Photos, Videos & Audio: Pathways Support Vigil

March 13, 2016

[Updated with more photos & videos] Crowds of people made their way to the Cabinet Grounds this evening [March 13], with the “We Support a Pathway to Bermuda Status” group holding candlelight vigil in support of the initiative.

The event announcement said, “In light of all the recent events ‘We Support a Pathway to Bermuda Status’ will be having a peaceful candlelight vigil at the Cabinet Grounds on Sunday, March 13, 2016 at 7:00 pm.

“We would appreciate if all who are in favour of this pathway could come with a candle, chair and a blanket to reflect and support one another at this harmonious event. We hope to see you there.”


The event lasted just over an hour, getting underway with ‘Peace’ shirts being given away, before a few speakers addressed the crowd, and the candles were lit.

Minister Michael Fahy was in attendance and speaking after the event, he told Bernews, “Tonight’s event speaks for itself. There are at least a couple thousand people here, from a cross section of this community sitting in a peaceful, peaceful way.

“You heard some of the stories tonight of people who are going to be affected by this and giving kudos and saying, ‘We love Bermuda, and we’re not trying to displace anyone.’

“This had nothing to do with this Government, this initiative this evening. We’re very proud that people felt comfortable to come out and do what they did. Again, I think the event speaks for itself.”

The event just concluded around 90 minutes ago, so we will be a while getting videos of the speakers and the rest of the photos up, and in the meantime you can view pano photos here, and some videos and photos below.

Update 10.27pm: Ms Jen Harvey, who started the “We Support’ group, said she was “thrilled” with the turnout, saying, “There were at least a couple thousand people who came throughout the course of the evening to show their support for “Pathways”.

“The polls and the petitions have always shown large levels of support in favor of what the Government is doing. And now the numbers of those in attendance speak for themselves.

“Thanks to everyone who came out and to everyone who helped make the evening possible. I ask everyone to keep lending their voices to their Parliamentarians and sharing their stories.”

Update 11.41pm: 14-minute video of the speeches at the event

Short compilation video:

Crowd cheers as the Bermuda flag is raised:

Video pan of the crowd:

33-minute live stream replay:

Audio of Minister Michael Fahy speaking after the event concluded:

Audio of Ms Ashley Aguiar, a young lady who grew up in Bermuda:

Click to enlarge photos:

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Comments (26)

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  1. jrsmith says:

    #2bermudas its always has been….

    • Come Correct says:

      Yes, the close minded and the rest

    • george says:

      its only what you make it.
      why you hating on those who are trying to heal this Island and move forwards?

      the group in support of Pathways is extremely diverse, and is welcoming to ALL, regardless of skin colour, status, or background.
      its not their fault the minority against Pathways only supports people who agree with themselves.

      • Make a new plan Stan says:

        Please don’t get upset …….this is an observation and response to george……..”extremely diverse” seems like an extreme exaggeration based on the photos posted.

        Bermuda is strangely segregated and it seems to be taboo to talk about that…… in a country that is 60% black and 40% white and other the turnout pictured above does NOT show “extreme diversity” any more than what we saw in the pictures from Friday.

        I did a self evaluation today and asked myself how many friends to I have outside my “race” THEN I asked myself how many houses have I been in of people outside my “race”…….my answers were just as startling to me as the pictures of demonstrations from Friday AND today.

        • Sickofantz says:

          Be the change Stan. Make it happen. Help to bring this island together

    • YesWeCan says:

      It takes two to tango. Stop the blame game and sort out your differences in a peaceful way.

      • Madog says:

        Looks likes the same people that tried to get rid of the uyghur that Dr Brown brought in…things that make you go Hmmmmm

      • biggadon says:

        I think thats all people want the 2 sides to tango and get it sorted but one side suddenly doesn’t want to dance…. come on guys BIPARTISAN REFORM !

    • Sickofantz says:

      Yes the people who understand the economy and those that don’t. Hell I wish you could sell sand but you can’t. Bermuda is totally dependant on IB and making the island an attractive place to do business. Otherwise where does the money to pay all these people who work for the Civil service and belong to the BPSU come from?

  2. Oracle says:

    A lovely gesture by some lovely people. A gathering. No political rhetoric. No vociferous godspouting. The power of quiet and meaningful likeminded people is enormous. Thank you.

    • Dock Yard bie says:

      That’s the reason your boat keeps coming last.

    • more lies says:

      Oh please I went down there and some of you all were bashing and talking about those of us on the other side of this reform, so don’t kid yourself.

  3. Fantastic…”Fighting fire with fire” but peacefully :-)

  4. Ok says:

    Looks like more people showed up for this than against….

  5. mj says:

    What is the purpose of raising the flag? loving Bermuda means loving Bermudians, the majority of us born here are not feeling it! After all we made it so wonderful people don’t want to leave, smiling in our face all they wanna do is take our place.. the backstabbers.

    • warwick pond skink says:

      MJ, how great it is you get to voice your opinion. What a shame it comes from a position of such ignorance of the situation.
      Be assured no one wants to be in your place!

    • Sickofantz says:

      Please explain how these people are taking your place? I assume you live and work in Bermuda? Well guess what so do these people? Many for 20 years plus.

  6. 4th gen says:

    It was a beautiful night spent with my fellow Bermudians. I am 4th generation descendant from Portuguese and Caribbean ancestors and this change that is coming is long overdue.
    To my fellow Bermudians that oppose progress. It’s better you go to try and stop the tide to come in at horseshoe bay. Nature always runs it course, good will triumph over evil because we have the moral high ground. Move.

  7. cromwell says:

    Now THAT is how civilized people get their message across

  8. Ok ok says:

    Wow that’s a lot of people….a lot more than against….

  9. Ok says:

    Came here for “suspicious” comments….but she/ he seems quiet….

  10. Baygrapes says:

    I was there tonight and,while I felt immense pride when the flag went up, I also felt immense sadness. How is it that we can pull together when there is a hurricane coming yet be so divided.

    BERMUDA. We need to look and move forward. There is not one thing we can change about yesterday but we can sure make tomorrow better.

  11. mixitup says:

    Say Hi to all your new Bermudians!!

  12. Silence Do Good says:

    At least they did not shut down the island to protest. They did not cost their employers or cause the community any problem to show support for their views. I wish other would do the same. I guess when your the minority you use more drastic measures to prove your discontent at the majority.

  13. Y says:

    Can anyone tell me why Bermuda is racially divided on Everything