESE PEOPLE TO WORK FIRST. Stop renewing work permits for landscaping jobs, constructions job, restaurant jobs, cleaning jobs and any other jobs that BORN BERMUDIANS CAN DO. Our island is in a crisis and it will only get worse. We don’t need to give foreigners any long term residents nor status at this time.

    • Bermudian says:

      Why don’t we have a study of jobs such as waiters, chefs, landscapers, nannies, caregivers, or blue collar jobs that any Bermudian can do, and get the data on how long these Bermudians lasted in these jobs? You might be surprised, if you already didn’t know that there is a high turn-over rate for these Bermudian employees. If you are a business owner that cares about your money, would you not hire foreign workers whom you can rely on to show up everyday, work longer hours, and go the extra mile to help your business?

      We don’t see much Bermudian landscapers, and we know why – they cannot or will not endure the gruelling work for hours and hours on end. Employers have tried employing locals, but after showing up after 3 or so days, they were gone. The same goes for the other blue collar jobs. Employers cannot sustain their business if they do not have a reliable working force. And if not, they have to close shop and more Bermudians will lose their jobs. Do you see the relationship why we still habe to retain these work permit holders?

      That is why Bermudians need to up their game. They need to retrain themselves and have the humility to apply for these jobs, work hard and be proud of these decent jobs that will support their family.

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        and find out how many in those positions have qualifications in those fields cause it seems like some brothers and sisters are employed at the same place of employment. Is this just a coincidence.

      • The Original Truth™ says:

        There isn’t and never has been data collected. If there was then you could support your claim IF it turned out to be true. At the moment you are going on hearsay and prejudice.

    • Well then says:

      I’m born and raised here… 20 years old with no status still. Am I a foreigner to you? I bet if you met me you’d never be able to tell the difference. I wish the OBA would help people like myself out first before offering people who aren’t actually born here status.

      • The Original Truth™ says:

        I agree they should help the likes of you first but sadly OBA is just pushing their own agenda and using people like you to support it by piggybacking your case on others not born in BDA case.

      • Really? says:

        How can you not have status if you were born in Bda, and you’re 20? I’m sorry to hear this. I was also born in Bda and I’m not Bermudian either. I agree with you – you can’t change where you were born and raised. Children born in Bermuda should be Bermudian.

    • Random employer says:

      I hire technical people. Among the applicants are plenty of Bermudians, some qualified and some not so qualified. I would dearly love to hire Bermudians, but the same applicants keep applying. The same unqualified applicants who can’t be bothered to complete certification exams. The same applicants who were told last time of the skills deficits they needed to correct, but have done absolutely nothing to correct.

      All of the qualified candidates have barriers to employment. Jobs left off resumes. Firings for sexual misconduct. Firings for theft. Dishonesty convictions. Gang affiliations.

      While qualified candidate should I be forced to hire?

      • The Original Truth™ says:

        You are full of it! Firings for sexual misconduct? Where are the articles for these court cases on sexual misconduct? Also you think it’s believable that those with gang affiliations would put it on a resume?

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      or ask the question why did they not train a Bermudian as a long term plan instead they took easy route and they just worked the system to keep the status quo.

  22. Rhonda says:

    I see happy employed people…..but are they really the face of this issue….isn’t the vast majority of this group British and Portuguese

  23. mixitup says:

    The OBA couldn’t get any sadder if you ask me…. I find these beyond desperate…not their plight, but the attempt at the diverse look…

    • Christina says:

      Do you really think the plp is diverse? I don’t see any other cultures in there but black. What they are doing is not desperate.

      • Ian says:

        My dear sweet naive Christina. Take a moment to ask yourself when in Bermuda history, and pretty much that of the rest of the western world, have whites EVER be as proactive in joining/supporting “black lead movements” as blacks have been joining/supporting “white lead movements”. Your state reflects a very common disconnect with reality which some of us do not have the luxury of being oblivious to.

        • Christina says:

          You seem like a skin head sit down!

          • Ian says:

            Why do some whites feel so dignified calling black folks racists. I am black. You can’t tell me about racism nor compare me to a skin head which is pretty ironic btw. How about this for starters. can you deny what I say is true? Feel free to do some homework first.

        • Ed Case says:

          Make an argument without race ian and you got my attention. Not holding my breath – cos I know you cant do it.

          • Ian says:

            Are you surprised my comments touch on race when they’re in response to Christina’s race related observation?

  24. mixitup says:

    Theses stories speak LOUDLY as to why comprehensive immigration reform is needed… Each case needs to be examined and measures put in place to eliminate these issues… How I know that this gov’t aint serious, Term limits.. The elimination by this Gov’t of Term Limits actually will contribute to many more of these stories, so cut the act of compassion, and sympathy… their agenda is not about doing the right thing, its about seizing an opportunity and the people ain’t having it..

    • Christina says:

      What people aren’t having it exactly? explain.

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        Real Qualified Bermudians that need work in their own country. Why if there isn’t enough jobs should (as so many are not employed) people not from here have jobs before us. Is that fair? Or should we all deal drugs or rob people, or try to survive on hustles?

        • Christina says:

          Open up your eyes and see someone else’s point of view. You wouldn’t know what was fair if it hit you on the head.

  25. Ian says:

    Imagine if the OBA actually put this kind of effort into highlighting the struggles and frustrations of Bermudians… Boo frickin hoo is what I say to these sob stories. And not so much because of a lack of empathy for the cases above but more so for the fact these folks are simply pawns in a game this government of snakes is playing. Spend a moment running through the archives of Bernews articles and it becomes evident pretty quickly that EVERYTHING THE OBA DOES IS FOR THE DIRECT BENEFIT OF NONBERMUDIANS, particularly those who represent the business class. Its disgusting the lengths these sell-outs will go to in order to spin what was literally a game plan for bolstering their voter base from day 1. And that is PER THE CONTENT OF A REPORT THAT WAS PROVEN TO EXIST. Strategy by deception is in their blood and that of the foreign interest that have their ear. Funny how despite the fact they’ve gotten first access to “paths”, the OBA hasnt showcased the scores of senior executives and millionaires they’ve given PRC and status to over the past 2 years.

  26. Well then says:

    Can’t you just sort us kids out who were born after the cut off date to Bermudian status first please? My siblings are Bermudian, yet I am not. Do you know how crap it is to not be considered Bermudian in your own country and home? How horrible it is to know that with one little mistake you could be forced to leave the only home you’ve ever known forever? It sucks a lot. Focus on the ones who have been screwed over time and time again please as this is where the real ethical issues lay.

  27. serious though says:

    400 years ago nobody was here, now we have about 10,000 chickens,a few 100′s cahows same number of lizard, yikes, 1000 wild cats,the hogs are gone,Bermuda onions, Bermuda ginger Beer, Canadian and US base, Mcdonald 65000 Bermudians. .exparts, international companies, insurance and reinsurance companies, you get the point. . Over the course these the island immigration have changed.. why stop now.. look outside the box , there are Bermudians living all over the world. Take a number let say 2000, that’s about

  28. average Bermudian says:

    SOME of the above persons should have it – it is the right thing to do.
    Yes, some of these persons do deserve it.

    However, we simply can’t take a BIG paint brush and swoosh – job done.
    There must be more control – and not simply open the gates.

    Next year and so on – there will be more persons that qualify for status.
    These jobs are then secured – almost set in stone – taken off the table as an employment opportunity for Bermudians (more likely for good).

    It is a reality that status granting is directly linked to employment.
    There must be balance that is measured with ensuring that employment opportunities for local Bermudians exist.

    Term limits assisted in provided this balance – but now that it has taken away for being obstructive to business !!!!!! No consideration of its real purpose.

    The solution lies in the people – not only the politicians.
    Unfortunately, the current gov’t is acting (by recently providing status to some) before bring this important matter for the peoples’ consideration.
    It is as if the OBA are skewing(cheating) the electorate numbers before any reasonable debate can
    take place in Bermuda on immigration.

    These actions appear very mischievous by the OBA gov’t.
    It like someone stabbing you in the back – but in their defence, they claimed that you were not looking.

    • Bermyman says:

      PLP Immigration reform.

      If you are:

      Black: Status Granted

      White: Status Denied

    • WOB says:

      I totally agree. IF getting PRC is tied to being here long term due to employment contracts then you knew you didn’t have the right to be Bermudian whenever work permit was being renewed then one shouldn’t expect this. However, if you have children/parent that are Bermudian then I believe there should definitely be a pathway to status. There has to be a criteria that meets the definition of “ties to Bermuda” be it blood line or significant business.

      I also agree that it is not just about people that currently meet the criteria – what about the ongoing number of people that will meet it in the future. I can see why the Bermudians are feeling squeezed out.

      The island’s size isn’t sustainable to open the flood gates. I think they should fix what’s broken. Put in place a way for current PRCs to get status. And if a definition of PRCs needs to be defined to include those that seems to have been marginalized then do so rather than create a whole new pathway.

  29. mmm says:

    When the economy was good, Americans did not have a problem with Mexicans doing jobs legal or illegal, when the economy went down, there was an effor t to send Mexicans packing. We have watched news reports of boats filled with people trying to make it to another country in hopes of a better life. Bermuda has not had sufficiently qualified people to perform all of the tasks needed to be done for a population of 60,000, thus work permit holder s. There are certain expectations of work permit holders. This is a nice li fe in Bermuda, quiet,clean,friendly and a fair wage, certainly at the five year mark the roots have gone deeper in Bermudian society. These folks have given much to their employers and the people of Bermuda. A responsible government would say, ” employment opportunities and space needs to be made available for current and future generations, thus we cant keep renewing permits and then have the country in an up-roar and locals hungry,job-less” In every country around the world people don,t work, they may be lazy, not qualified or other reasons, but that is not most people. Bermuda is too small to meet the needs and expectations of every-one. If I were given a work permit for the USA, Canada or any country..yeah I would survey the economy and if its good, I would become attached bit by bit and want to put down roots. Its a very, very sad day when folks are not able to have their work permit renewed. For those on work permits, if they went back home, they would feel cheated and be in an up-roar if they discovered their neighbours were on work permits while they them-selves were experiencing the hard-ship of being out of work.

  30. Joe says:

    Immigration laws have always been changed in the past without public debate the government of the day make decisions for the betterment of the country all past governments have done this

    • planeasday says:

      That statement really paints a vivid picture of your hatred for democratic processes…

  31. ALVIN WILLIAMS says:

    I would like to see the stories of unemployed Bermudians and those who have been force to become economic refugees in another man’s country. The OBA government can not hide were it’s real concerns lie and that is not on the side of the Bermudian.

    • Ed Case says:

      Unemployed Bermudians went to the UK when they found they could live there for free and didn’t have to go to work at all. Wait until more figure this out – they’ll be on BA before you can say ‘extra mayonaise’.

      I’m sure we could get stories of some of them collecting their dole money on Thursdays (the only thing they actually have to show up for).

      Some of them even contribute to this column and gloat over living off the state instead of having to wark. Hey Al, what you waitin for?

      • planeasday says:

        Ed you are pathetic. The key word to me in your insightful reply is “some.”

        • Ed Case says:

          If only your post made the slightest bit of sense I could comment. Unfortunately you seem to be completely clueless like the protesters at the ‘gethrin’ today.

  32. Coffee says:

    For the most part with a few exceptions , whoever employed the ‘victims’ should take responsibility for setting them up for false expectations . Leave the Bermudian people and their country out of it . People make decisions on a personal level and expect a whole country to be nice . We aint a buying what you be selling .

    Every one of the people highlighted come from prosperous countries with land mass hundreds of miles larger than Bermuda …. There is plenty of room for growth and quality of life there . It may not be that one could afford to play golf every Saturday , but homes are cheaper and so is the cost of living … Give it a try .

  33. Ace_Boy says:

    I find it very disappointing that Nicole Fubler does not have status! She is Bermudian! WTH is going on with this government?

  34. Ace_Boy says:

    I have an American friend that has been married to his Bermudian wife for 13 years and she will not sign the papers for him to get his status. Bermudians can be so evil, especially the women. Where is the Love Bermuda? (I am Bermudian)

    • planeasday says:

      And Americans are not evil? See how silly it is to paint every issue with a broad brush – at least we – unlike America do not “preemptively” bomb brown people off of the face of the earth…

    • wahoo says:

      She might be worried that he will split.

  35. watching says:

    Its amazing how over 70% of the PRC eligible residents are of European descent, yes this disingenuous government puts out an ad campaign which makes it look otherwise by the participants.

    My question – why can’t Dr Janie Brown purchase a home? PRC’s CAN purchase homes. She has PRC. So the only thing she doesn’t have that a Bermudian has is the right to vote. So yes we appreciate her dental expertise, and her employment of Bermudians, and her contribution to society, but her story seems to be a little strange as PRC’s most certainly can purchase homes, so she is not in limbo as it is made to seem.

    The story of Nicole Fubler is one that on first glance should likely be awarded status, but Ms Fubler should speak to a lawyer and visit the Immigration Appeal Tribunal.

    Elvira came to Bermuda as a nanny and yes she has worked hard and contributed. But it was for monetary gain. That should not solely equate with status. ALl guest workers come to Bermuda for financial gain and yes they contribute to Bermuda’s economy. But all are aware that there would be no awarding of Bermuda status. So why is it now such a human rights campaign? All of these people hold status from other countries. They are not stateless. The OBA government is being irresponsible and reckless, but it fits into their agenda.

    Where are the pictures of the Bermudians that have also contributed to our island for decades who are finding themselves out in the cold? Where are the Bermudians that are being made redundant and losing jobs and having to relocate elsewhere? Is anything being done to encourage them to come back to Bermuda?

    This ad campaign is disingenuous at best, and I am disappointed in the people who allowed themselves to be used for the ad campaign as well.

  36. Won't do it says:

    If you are here on a work permit as a nanny, are you allowed to apply for another permit for the same job whilst here in the island or do you have to be off island? Seems to me that a policy should be put in place that a nanny can only be here on the island up to that child reaching middle school. There has also got to be a clear definition between a nanny and a maid! If you complete ten years as a nanny, once you leave the island you will not be issued another permit to work in Bermuda again. You can come visit but that’s it. Simple. Everyone else that’s been working here for the last 20yrs can receive status as you are now ingrained in Bermuda society. Bang

  37. JCS says:

    Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority; the political function of rights is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities.

    Ayn Rand

    • planeasday says:

      While on the topic of quoted from Ayn Rand

      The source of the government’s authority is “the consent of the governed.” This means that the government is not the ruler, but the servant or agent of the citizens; it means that the government as such has no rights except the rights delegated to it by the citizens for a specific purpose.

      You clearly do not understand the crux of her philosophy – if you did you would not be so compliant to the actions of this government or the past one – and most expectedly the future one…

      You are mistaking someone who comes here to work (a mutually beneficial condition for employer and employee)and decides they like this place better than home for a condition in which their rights are abridged.

      Shame on you and your selective (and purposely misleading) use of her philosophies summarized in word form.

    • Well then says:

      This will finally allow her to apply for status. It has been the previous immigration laws that have screwed her over… WAY before the Oba was even thought of.

  38. clearasmud says:

    I don’t have a lot of sympathy for those who came here willingly without any promises of status and now want to claim they should have rights! They stayed because they benefitted from staying otherwise they would have left by now!

  39. Fed Up says:

    OBA stop p*ss*ng on my leg and telling me it’s raining!! This is ONLY about votes and nothing else. The puppet masters don’t sleep!!

  40. Tired of nonsense says:

    I, for one, am happy that this topic has finally come up.

    It allows Bermuda to see who the true bigoted, intolerant and racist people on this island truly are (hint: it isn’t the ones that are constantly called those names either)

    You guys are disgusting and a blight on Bermuda.

  41. KTS says:

    More money being wasted by the government to market the Ministry of Home Affair’s new proposed Pathways to Status initiative. That money should be put towards issues that are in dire of funding, such as the future of education in this country, debt reduction etc… Why advertise the story’s of people if it is a general consensus that the majority of people are for awarding status? Is this government to be taken seriously?

  42. Dennis Williams says:

    Those born here but are without status is one issue. But those here on renewed work permit after renewed work permit is another.

  43. FedUp says:

    If the kids where born here or came here before age 10, give them status. Don’t give the parents status, and no one who came here to make money should be given status. Go back home!

  44. It's simple says:

    This story is a completely different matter from what the OBA are pushing for. Obviously the people in this story have contributed and become members of our society and should be granted the rights as such.

    The issues are with those that are here on supposedly temporary permits that once up, aren’t moving on but receiving extensions. Should a position still require an expat as more training for a Bermudian is required, then get ANOTHER expat! When you continue to extend a contract, we now make ourselves vulnerable to people wanting to stay and feel they have the right to citizenship!

    This Government needs to get it together and stop politicking!

  45. PhD. says:

    After reading these comments I’m not so sure I want status here. So much hate. Maybe I will take the money I had earmarked for a home here and buy a nice vacation home somewhere else. (Been here 24 years BTW and employ 50+ Bermudians). So full of hate some of you. Sad.

    • Coffee says:

      Clear out … Stop making silly threats , book as many tickets as needed . Forget about Bermuda and move on to greener pastures , your bullying ways are ridiculous .

      I say you are a lousy poker player , we will not allow you or anyone else to bluff their way to status … I call your bluff … Go now !

  46. Granting Status to All Classes of Bermudians says:

    A Human Rights violation can be the non-granting of citizenship to long-term residents of Bermuda that Belong to Bermuda and are Considered Bermudians under the Law.

    Bermuda despite common believe actually has in the legal realm/sense; four (4) classes of Bermudians/Citizenship: (1) Bermudian Status Holders (BOTC Naturalized and non BOTCs in some instances) all entitled to British Citizenship/EU rights, (2) PRC, (3) BOTC Belongers and (4) Spouses of Bermudians and Children of any of those categories.

    Under the Constitution of Bermuda, the Bermuda Human Rights Act and Immigration and Protection Act all four are considered Bermudians some albeit can not vote making them second class citizens of Bermuda which is contrary to Human Rights and essentially makes them second class citizens. This also goes against the Right to a Private Life Article 5 of European Convention Human Rights and the UN Human Rights Declaration.

    In a 21st Century Democracy it is un ethical to with hold full citizenship and voting rights to people based on sex, race and national origin particularly who our legal citizens of a country/territory. Bermudians know all to well what can happen when one group holds back the right of vote to ensure their power over another group. So restricting a type of Bermudian from fully having Bermudian status is a human rights violation no different from Apartheid South Africa “Whites” not allowing “Blacks” to vote purposely blocking full citizenship/ability to vote in order to ensure their specific group keep control of political power and preferential treatment under their system of Governance.

    But before discussing how a society can continue to allow some of its citizens and in some cases family members to have second class citizenship to have no or limited status under the law affecting their ability to vote and fully participate in the society they were born in, lived most of their lives in. Lets consider the effect it has had on siblings where one is full enfranchised and the other has the inability to work or vote (a horrible contravention of human rights) lets discuss who under the law is a Bermudian, what classes/types of citizen we have in Bermuda and what is a status holding Bermudian.

    Who is a Bermudian and is that different than holding Bermudian status? Actually under law their is 4 types of Bermudians including status Bermudian. Huh what you on about???

    The term “Bermudian”; however, is defined by the Human Rights Act, 1981 as being “a person having a connection with Bermuda recognized by the law relating to Immigration for the time being in force”.

    So all of the pathway long term residents, PRCs and belongers have entered and remained legally in Bermuda. No provision to sent them away. Particularly, Belongers belong forever to Bermuda. PRC is a Permanent resident.

    So What? Why is it a human rights issue? Why do we need pathways?

    The pathway becomes a human rights issues as Bermudians (non status) ones are being treated differently due to their qualifying connection to Bermuda, their national origin, and type of citizen class and because their is no pathway. Lets be honest that theirs is a discriminatory systematic reluctance and refusal to grant classes of Bermudians and PRC or full status, which in itself is a human rights concern.

    The argument that they can go somewhere else or Bermuda is so small does not fly for Belongers…they now Belong in Bermuda and a type of Bermudian under Bermudian law…. end stop! The argument Bermudians cannot go anywhere else is false. I understand they may not ever wish to leave their Island home but they have options. Bermudians are not stateless as they are British Overseas Citizens and British Citizens/Commonwealth Citizens; they just as an expats can go somewhere else such as the UK if they so wish. In fact they as a British Citizens can live and work in the UK, European Union and have some opportunities with other Commonwealth Countries as well.

    How do they qualify as BOTC and BCs?

    The British Overseas Territory Act 2002

    British citizenship; you automatically became a British citizen on 21 May 2002 if your British overseas territories citizenship was gained by connection with a qualifying territory. Bermuda is a qualifying territory.

    While the “law relating to Immigration” refers to the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act, 1956, it also refers to the Bermuda Constitution Order, 1968. The Constitution, in turn, recognizes the rights of people who “belong to Bermuda” to reside and work in Bermuda while prohibiting laws that discriminate against such people on the basis of their “place of origin”.

    Those who “belong to Bermuda” include Bermudian Status Holders, Naturalized Citizens of the UK Overseas Dependent Territories, Spouses of Bermudians and Children under the age of 18 years whose parents “belong to Bermuda”.

    The Constitution has always protected naturalized BOT citizens as belongers in the same way as Bermudians.

    The Constitution says that belongers should not be discriminated against with respect to entry into employment, or engaging in any business or profession.

    Section 11

    Protection of freedom of movement

    11 (1) Except with his consent, no person shall be hindered in the enjoyment of his freedom of movement, that is to say, the right to move freely throughout Bermuda, the right to reside in any part thereof, the right to enter Bermuda and immunity from expulsion therefrom.

    (5) For the purposes of this section, a person shall be deemed to belong to Bermuda if that person—

    (a) Possesses Bermudian status;

    (b) Is a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies by virtue of the grant by the Governor of a certificate of naturalization under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act 1914 [1914 c.17] or the British Nationality Act 1948 [1948 c.56];

    [NOTE by the British Nationality Act 1981 section 51 without prejudice to subsection (3)(c) thereof in any UK statutory instrument made before 1 January 1983 “British subject” and “Commonwealth citizen” have the same meaning and in relation to any time after 1 January 1983 means a person who has the status of a Commonwealth citizen under the British Nationality Act 1981]

    (c) Is the wife of a person to whom either of the foregoing paragraphs of this subsection applies not living apart from such person under a decree of a court or a deed of separation; or

    (d) Is under the age of eighteen years and is the child, stepchild or child adopted in a manner recognized by law of a person to whom any of the foregoing paragraphs of this subsection applies.

    Okay you might get the belongers and PRCs are a type of Bermudian in law and belong and are permanently residing in Bermuda and are stuck in a second class citizen construct. In such an instant the ethical and human rights approach would be to full enfranchise them to full status Bermudian or at least provide a pathway towards it.

    Why are we concerned with longterm residents they are not “Belongs or PRCs and have no qualifying connection to Bermuda and are not considered as a Bermudian under Law.”

    This is a really good questions legally Bermuda does not have to necessarily deal with this. The example of longterm Crown Servant such a Police Officer having to leave Bermuda at 55 or 60 years of age after spending 15-30 years in Bermuda and due to serving faithfully/life on the line and becomes a part of Bermudian community and Bermuda becomes their home. This is also applicable to other expats here after 15, 20, 30 years. Ethically it is the right thing to do and could be a human rights concern but Bermuda unlike the Belonger and PRC and qualifying connection is as legally bound to award PRC.

    Ethically speaking, Also of note long-term British Citizens in Bermuda have been not provided after a period of time similar rights to other types of British Citizens in Bermuda (Bermudian and BOTCs) also a systematic refusal and discrimination to deal with that issue. Particularly, since BOT Act 2002 the UK has awarded full British Citizenship and the right of abode voting to Bermudians/BOTC belongers who choose to make a life in the United Kingdom.

    But when deciding if it’s an ethical or human right item lets look at what some key humanists say on the subject:

    Give to every human being every right that you claim for yourself.

    ~ Robert G. Ingersoll

    In giving rights to others, which belong to them, we give rights to ourselves.

    – John F. Kennedy

    Each time a man stands up for an ideal or acts to improve the lot of others or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.

    – Robert F. Kennedy

    Commit yourself to the noble struggle for human rights. You will make a greater person of yourself, a greater nation of your country and a finer world to live in.”

    – Martin Luther King, Jr.

    “A community is democratic only when the humblest and weakest person can enjoy the highest civil, economic, and social rights that the biggest and most powerful possess.”

    – A. Philip Randolph

    By giving this rights to fellow classes of Bermudians (as defined under Bermudian law [being Bermudian does not necessarily mean you have status in Bermudian law just one of the classes of citizenship held as described above).

    “Bermudian” in law means a person having a connection with Bermuda recognized by the law relating to Immigration for the time being in force (Bermudian Human Act, 1982). Should not all types of Bermudians have status? Should they not all be a BOTC belonger and British Citizenship? That’s the human rights issue and where is the compassion? As Dr. King says above “…make a greater person of yourself, a greater nation of [Bermuda] and a finer world to live in.” That’s what the pathway is about. Take the whole PLP and OBA politics out of it…love all types of Bermudians that make Bermuda the best place in the world be proud of all types of Bermudians by doing the right thing for all classes of Bermudians

    • planeasday says:

      I am sure Dr. King and all of the other notable figures in history you have noted would have managed the affairs of their own house first before taking on the tasks of managing another’s…

      Get it through your head – workers here on permit are compensated for their stay – it is a beneficial condition for both employer and employed – their is no anchor holding them here – the argument that they contributed to society for x amount of years is moot – society also contributed to their well being for x amount of years.

      They should be offered no more than that…

      Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is all that should be guaranteed – it should not be guaranteed that you emigrate to another country under a mutually beneficial condition and then feel it is your right to stay. As a citizenry we can argue that it is our right they leave once the conditions of their stay have been fulfilled.

  47. history says:

    To PHD

    Your comment is expected and supports the protest against this policy.
    You can simply pack-up and go home or somewhere else (jump ship)

    Bermudians (locals) don’t have that option or privilege like yourself.

    Nowhere else to go = Wish we did

  48. Wow says:

    Oh the good ole UBP days when the unemployment rate was probably 1%, tourism was thriving and there was a surplus of money in the kitty. It took the PLP only 12 years to destroy our legacy, image (and i dont mean that racially) and value. Is it possible that maybe, just maybe SOME of the unemployed Bermudians are not able to secure work because they’re work ethic sucks and not that they cant find work? Lets be real, not every single unemployed Bermudian CANNOT FIND WORK. I’m Bermudian and was able to secure work twice in the last 4 years. The PLP forced out businesses that hired Bermudians in an attempt to put Bermudians first but it was an epic fail! They are the ones that failed us and now the OBA have the task of magically making it all better without upsetting anyone.

  49. Angry BERMUDIAN says:

    What a disgusting slap in the face of BERMUDIANS who are struggling! How many of these foreigners in this article have property in their homeland? I know it’s true. Bermuda is small we know people and their situations. I worked with some of these foreigners who didn’t give a crap about Bermuda but would sit and brag about all the money they were making here and the giant houses they were building back home. They don’t consider BERMUDA home! How many of us born Bermudians will be able to build our dream home? Very few. This is nothing but propoganda. Enjoy your time now OBA because you are pushing us Bermudians over the edge. Your time is almost up, bet on that!