Bus & Ferry Services Running This Morning

March 12, 2016

Following yesterday’s withdrawal of labour which resulted in the suspension of public transportation, services have returned today [March 12] with both the bus and ferry services up running first thing this morning.

While no official statements have been issued concerning public transportation, we understand services are expected to run over the weekend. Protesters intend to gather again outside the Union on Monday, which means service interruptions may occur again on Monday. You can follow our live updates on the matter here.

Ferry in Hamilton this morning


Bus at the Hamilton terminal this morning:


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  1. Paula Paget says:

    I Protest the Protest. #iprotesttheprotest

  2. MULATO says:

    Do these i****’s know they are protesting for the future FAILURE of Bermuda as a whole. Less population equals less monies (all around ) equals economic failure. Or is it simply a racial divide issue ,or is it an EGO trip for a few like Tweed and Furburt and Brown and Bean ( an interesting one sided one view group ). Lastly is it political that the OBA will quite ALL the votes from this move which on the face of things is as absurd presumption that the numbers granted would even change the balance of power. That being said the way the PLP BIU and Personal Campaign are treating us they wouldn’t gain any votes simply by their disrespect

    • Joey-Bag-O'Doughnuts says:

      Yet, when a landscaping job or dish washing job comes up the “Bermudian” in most cases would say; “This job is beneath me”.

  3. We are grateful as this will be good for those of us who do not have transport at present,but likewise we understand the cause, and will adjust at anytime that the service’s are suspended.

    • Rhonnda Oliver says:

      We adjust at any time not in sympathy or support, we adjust because we’re given no choice when they decide to strike illegally. And worse, they’ll be no repercussions for any of them.

      • Cmkbda says:

        I wish they would fire the lot of them, and then there would be plenty of job opportunities for the unemployed in Bermuda. I’m sorry, if you don’t respect your job enough to actually DO IT, then you don’t deserve one. I’m all for strikes when they are about issues that actually affect the workers who are protesting, but illegal strikes like this drive me crazy.

    • Rockfish#1and#2 says:

      Hiring a speech writer was a smart move. Now we can understand what you are saying.

    • Hah! says:

      Mr. Santucci speaks like a man who has transport and so does not need to care about those of us who have to walk.

  4. sandgrownan says:

    LOL..the only protest group that takes the weekend off!

    • warwick pond skink says:

      Exactly, I mean seriously, do don’t expect these people to protest on their personal time!!!

      In any other country they would be fired for that illegal strike.
      In Bermuda employers must foolow the contract but the unionised workers

  5. Ms. Poli Tician says:

    Can someone tell me if work today/tomorrow is remunerated at straight time, time/half or double time?

  6. KaosWorld says:

    1 day protest is not going get the results Bermuda is looking for, protest are got to go on until they have no other choice to listen and work with what Bermuda people want. Even though the protest will return again on Monday, really they have no worries. I listened yesterday how everyone said they (THE O.B.A)is not listening to the people of Bermuda. Disruption must go on until they have no other choice to listen. I am the next generation of this island, I went to college, I took all the right steps to become financially stable in my country. High School, College here and abroad, Duke of Edinburg Award, and the list goes on. While in college abroad there where many graduates that returned back to school due to the fact that they could not gets jobs after returning back home. I believe in strategy and timing, America’s Cup coming to Bermuda, all eyes on Bermuda, that’s when you protest. Bermudians naturally don’t like to look bad, well that’s when the hole world will be watching, and um not just talking about the elders and adults, but the youth also must show face, because soon they will be gone and then it our turn to run this island, its better to stand up and fight now then have to fix all the governments mistakes later. Something to think about.

    • M.C. Beauchamp says:

      If you piss in the soup you are going to end up eating it. Bon Appetit. How’s that for strategy and timing?

    • Good day says:

      You went to college and still can’t spell?

    • edumacated says:

      Your education sure didn’t include spelling and grammar! You need to open your mind and stop typing your ignorance. Didn’t they even teach you how to use spellcheck?

      “Protests are got to go on”
      “could not gets jobs”
      “Wait for AC35 to act up” Pure ignorance!

    • Cmkbda says:

      This is NOT what the Bermuda people want. Ok, there were several hundred, maybe over a thousand people protesting. Over THREE TIMES that (3,700) number have signed the petition in support of the proposed legislation.

      I am the next generation of this island. I went through high school, university and post graduate education, Duke of Edinburgh…my list goes on as well. And I don’t support this bulls**t protest.

      Bermuda would be lost without guest workers. Our economy is so fragile right now, and it is irresponsible, short-sighted, and quite frankly, idiotic to continue to protest about something that is not going to affect the Bermudian worker! The people who will be affected: individuals who have lived and worked on this island for 15-20 years. These people already have jobs, already contribute to the island, already have built a life on our island, and I’d be damn proud to share my Bermudian citizenship with them.

    • Thrift says:

      A shame you didn’t learn basic grammar and economics when you were at college.

    • Silk Spider Descending says:

      If you think negative publicity brings tourists or employers to the island, you might want to continue your education, especially economics. People will be lucky to keep the jobs they have. It certainly won’t generate more.

  7. Stop playing the Same Song says:

    Population growth does not pay for itself. “…the major stress on local public spending associated with a surge in population occurs in the capital, not the current, account budget.” People be a little smarter and do your own research, those politicians don’t have a clue.

    No known society has benefitted from a substantial increase in its indigneous population which has proved economically successful. Do your own research and show me one. India and Africa would now have thriving economies if increased populations equated to more capital ?

    Most time more people means more POVERTY. Bob Richards and Michael Fahy are grasping at straws. Do any search and you will find that the impact is negative as we have a fixed land mass and limited housing. A bigger family requires more mouths to feed.

    In order to grow business, it has never been a requirement to increase the population or the nomad areas would have had very thriving economies. So stop passing on the LIE.

    Say No to PATHWAY for Status !!!

    • Concerned says:

      You may want to do some research on Singapour to see what strategies they implemented in order to achieve economic growth. Comparing Bermuda to economies like India and South Africa is like comparing chalk and cheese.

  8. Widget says:

    Shocking, simply shocking what is going on in this country. I am certain every tourist is wondering what the HE’LL are they people thinking.

    This exercise of protest shows a true divide in How the people of this country think. Not all but a few. Until such time as you get your s#?t together and act as a people you will accomplish nothing and only work to destroy this country.

    To all you people that don’t have jobs, get your a$$ out and find one. I recall once when I got laid off my job I took one shoveling s#!t and pee out of a cow barn. I did it until I found a better job and because i had a family to support. Point is you all feel washing pot, cleaning houses, serving food, and cleaning s#!t out of a barn is far beneath you. I like a lot of others have worked my way up the ladder. You can do it as well.

    If I were to take ever one of you lazy a$$ people and ship and drop you in another counter you would find work. Yes
    you wouldn’t be fussy either because it’s a job mate, a job.

    If I have offended you then you know I am right.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      @ Widget. Oh how I too can recalling them “good ole days”…Why don’t them that are complaining about finding a job, (due to lacking in experience and / or education) just do what’s available until the one they are able to do comes along? In the meantime, take the, “small paying job” that foreigners are doing and get Government assistance to make ends meet”?

  9. Coffee says:

    There is always a great calm before a colossal storm .

    • ricozihastu says:

      And when the storm hits…and the only soul around is somebody you don’t like..Peace and Love Everybody

  10. Family Man says:

    “No known society has benefitted from a substantial increase in its indigneous population which has proved economically successful.”

    I guess Bermuda’s decline started from that lady’s call for her people to go ‘fornicate in the bushes’.

    Bloody good thing that’s NOT what is involved in the Pathway to Status.

  11. Bullseye says:

    I was very happy to see the buses running this morning and saw several tourists hop off one in town. We can argue the big things whilst still taking care of the little things.

  12. Korea says:

    i am very curious as to how many of these disillusioned warrior workers , or should i say part time vehicle/vessel operators jobs are under threat from the massive influx of possible citizens.

  13. Southampton says:

    This so called BIU will one day cripple and destroy Bermuda.
    I bet 90% of the demonstrators do not even know what they are
    demonstrating about. WELL LET’S PLAY FOLLOW THE LEADER (OR IS IT FOOL).

  14. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    In case you didn’t notice…One day has been and gone.

  15. Ray Ray raymon Ray says:

    I just have to smile at all the people who complain. Just shows how little they know of the importance of unions and other organizations, and the benefits they provide for all of us as a direct result of the actions taken on our behalf. When the unions take a stance in order to gain better benefits, it is not just the members who benefit, but everyone gains. So when you enjoy your paid vacations or your sick leave and many other benefits, take a moment to realize they weren’t just handed to us without the sacrifice of so many who went through hell but stood by their convictions.

    • Silk Spider Descending says:

      Not everyone gains by the union negotiating extremely generous employee benefits. It leads to cut back in new or existing employees and services in order to afford to pay the few. There often are negative repercussions.

  16. mmm says:

    Perhaps some-one can help me: How does the privilege of working in a foreig n country translate into a human right ?

    • Pete says:

      More to the point what is ur proposal throw all the foreigners out or what is it?