OBMI Selected: Landscape Architect For Airport

March 23, 2016

Aecon Group announced the engagement of the Bermuda office of OBMI as landscape architects for the proposed redevelopment of the L.F. Wade International Airport.

“The appointment of OBMI follows a competitive selection process that included Request for Qualifications [RFQ], Request for Proposals [RFP], presentation and interview stages with several Bermudian firms,” the company said.

“Working with Scott Associates Architects, the project’s lead architectural firm specialising in airport design, the Bermuda office of OBMI will be responsible for advising on the exterior treatment of the proposed new airport to ensure that it is compatible with the natural Bermudian environment and climate.

“OBMI will provide guidance on Bermuda’s growing season as well as the most appropriate native plants and other indigenous flora and fauna to contribute towards maintaining Bermuda’s ecosystem.

“Additionally, OBMI will advise on decorative features such as benches, patios, and possible pavilions and water features to enhance the outdoor experience for travellers, while reflecting the Bermudian culture.”

Steve Nackan, President, Aecon Concessions, and the project’s development lead, said: “We engaged local architects to ensure that the new airport will exhibit a true sense of Bermuda.

“Aesthetically, the airport will showcase the island’s natural beauty and leverage natural resources as much as possible. We chose OBMI because they have demonstrated expertise in creating solutions that celebrate the unique aspects of the island.”


Jennifer Davidson, Senior Landscape Architect, OBMI, said: “We are delighted about the opportunity to work also on the landscape design for the new airport to ensure it reflects Bermuda’s verdant beauty.

“We take our stewardship of Bermuda’s environmental resources seriously and look forward to continuing productive collaboration with the Aecon and Scott Associates teams.”

“The redevelopment of L.F. Wade International Airport is being explored under an agreement between the Governments of Canada and Bermuda. The Canadian Commercial Corporation [CCC] is a Crown Corporation for the Government of Canada and brings expertise in international contracting for complex purchases and the experience to select highly capable suppliers, such as Aecon,” the company said.

“This announcement follows a statement that OBMI was selected as the building architect for phase one of the airport redevelopment project. It also follows the successful engagement by Aecon of Bermuda-based Atlantic Well Drillers, Onsite Engineering, and Bermuda-Caribbean Engineering Consultants for the airport geotechnical survey work completed in the final quarter of 2015.”

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  1. yes I says:

    Sipping tea with Kermit.

  2. swing voter says:

    Im still concerned that the PPP is lop-sided and overly generous. I wish that uncle bob would tell us how projected revenue minus realized revenue = tax payer bail-out is in our favor. We will be the victims of fuzzy accounting for years to come

  3. Mirror, mirror... says:

    same company, two contracts, same project….I remember what this was called before December 2012. Funny how things change. They “do business”, we’re “corrupt”.

    • Double S says:

      Government didn’t choose this company…the developer did.

  4. have them look at our causeway bridge at the same time as …and this is only me saying it…but…an airport is not needed just yet…a causway is…after all…it bespeaks of third world cart before horse insolent effectual behavioural approach!

    • Raymond Ray says:

      I concur, the Causeway should be / maybe redesigned prior to or during the same period.
      The new L.F. Wade International Airports design is quite impressive either way. I would imagine a certain “Political” group would love to have a pickings at that project.

    • PBanks says:

      I feel you, but the causeway’s not a money-maker, unlike the airport. They should have at least tried to tie the two together in the overall project, perhaps. Maybe that could have made it more palatable for those who are/were against the new airport project in the first place.

      • jt says:

        The cost of brand spanking new causeway would not be financially prudent when contruction costs are balanced against costs associated with likely repair/hurricane repair/insurance etc.
        The bridge is the only matter to consider.

    • awesome says:

      the causeway is fine, only the temporary bridge is the issue. The PLP got money from the US government for the bridge, they spent is elsewhere.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      The causeway will stay there until it gets washed into the sea. Bandaid after bandaid will be applied till a hurricane comes along & washes it away.

      Year after year the PLP said that it would be replaced. They even spent millions that yielded a pretty artists impressions & some survey holes. nothing else.

      Money that should have gone into a new causeway went somwhere else. $800M went to places unknown. A school went more than 100% over first budget. A court building went way over budget. A great empty ediface was built on the South Shore etc. etc.

      Finance charges that we have to pay per day on debt would easily pay for a new bridge in less than a year.

      We are broke therefore no new bridge.