2016 BELCO Bird Poster Competition Winners

March 23, 2016

Michael Schrah, a year one student at Warwick Academy, is the 2016 grand prize winner of the BELCO Bird Kite Safety Poster Competition.

Michael and his class were invited to BELCO Headquarters where BELCO Bird presented him with a $500 donation to benefit his class.  He also received a hand-crafted Bermuda kite made by BELCO Fitter Apprentice, Corrie Dillas.

BELCO Bird presenting 2016 Poster Competition grand prize winner Michael Schrah with is Bermuda-made kite and certificate.

2016 Poster Competition -Winner Michael Schrah and BELCO Bird

Michael’s artwork was chosen as the Best Kite Safety Message Overall of over 130 entries sent in by other local primary one and primary two students.  Entries were judged according to their year level on the following categories: “Best Safety Message” and “Most Beautiful”.

The art competition is just one part of BELCO’s 28-year-old annual Kite Safety Campaign to promote safe kite making and flying.

In February and March, BELCO Kiteman Cornell Dunkley, Deana Bailey and Jade Morris of External Relations and Corporate Communications visited more than 1,300 primary one and primary two students to give the BELCO Bird Kite Safety Presentation and Electrical Safety Demonstration.

Michael Schrah and parents pictured with BELCO Bird during prize giving.

2016 Poster Competition - Winner Michael Schrah and parents with BELCO Bird

BELCO’s Kite Safety Campaign ends on Good Friday, when BELCO Bird will visit safe kite flying locations around the island. Visit Belco.bm and BELCO’s Facebook page to find out where BELCO Bird will be on Good Friday.

The following students were also winners in the Competition.  All winners receive a certificate and a ribbon for their efforts.  Certificates and ribbons can be collected at BELCO’s Head Office on Serpentine Road.

BELCO Bird with Michael and his Primary 2 class and teachers, Molly Cordeiro and Deborah Nearon. Also pictured with certificates are two other Warwick Academy winners, Brianna Sousa and Jaden Jones.

Poster Competition Winner Michael Schrah and his Primary 2 class

All posters will be displayed in BELCO’s lobby through April 15.  Winners are encouraged to stop by and view them anytime from 9 am – 5 pm.

Bermuda High School:

  • Year 2 – Kahli Robinson [Best Safety Message] Year 2­ – Lillian Faria [Most Beautiful]
  • Year 2 – Ryan Wright [Good Effort] Year 2 – Saskia Luthi [Good Effort]

Bermuda Institute

  • Grade 1 – Daniela Ratteray [Best Safety Message & Most Beautiful]

Dalton E. Tucker

  • Year 2 –Nicholas Correia [Most Beautiful & Best Safety Message]

Gilbert Institute

  • Year 1 – Micaela Pitcher [Most Beautiful]

Harrington Sound:

  • Year 1 – Dante James-Rawlins [Best Safety Message & Most Beautiful]]

Mount Saint Agnes Academy:

  • Grade 1– Taryn Cundliffe [Best Safety Message]


  • Year 1 – Nailah Chimbi [Most Beautiful]
  • Year 2 – Desmond [Best Safety Message]

Port Royal

  • Year 2 – Miguel Powel [Most Beautiful]
  • Year 2 – Cortez Burrows [Best Safety Message]


  • Year 2 – Amaris Munya [Good Effort] Year 2 – Chaya Lambert-Ford [Good Effort]
  • Year 2 – Cayzie Ford [Best Safety Message] Year 2 – Devion Carroll [Most Beautiful]

Saltus Cavendish:

  • Year 1 – Charlie Hopkin [Best Safety Safety]
  • Year 2 – Evelyn Czember [Good Effort]

Somerset Primary

  • Year 1 – Marsalis Gooden-Young [Most Beautiful] Year 1 – Seri Fisher [Best Safety Message]
  • Year 2 – Levi Cameron [Most Beautiful] Year 2 – Kree Holdipp [Best Safety Message]

Somersfield Academy:

  • Year 1 – Kiara Buckley [Best Safety Message & Most Beautiful]

St. George’s Prep:

  • Year 1 – Josephine Coshan [Best Safety Message] Year 1 – Tarryn Mathie [Most Beautiful]
  • Year 2  –  Maya Fitzmaurice-Trott [Best Safety Message]

Warwick Academy:

  • Year 1 – Jaden Jones [Best Safety Message]
  • Year 2 – Michael Schrah [Best Safety Message & Most Beautiful Year 2 – Brianna Sousa [Good Effort]

West End

  • Year 1– Aerial Williams [Best Safety Message & Most Beautiful]

West Pembroke:

  • Year 2 – Evans Welch [Best Safety Message & Most Beautiful]

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