Copy Of Signed Agreement: Immigration Reform

March 18, 2016

Premier Michael Dunkley provided a copy of the agreement relating to the ‘Pathways’ matter, which calls for the Bill to be withdrawn and a consultative working group, comprising of key stakeholders, to be set up to discuss issues relating to the Bill.

The Premier posted the agreement on social media and said, “Here is the agreement signed late last night. A win-win for all parties and good for the people of Bermuda going forward. Thank-you Bermuda for your patience, tolerance and understanding!”



Discharge of Injunction Signature

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  1. Terry says:


    • Remember says:

      The Premier should also provide Bernews with the JETGATE report. What’s the big secret? They did promise to be open and transparent.

      • Now Ya Nice says:

        Perhaps the PLP should provide us with their own Jetgate press release!
        You do realize that the great DR. Brown to a ride on the private jet belonging to his own college friend.

        Unlike “Jetgate” that you are so troubled by, Dr. Browns own plane ride ended with a major Tourism Advertising contract being awarded to GlobalHue. And to top it off, that contract was extended without ever going out to RFP.

        Never heard about this?!?! Think I am making it up. Take a look for yourself, it was a story featured on CBS News and Business Insider to name a few but somehow it was missed here in Bermuda. Just Google Dr. Brown Globalhue. Here is your chance to catch up! Let me know which one you think was worse. I await your response although somehow I doubt you will change your mind.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        I believe you, (and others) should be asking the Progressive Labour Party about the unaccounted for x amount of billions of dollars,($8 Billion if not mistaken)this no-one wants to explain where it disappeared…? :-(

        • We the People (1st!!) says:

          Nothing has disappeared…$8 Billion. Come on man! Where to you get this from or make this up from. Disappeared? Really?

          I could be wrong and you may be right.

          Please provide a link or information where I can read about this $8 Billion missing or disappeared. I would like to know about this.


        • Raymond Ray says:

          ($8 Billion if not mistaken)this no-one wants to explain where it disappeared.”
          Even if it were “just” $800 thousand it isn’t chicken feed either is it?

  2. Bermyman says:

    Not according to Mark Bean

    • Lala says:

      He’s just pissed because Walton is going to take his job… Who wants the bigoted fool around anyway?

  3. Zevon says:

    Who is Crystal Caesar, and who elected her?

    We know who elected Furbert. Nobody.

  4. Family Man says:

    I’m sure if Neville Chamberlain says he has drafted an appeasement agreement that will bring peace in our time, there will be peace in our time.

  5. drunken ursula says:

    That guy has some gall! Mr. Crockwell I hope you are canvassing your fellow OBA MPS and try remove that failed so call leader of Bermuda ! Craig I hope are smiling ?

  6. rodney smith says:

    The PLP are the Opposition, so they must have a say. These working groups cannot have more of a say so than the PLP. If so, we are back to marching in the streets.

    • Whatevs says:

      I’m sorry, but who’s in power? They absolutely should have more say. They won a majority vote, therefore they represent more of the people.

      • lowe says:

        That’s not how it’s supposed to work. That would be an autocratic government not a democratic government. The elected government won’t always work in the best interest of the majority on every piece of legislation. This is why it makes sense to have an opposition and trade unions to bring together people to protest against certain bills. That’s democracy.

        The people of Bermuda have exercised their democratic right.

    • Hair says:

      Rodney,there are more peeps out there that want to say more, suck it up that the OBA is still in… NO marching duh!!!

    • Enda in Near says:

      How much say did the then opposition have when the PLP drafted the PRC act? I think it was zero. Remember this whole mess started because once again the PLP did a half asked job again and left a loophole.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        @ Enda in Near “Remember this whole mess started because once again the PLP did a half asked job again and left a loophole.”
        As we lot would say, “ain’t dat de truff” :-(

        • lowe says:

          No the OBA government has been fiddling around with the immigration policy since 2012. This is just history repeating itself. Blaming the PLP is a false narrative. Some of us on these forums are very educated. People like you spread falsehoods.

          • Lala says:

            Policy is just that… Policy, which has no standing in law… The PLP screwed (or on purpose) up the act and created a pathway to citizenship. This has nothing to do with policy.. Agreed, the OBA did make changes to policy, they made it more difficult to get work permits!!!

          • Enda in Near says:

            Welk you need to be re-educated my friend

            FACT: PLP created the PRC act and did not include the OBA or anyone else.
            FACT: A loophole in the ACT led many to qualify for status. Many tat the PLP were trying to block.
            FACT: This is why the changes to the immigration act was not ncluded as part of the OBA agenda but had to be addressesd today.

            FACT: Once again the half asked attempts by te PLP to do comething have led I=us to where we are today…chaos.

        • Raymond Ray says:

          Allow me to mention this. “A smart person knows what to say, a wise person knows whether or not to say it”. :-)

  7. sebring says:

    nothing really changed! first he will give the children of long term resident status then that will make easier to give it to phase 2 as they now will have a Bermudian connection as well as making the voter base bigger in the OBA’s favor one phase at a time !lol .

    • zario says:

      And who says they will vote OBA? I personally know a few who are PLP supporters.

    • Albie says:

      The voter base is increasing every week with Bermudians coming of age and also PRC holders being granted status under the current plp law that has been upheld by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

    • Rosie says:

      There’s no guarantee that they will vote OBA because they’ve been given status…That may very well be what is hoped, but nothing in life is guaranteed.
      Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.

  8. True colors came through the last 5 days. Now we really know how u feel.
    Supporting a foreigner whom is on a work permit and a women who is “starving” herself who is not bermudian.
    I hope you all are happy because you have successfully divided what we call our home by your hatred!!!!!

  9. biggadon says:

    What was so hard in just doing this from the start….. lets work this out for the betterment of the country !

    • jt says:

      This agreement is not with the PLP. Bean has already said they will try to block every aspect and has told supporters to save their holidays. Bipartisan was never on the table for Bean. Prepare for a repeat of the past week.

  10. whatever says:

    This is the dumbest “agreement” I’ve ever seen. Furbie isn’t actually agreeing to anything other than the concessions made by government.

    All I see is (1) there will be no penalties/costs to the union for the fiasco this week, and (2) long term residents and PRC’s can pretty much kiss their chance of any resolution to this matter before the next election goodbye (i.e. “there could be some flexibility as to the timing of the second and third stages”). Yeah. “Some” flexibility. Right.

    Here are some facts. From the 2010 census, 30% of the population is aged 45-64. Which means in 20 years, all of those people will be retired (or dead). 23% of the population is aged 30-44. Which means in 20 years, retirement is going to be looking pretty darned good to them. 11% of the population is aged 20-29. So in 20 years, these are going to be our executives and leaders. Oh but look, only 22% of the population is aged 0-19, which means in 20 years, these poor 14,000 youngsters today are going have to do the work of 20,000 oldsters (the 45+ age group). JUST TO MAINTAIN THE STATUS QUO. And that’s before we factor in the future middle-agers who want to take an early retirement. Or the fact that a percentage of these youngsters have no rights or privileges in this country.

    So either Bermuda needs to get busy fornicating and producing a few more kids (pronto!) or we need to find a workable immigration plan.

    • john says:

      n why has population gone down no jobs which means less people will b in bermuda. responsible bermudians r goin to go look for work. all im telling all us bermudians i hve put aside 2000 aside for my 4 family members that r abroad to return to vote. In that votin from abroad it should be any bermudian who is in school not just university students as some people is in nursing school or regular school but registered in houses in bermuda. so bermudians make sure register all ur family even the 1 that live in america all of them even if they havnt been here for 3 or 4 years or ten years register all of them we will find a way to bring them back. we may have to rent a charter from london etc. food for thought. register all ur family ALL

    • lowe says:

      Immigration plan that doesn’t involve 90% white’s.

  11. Average Bermudian says:


    • coffee in the morning says:

      Ofcourse not.. All politics

    • Reality says:

      Caps lock makes everything sound important…

      I also don’t trust them. One side is a law-breaking political opportunist who used our history against us. The other is a politician, which is a profession which requires dishonesty.

      I agree this matter was poorly handled. But putting a gun to the head of the country and continually stating you are the majority despite overwhelming data to the contrary might make one a tad bit untrustworthy. The odd assumption being made while screaming about your children’s future being stolen is that they have a future to be stolen in the first place. If we continue to act in this manner whenever something difficult makes its way into the house then the outlook is rather grim.

      I hope the OBA have learned a lesson. Perhaps Fahy will have to resign after sparking this whole thing, such is the cost of his actions. History however will be the judge if his policy is the right thing to do or not. Bermuda is still in the grip of suffocating debt, depopulation, and trying to sustain a bloated civil service.

      It’s time to put your sticks away. Leave your tents at home. Put your pride in its place. Bermuda needs wide eyes, open ears, and sharp minds. Loud voices need to take a back seat for awhile.

  12. Coffee says:

    I must say dear chappy …. Reckon by composing and delivering this “I’m sorry for getting you mad letter ” from a sitting premier to a union leader must make Dunkley the laughing stock of the world .

  13. plank says:

    The above letter means nothing , the Premier was just saving his a$$. And the party .
    The people will be marching the streets again very soon.
    The premier his deputy and back bench is unfaithful to the truth

  14. Faulk says:

    It is now more clear than ever who runs Bermuda. Is the Special Commission Report on financial mismanagement and abuse to be withdrawn too if certain so-called stakeholders do not agree with it?

  15. john says:

    they agreement says yes deal with children n family of children which can mean we agree to do 100 children or children or family of children a year for a 10year period. People who have been here for 15 years needs to fit a certain criteria meaning more of a job creator definitely not all people like landscaper, mason, maid,hotel worker etc. That’s what i think from my point of view. Should u not be a job creator u should not b required for status. If they choose to past amendment to close the loop hole then none of this will be necessary.dates r really not important if the committee says that we believe it will b no more than 100 a year either 45 kids 35 15year people n 20 20 year people. but stipulate that landscaper, mason, maid,hotel worker etc will not b renewed after 13 years so it will be the employees responsibility to have another person trained by that time if not than it will be employers lost. Simple items like this will b responsible n not 1800-3000 in 1 year n the application should cost a minumum 1500 n also u shud have to give up ur original country passport(denounce original citizenship). not willing pass the ammendment to prc holders n this will allow them to have two passport but wont be allowed to vote. simple fix

  16. San George says:

    He is self-destructive. Just watch; and he has encouragement. Any goodwill they had has been destroyed. Wow!

  17. Jus' Askin' says:

    I Have to Give Credit where Credit is due


    Election 2017 Will Be AWESOME!!!

    • Norman says:

      70% in favour of a bill that rights any number of injustices against the most fundamental of human rights and this Government resorts to appeasement of what can at best be called the Ignorant – I call on the 70% to STRIKE until this disgrace is set right.

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        “appeasement of what can at best be called the Ignorant”?

        Can You Not See the OBA won this?

        That 70% can not be counted as it was a BS poll.

        The on polls that count are Election Polls ;-)

        • jt says:

          In that case the OBA should have pushed Pathway through. Your words.

          • Jus' Askin' says:

            In My Own Words:-

            “The ‘Loop Hole’ should have been addressed FIRST and then a Pathway be tabled.”

            “If You have a ‘Hole’ in Your boat. You Do Not Try to Fix the ‘Hole’ while the Boat is still in the Water”

            “A Better Bermuda for All BERMUDIANS”

  18. Farmer Brown says:

    What is going on with our sweet Bermuda??

    1. A group of people blocked the East Broad Way “Highway,” (committing offences) nothing happened. The Commission of Police Stated that a file would be prepared and sent to the Director of Public Prosecution, to date it would appear that nothing has happened.

    2. A group of people forcefully ceased the House of Parliament and the Supreme Courts by forming a human chain around it, preventing members of the Parliament and the Courts from conducting their consitutional and lawful duty. To have the Chief Justice standing outside of the Court, forcefully being prevented from entering court, does not argue well for the justice system if nothing is done about it.

    3. Mr. Dunkley the signing of that document as its relates to not prosecuting members of the protesting groups who blatantly committed several offence at such a level is not lawful. For the following reasons:
    a) You were forced to make that decision at the time.
    b) You do not have the legal authority to do so. The decisions to prosecute matters in Bermuda is that of the Director of Prosecution after being investigated by the police. This is so to prevent the same situation as mentioned above. There should not be any interference of the judicial system by government (it should be strictly independent).

    4. Your Excellency the Governor and Mr. Commissioner of Police you have a duty under the law to fully investigate this matter and present the facts to the DPP for prosecution.

    The inference will be drawn that if no legal action is taken in these matters, then, no legal action should be taken in any other criminal matter in Bermuda. Are we saying to the people of Bermuda that because you do not agree with an issue or you are upset that you should take the law into your hand? If my employer make a decision that I don’t agree with should I get a few friends and hold up the establishment for a few days (even at gun point)?

    The constitution is clear that we all have a right to protest, however, the protest MUST be “LAWFUL” and “PEACEFUL”

    The function of the Govenor and Commissioner of Police under the Police Act 1974, as extracted:

    Command and administration of Service by Commissioner

    3 (1) The Service shall be under the command of the Commissioner, who, subject only to such general directions of policy with respect to the maintenance of public safety and public order as the Governor may give him, shall determine the use and control the operations of the Service, and shall be responsible subject to such directions as the Governor may give him, for the administration of the Service.

    Functions of the BPS under the Police Act, 1974 as extracted:

    4 The functions of the Service shall be to take lawful measures for—
    (a) preserving the public peace;
    (b) protecting life and property;
    (c) preventing and detecting crimes;
    (d) apprehending all persons whom it is lawful to apprehend and for whose apprehension sufficient grounds exist;
    (e) regulating processions and assemblies in public places or places of public resort;
    (f) controlling traffic upon public thoroughfares and removing obstructions
    (g) preserving order in public places and places of public resort, at public meetings and in assemblies for public amusements;
    (h) assisting in preserving order in the waters of Bermuda and in enforcing port and maritime regulations therein;
    (i) executing summonses, subpoenas, warrants, commitments and other process issued by the courts;
    (j) exhibiting informations and prosecution of offenders;
    (k) protecting unclaimed and lost property and finding the owners thereof;
    (l) assisting in the protection of life and property at fires;
    (m) protecting public property from loss or injury;
    (n) attending the criminal courts and, if specially ordered, the civil courts and keeping order therein;
    (o) escorting and guarding prisoners in police custody;
    (p) performing such functions as the Governor may, in the interests of law enforcement or of internal security, require;
    (q) performing such other functions as may by any provision of law be imposed on a police officer;
    (r) assisting the Provost Marshal General, the Coroners, and duly appointed Commissions of Inquiry in the conduct of their duties.

  19. LOL (Original TM) says:

    Here is a possible solution. We must all agree that its the employers bad behavior in this country that needs to be corrected. It is their attitude towards the Bermudian public which I find to be unfounded in fact. We’ve all heard stories that guest workers have been told that we are lazy. Who is telling them that before they even get here? My suggestion is that the people and the opposition should demand that the cost of the work permit should be increased by anywhere from 100% to possibly 250% as to force employers to re-evaluate who they actually need here and where qualified Bermudians could be employed. Now of course a place like the hospital where a world wide shortage of nurses forces us to bring in foreign workers, but blue collar and some white collar work there is no excuse for so many people to be brought in.


    • Anon Ymous says:

      What about every time a Bermudian employee leaves a new job within a month, you personally front the money to re advertise the position, pay for man hours to re interview and initiate said employee….. If you’re right it shouldn’t cost much, right?

      • LOL (Original TM) says:

        “Every time”? What are you paying them? Maybe you need to evaluate your wages. Are you blue collar work or white collar work? Maybe you would allow you positions to be advertised with what you would pay so that an industry norm could be established. As I am sure you know that would be the deciding factor in securing quality workers and those that pay would have no trouble finding them.

        LOL as a business owner are you just going to look for excuses not to have Bermudian employees or what people gotta eat and supply food for families.

        • Spit Bouy says:

          @ LOL (orig..) Of course this what you do in your own business right?

          Not every job is going to pay people what they want or need to survive on. That is dictated by what the customer is willing to pay & not on what a person wants to make. Besides the industry average for jobs has been in place for years, in the private sector it’s called competition.

          For as long as I can remember lower skilled jobs pay less than higher skilled (educated) ones, that’s all over the world by the way. But hey Bermies another world right?! smh

  20. ImJustSayin says:

    What many of those who were protesting and even maybe the leaders don’t realise is that of the falling birth rate. There will be even less workers that will affect pensions, the growth of the overall economy will be affected. Potential school closings because of smaller enrolment numbers, the list goes on. Maybe the Government should provide an incentive for Bermudians to have children.
    Immigration is one way countries counter sagging fertility rates. Immigrants tend to be young, and the babies they have bolster populations.

    • Albie says:

      Maybe government should get into the matchmaking business to encourage executive expat workers to marry all those wonderful Bermudians that want to ensure a better future for themselves and of course Bermuda too.

      That way we could boost the gene pool, maintain the quality of the workforce, increase the number of bright schoolchildren and address the pension shortfall all at once.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      Pensions are a Ponzi Scheme :-D

      People SHOULD manage their own MONEY :-)

      WE should not have depend on the generation behind us to get OUR monies ;-)

      Pensions Keep Us In Debt :-(

      • jt says:

        Agree 100%. So let’s get all CS moved off defined benefit plans and on to defined contribution plans asap.
        Your words again.

        • Jus' Askin' says:

          Your Words somewhat with My Flare – …let’s get ALL Civil Servants moved OFF ‘Defined Benefit Plans’ and on to ‘Defined Contribution Plans’, ASAP ;-) ;-)

          I AGREE 1000% :-D

          Those that put this Ponzi Scheme in place have long capitalized and past away, yet we continue to use this model, leaving Us and Future Generations in Debt :-(

        • Jus' Askin' says:

          @jt these are My Words “People SHOULD manage their own MONEY”

    • LOL (Original TM) says:

      Your still not seeing the underlying factor that if companies don’t want to or don’t hire local people then why would educated or newly educated people stay or come back to the island to join the work force here seeing that the trend is to hire foreigners over locals. We can’t even afford to have more children here. Prices are overly inflated here to the point where people are seeking alternative ways to make a living.

  21. Unbelievable says:

    People, just because the bill was withdrawn it doesn’t mean the Govt admitted it was trying to rig votes. I don’t believe for one second that it was anyway. I believe the Govt was trying to broaden the tax base which was one of the original messages but it got lost in all the paranoia and noise. Now we are still stuck with the original PLP immigration policies and laws. Great. I don’t know where these protestors were when the PLP was drafting this faulty legislation in the first place. Probably hoping things would get better. Clearly they didn’t get better. Do they even teach civil studies in school anymore because some people in this country needs to know how things work when it comes to the machinations of government.

    Sadly the OBA has truly terrible PR and timing.

  22. Legalgal says:

    Where is the Oppostions signature? These people have no mandate for the real “people”. The Premier has no mandate to enter into this very odd “agreement”. Irrespective of whether the politics and policies were good this sets a dangerous precedent. Blackmail will prevail as soon as the “People’s Movement” doesn’t agree. Not very democratic.

  23. Kathy says:

    I am an OBA supporter but you buys really screwed up here, pissing people off and creating mistrust among the community. The fact that they were forewarned by members of their own party about the repercussions of Pathways and they went ahead with it anyway spells the death of the OBA!

    The above letter is what should have taken place BEFORE all of this mess (a proper bi-partisan agreement)! What were you buys thinking???? VERY bad political mistake right before an election!!!! And what a disappointment to those having a carrot of status dangled in front of them only to be yanked away!!!! Hatred was created between the people of Bermuda at a time when we don’t need it!

    Poorly thought out political move no matter which way you look at it!

  24. Judas says:

    Marc Bean and the overthrow OBA movement ain’t done yet.
    Until their “Mission” is accomplished expect the revolution to continue.

    • Spit Bouy says:

      @ Judas,

      That’s right on point. Heaven help Bermuda whenever those clowns get back in. They’re clearly missing the free credit cards and access to what little money we have left. No worries, everything will be great; for them once they get back in. LOL