PLP Thanks & Commends People & Organizers

March 18, 2016

The PLP would like to “thank and commend the organizers” and the “people of Bermuda who sacrificed their time and income, showing strength, solidarity and unity over the last 5 days,” Opposition Leader Marc Bean said today.

Mr Bean’s comments follow after a five day long protest over the proposed ‘Pathways’ immigration legislation, which saw people gather on the House grounds for five days, and resulted in the Government agreeing to withdraw the Bill and “enable further community input” into immigration reforms.

Slideshow of the fourth day of the demonstration:


Mr Bean said, “The Progressive Labour Party would like to thank and commend the organizers, led by Rev. Tweed, BIU President Chris Furbert, BPSU President Jason Hayward, Sister Enda Matthie, and the people of Bermuda who sacrificed their time and income, showing strength, solidarity and unity over the last 5 days.

“The Progressive Labour Party would like to ensure that the bill is withdrawn from the order paper in the House of Assembly on Monday. However, we would like the public to be aware that there is still work to be done.

Full 35 minute video of Mr Furbert & Rev Tweed making the announcement outside the House last night:

“Your PLP Parliamentarians will now work to ensure that the OBA Government does not attempt to bring or introduce the Parthways to Status bill in a phased approach.

“Again, we would like to congratulate and encourage the people of Bermuda to continue to take pride in ourselves.”

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  1. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Using the people in a chess match is a nasty game! If you cared for all the people you would not have put out this statement.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Like U.B.P used de swing voters.

      • Truth is killin' me... says:

        Who you gettin’ your info from? Jahmal Simmons and Wayne Furbert LOL!!

      • Enda in Near says:

        I was personally disappointed with how little we saw and heard from Mr. Bean. Who is leading the opposition anyway? We heard Chris Furbert say that tis wasn’t a labour issue but rather it was a National issue. So why is it we heard from Chris Furbert, the head of the union more often then we did From Mr. Bean. Mr. Dunkley & Bean as the chosen LEADERS should have LED. Sadly neither did so very effectively!

        Personally, I would have preferred to hear more of his thoughts and less from that Reverand guy?

        My prediction: Someone is silencing Mr. Bean and he will be removed as the parties leader and the first possible opportunity.

  2. O'Brien says:

    “Your PLP Parliamentarians will now work to ensure that the OBA Government does not attempt to bring or introduce the Parthways to Status bill in a phased approach.”

    That is exactly what yesterday’s agreement provided for. The Bill will be broken up into its constitutive parts, considered, debated and possibly amended by a consultative committee and then introduced to Parliament in phases. The protestors got exactly what they wanted, in a major concession by the OBA. Now the PLP says they will have no part of it.

    I think it has now become clear what many of us suspected all along. The PLP’s definition of ‘bipartisanship’ boils down to this: “Do as we say.”

    • Don't Twist Words says:

      Please don’t intentionally misrepresent Mr. Beans words!…He obviously meant the PLP will try to ensure that the OBA do not bring the “Pathways to Status” bill – in it’s current form – to the house, just in a three staged approach.

      • aceboy says:

        That is really funny. You do realise YOU are the one twisting his words and telling us what he *meant*, right?

      • Toleratate says:

        “Your PLP Parliamentarians will now work to ensure that the OBA Government does not attempt to bring or introduce the Parthways to Status bill in a phased approach.
        “does not attempt to bring or introduce the Parthways to Status bill in a phased approach.”
        So AGAIN… what did he really mean?????
        He is NOT lying, when you realize HIS name is NOT on the signed agreement. BUT don’t attempt to put words in his mouth. He is a grown man who articulates quite well; or maybe YOUR Mr. Bean NOW explaining yourself?

      • Jiggs Bda says:

        Trouble is the Chief Justice awarded the rulings due to the present bill promising a ‘pathway to citizenship’. So no matter what Bean and the PLP do, this has to be addressed.

        Former Premier Scott fought hard for a Bermudian Chief Justice, and this one has exposed the weakness in the Law that the PLP determined to adjust with term limits and PRC etc.

        Unless we are prepared to continue losing in court, the bill needs to be changed to reflect a ‘pathway to citizenship’, whether it is the OBA or the PLP we are stuck in this dilemma.

        So it is better for the PLP to come on board no matter what they decide to call the bill… Bean is spinning his wheels.

  3. smh says:

    By people, do you mean the minority who were against the bill or the majority who supported the bills and had their rights to a democratic process denied? Sad days ahead for Bermuda

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      Did you some how do an actual count of Bermudians who where for this vs those who opposed or is that just an opinion of yours that the majority supported it? If you actually did a count then your count is wrong because you obviously missed a couple people (as I ask around the office) in your little survey.

      • Smh says:

        Multiple polls were done including one by Walton Brown and each showed that the majority supported this.

      • Whatevs says:

        Your office is clearly a true representation of all of Bermuda…

    • No way, SMH. This is OUR country and you foreigners CANNOT come here and attempt to CLAIM what in’t yours.
      Do you believe in God?????Debatable.
      We do. It worked.
      The spirit within the oba/ubp was contaminated.

    • Whistle-blower says:

      You people do not have RIGHTS to Bermuda status!!!!!!

  4. Its me again says:


  5. Mike says:

    So – Bean didn’t want a bipartisan, collaborative approach then? Just a load of lies.

    • aceboy says:

      He never said he did.

      This is all part of the game.

      The part that is the absolute LUNACY of this situation is that the same people who were holding placards for a week calling for Bi Partisan Collaboration will be holding signs with the newest latest slogan on it within a few weeks, in line with what the PLP officially ask them to do.

      The only PLP Minsiter signing that agreement is Walton Brown….

      • Enda in Near says:

        Walton will be the Next leader of the opposition anyway so it makes sense that he would sign it.

      • Toleratate says:

        @aceboy; yes…And the people went back to work….

      • Rockfish#2 says:

        Seems Bean either deceived,tricked,or bamboozled Furbert,Tweed and company.

        • Bermudians, you have made your point known.
          WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!!
          Never forget ALL OF THE UNNECESSARY NONSENSE THAT MAN put Bermudians through.

        • Hair says:

          Boooooo to Bean!!!!!!

  6. High Road says:

    The ink isn’t even dry on the agreement and hes reneged already??

    • whatever says:

      The agreement means nothing. Furbie isn’t actually agreeing to anything other than the concessions made by government. And even if he was… he isn’t a member of the opposition so it’s not binding to the PLP.

      All I see is (1) there will be no penalties/costs to the union for the fiasco this week, and (2) long term residents and PRC’s can pretty much kiss their chance of any resolution to this matter before the next election goodbye (i.e. “there could be some flexibility as to the timing of the second and third stages”). Yeah. “Some” flexibility. Right.

      Here are some facts. From the 2010 census, 30% of the population is aged 45-64. Which means in 20 years, all of those people will be retired (or dead). 23% of the population is aged 30-44. Which means in 20 years, retirement is going to be looking pretty darned good to them. 11% of the population is aged 20-29. So in 20 years, these are going to be our executives and leaders. Oh but look, only 22% of the population is aged 0-19, which means in 20 years, these poor 14,000 youngsters today are going have to do the work of 20,000 oldsters (the 45+ age group). JUST TO MAINTAIN THE STATUS QUO. And that’s before we factor in the future middle-agers who want to take an early retirement. Or the fact that a percentage of these youngsters have no rights or privileges in this country.

      So either Bermuda needs to get busy fornicating and producing a few more kids (pronto!) or we need to find a workable immigration plan.

  7. Confused says:

    I thought the PLP wanted to “work together” for “comprehensive immigration reform”? But apparently, they don’t want to at all? Im confused… you speak of one thing PLP, get your way, and now want to change the rules of engagement? You deserve everything you have coming to you, civil unrest, or not!!

    • Maggie Mae says:

      Do the words “we had to deceive you” sound familiar??

  8. Ryan says:

    Disappointed, but not surprised, that the PLP are already drawing lines in the the sand over this – contrary to what was agreed upon yesterday. Hopefully, all of Bermuda will be able to see that the Opposition really weren’t interested in a bipartisan approach to immigration.

    • drunken ursula says:

      Poor Ryan get over it…right won over wrong ! check out ya boy Dunkley stress is a bi%-# he needs to resign Crockwell for Premier!

    • ImJustSayin says:

      The birth rate is dropping so in the next ten or twenty years I hope that this action taken by they who rule the country the ‘BIU’ will not come back to haunt them.

  9. Empowered says:

    When the “Organizers and Protesters” block the door to parliament over a PLP bill that they don’t want I wonder if Mr Bean will be so happy. Doesn’t matter who is in the government seat, the union boss’s have identified who holds the seat of power

  10. Curious too says:

    Very confused! I thought they agreed to a phased approach? Also surely Enda shoulda ended up in hospital after 5 days of no food and water, but I’m no doctor?

  11. Reality says:

    Ok great. Wonderful. So will the next campaign be to see to it that “Carnival” is cancelled in June”? We don’t need that foreign stuff here right? I mean what sense would it make? We can’t not want them here but want their foreign culture…..Could we?

    • Verly says:

      Don’t be ridiculous. This isn’t about not wanting anything foreign here. The point remains that someone cannot come here on a work permit, have it renewed numerous times, get comfortable and then demand to stay here.

      • Reality says:

        So basically you are saying come, leave your culture, and beat it once your time is up… You can’t lump everyone into the same bracket as “coming here.” What about people like the young lady who lost her Bermudian father when she was three months old? Does she and people with similar circumstances not deserve status? Can you not see the hypocrisy in us not wanting foreigners here yet we were on the hill playing JAMAICAN artist like Beres Hammond’s song Putting up Resistance and We Shall Over Come? All this while holding red gold and green flags… What does that have to do with Bermuda??????

        Point being if you are going to be against something make sure your in 100 and not when it suits you.

        No Doubt, reforms for status must be handled in the correct manner. But as I showed in the example of the young lady above, if we can seriously feel that people in that category don’t warrant status then we must seriously look at ourselves and our own culture going forward. It’s painful for some to admit but it’s a fact that we are heavily reliant on foreign culture. Thinking anything else is hypocrisy and borderline Mawi crazy. Also let us not forget the politicians in BOTH parties who either have other nationalities, dual citizenship, or are married to “foreigners”. Politricks

        • Coffee says:

          From your reasoning I gather that because Bermudians eat Kentucky Fried Chicken , they should welcome and allow anyone from Kentucky to stay here permanently .

          It’s true Bermuda may very well be heavily influenced by the West Indian cultures , but I’d encourage anyone from that region to move on when , or before your work contract expires . Without exception , that goes for black , white and all shades in between .

  12. hmmm says:

    Well done OBA for listening and consulting with the many and bringing stakeholders into the discussion. A pathways legislation HAS to be passed (see the Supreme court ruling). So good more involved now.

  13. rodney smith says:

    Mr. Bean , That is what the public has been asking. All the other groups gave their support to the final agreement without consulting with the PLP. They have agreed to a phased in approach. Does this mean that the fight will start up again?

    • drunken ursula says:

      yes PLP, time n time again we have come to know OBA can’t be trusted…let’s see how the evil ones go about changing some part of the agreement, I figure the cigar smoking lawyer looking into as I type… happy Sabbath !

  14. Baygrapes says:

    What the heck ????????? So, the mask slips again and the truth emerges – just as we suspected all along. Now we know what will be done every time the minority don’t like what is going on. God help us.

  15. Employers Union? says:

    Public sector stop buses, trash collection and docks. Ok. If the private sector can ever organize themselves to close down grocery stores, gas stations, cable tv, mobile phones, bars, Belco, restaurants, I wonder how long the ‘dispute’ would last. The private sector has more influence than the public. They just need to organize and execute. Just once. Union bosses would be cut at the knees

  16. Double Standards says:

    Only silly and naïve people actually believed that the PLP wanted a ‘bipartisan’ approach to immigration reform.

    Bipartisan to the PLP is an agreement between themselves and their Union partners.

    No one else matters to them.

  17. Torian says:

    Can’t wait for PLP to get back in tower, imagine 60,000 people blocking their entrance to Parliament xD

    Never forget the debt.

    • Mobylette says:

      Count me in.

      • drunken ursula says:

        don’t forget the further debt your OBA putting us in…oh you can always go back home !

      • Whatevs says:


    • Coffee says:

      There still won’t be enough of you brave enough to do it ! You’ll talk about it all day long ,but your type will manage to block the toilet with your BS every time !

  18. Naive Observer says:

    He should be thanking the BIU for showing the people that parliament does not run Bermuda, the BIU does. And if the PLP ever gets back into power they will rue that.

  19. Bermyman says:

    This is mental! The whole point was to create a bipartisan committee. The rhetoric coming from the combined opposition camp was that they support pathways but in a joint approach. And now they get their way and blatantly admit they were lying the whole time. This is about coup! this is about a personal agenda to destabilize our country so Bean can seize power. VERY SCARY! please PLP deal with this guy, for the sake of the country, for your people do not let this happen because it will not come to a good ending I can assure you, It never does. Zimbabwe taught us that!

  20. Comedy right? says:

    Hunger strikes kinda, wild cat strikes that really aren’t “strikes” but withdrawal of labour, laws of the country dis-regarded and not enforced, capitulation, now the Oppostiion resetting the playbook back to round one and acting like this week didn’t happen in their eyes.

    This is a poorly scripted comedy right?

    Those foreign investment dollars that we are banking on for economic stimulus–those are going to be a part of this pathetic comedy too, because they are going to vanish like Houdini!

    Quo fata ferunt

    • Truth Teller says:

      “Comedy right”, I like that word: Capitulation!
      Its the right word to describe what happened to the machinations of Moniz, Dunkley, Gibbons and Fahy.

      A UBP rose by any other name.

  21. Something stinks says:

    Mr. Tweed holds the power.

  22. Wake up Bermudians says:

    It is about time Bermudians put a stop to immigration injustice. It doesn’t make sense to have so many foreigners employed while So many Bermudians are unemployed. No where in the world would that be allowed in no other country. This a small country, only 21 square miles.

    • $2 a lick says:

      No foreigner can get a work permit without it being adverised first and then prove that there are no unqualified Bermudians. there are hundreds of jobs on tthe jobs board.

    • Bullocks says:

      The unemployed Bermudians are not qualified (for the most part) for the jobs being held by foreigners. I work in an office mixed with Bermudians and foreigners, and have worked in other similar setups. Let me tell you who the hard workers are for the most part… the foreigners. They get mad when others are promoted, yet they are lazy and just expect that they are entitled to things, with zero hard work, just because they’re “Bermudians”. Life doesn’t work like that. Also, when I go to a store with a Bermudian working and have them suck their teeth at me and make me wait as they finish texting their friends or chatting to their coworkers, I cringe every time. Who wants to promote or hire someone like that? PS? I’m Bermudian.

    • CCT says:

      Last time I checked there are many Bermudians working in other countries while citizens, whose families go back several generations by the way, remain unemployed!!! You have such a double standard!

      • Whatevs says:

        I agree, anyone on that hill who has kids that moved abroad to work should have them forced back home to the little rock.

    • Positivity says:

      Read the employment laws and talk to employers…Bermudian employers who struggle to find qualified reliable people to fill positions.

  23. Coffee says:

    As it stands , the UBP/BDA/OBA are hurting like a wounded predator , they remain dangerous . I would hope that a lesson in civics was learned by this horrible government …. Do not take the MAJORITY for granted … We will defang you !

    • $2 a lick says:

      But it wasn’t the majority, the majority who support this bill had their right to the democratic process denied.

  24. Boy says:

    PLP?? WHAT!! They did not do anything, maybe show up to celebrate.

  25. WeHaveBeenDuped! says:

    “Your PLP Parliamentarians will now work to ensure that the OBA Government does not attempt to bring or introduce the Parthways to Status bill in a phased approach.”

    UH WHAT THE….?! That was what YOUR PAL AGREED TO!!! Are you telling us you did NOT agree to the resolution they signed and thus have no intention to honour it?? Wake up Bermuda! The majority are being PLAYED HARD!

  26. Gym Leader says:

    Amazing who guest feel they have rights in someone else’s country.
    1. Is it not enough you were taken care of by being offered better homes to raise your children at a much lower cost than what Bermudians were paying?
    2. Was it not enough you were promoted without gaining additional qualifications from when you arrived?
    3. Is it not enough that you take care of your own while mentally enslaving others with the narrative, “they are lazy, thieves who cannot be trusted?
    5. Was it not enough you knew you were undeserving of a pay rise when Bermudians were overlooked?
    6. Is it not enough you have taken jobs from Bermudians with false documentation?
    7. Is it the problem of the Bermuda Government if you kept your child here knowing they did not have any rights?
    8. Is it not enough your children receive free education from my Government and you demand they now give your child a nationality?
    NO to the 8th power!!!
    Pls leave and return to your place of origin and let Bermudians live and growing on the few acres left to build on!!!

  27. Gym Leader says:

    Selling Brains at discounted prices for fools

  28. We are ALL proud of our PEOPLE for STANDING STRONG.
    Can’t beat that… where in this world.

  29. Coffee says:

    Being politically correct , the PLP forgot to thank Micheal Fayhe and the organizers of the Candle light vigil (one and the same) . They unwittingly lit the fire that burned “THE BILL .” For that , I thank them .

  30. Balanced Facts says:

    How about:-
    “We do not condone or support the entirely unlawful actions of the Organizers and the crowd that committed a number of offenses by their actions, the PLP do not accept using illegal action to undermine a democratically elected Government!” How about that Bean???

  31. I'm starving says:

    Wers the hungry camper??

  32. M.C. Beauchamp says:

    The past week has not been good for Bermuda, doesn’t matter which side you come down on. Always liked Bean as PLP Leader because I had thought no sane person person could vote for him as Premier of Bermuda, party affiliations notwithstanding. Apparently sanity is no longer in the mix. Come on PLP… find someone to lead your party that isn’t completely out of touch with reality.

  33. 1 minute says:

    Apparently Bermuda runs on mob rule.

  34. ess ess dee says:

    Can both sides just stop with the nasty taunts its doesn’t help either side to continue on in this manner. Why not continue building walls of ignorance. Why not just build bridges. Just stop with the pettiness. Do you really have to be so nasty? It takes me energy to be angry and venomous. Learn from this and let’s all try to make Bermuda a better please.

    And yes, I am a black Bermudian. But sick of the dumb $hit. It’s been taxing on all of us over the past week. For those that want to spew hate can you please stop over the blogs. You are really becoming tiresome to read about. And for those that want the best for Bermuda let’s start building bridges. 4 F@x sake!

  35. ess ess dee says:

    Sorry for the auto text corrections above. But Bermuda used to be a peaceful place to live. Racism and xenophobia has no place in 2016. Get over yourselves and move the heck on.

  36. Osserver says:

    Did I read this coreectly?

    “Marc Bean said that the PLP Wouls like to thank and commend the organizers, led by Rev. Tweed, BIU President Chris Furbert, BPSU President Jason Hayward, Sister Enda Matthie, and the people of Bermuda who sacrificed their time and income, showing strength, solidarity and unity over the last 5 days.”

    Who is the head of the party? I heard that Walton Brown has asked Government the give them vacation time for the time they were protesting so that they can get paid, Where is the sacrifice of their time and income as Marc Bean spoke of if they are going to get paid?

    • you are beautiful says:

      Getting pain means getting rewarded. if that happens ,picnics like last one will take place over and over again. Respect your job ! I would not give position to unreliable people.
      you are being paid for work! no work no pay! simple rule isn’t it.

  37. Terry says:

    If any letter in the words above are true why did we not see the PLP MP’s marching and eating and pooping in the porta poopers.

    Thanks BIU and others for taking up our cause.


  38. Evie says:

    The past few days have been very interesting it had taught everyone what is really going on in our little beautiful Bermuda you know the 2 two Bermudas the 2 Bermudas that doesn’t exist according to some…. Boy when the other Islands saw the headlines hahaha lololo and pictures can’t buy that publicity not to worry if they didn’t know how divided Bermuda is believe me they know now SMH

    • $2 a lick says:

      Evie so now you’re elated to see that, according to you, there are two Bermudas but more so, that the other islands know it too. This is the divisive crab mentality that’s the problem on our island. Please stop and try and better yourself going forward

  39. Rhonnda Oliver says:

    The PLP didn’t sign the agreement yesterday.
    I suspect it was signed on the People’s Campaign’s behalf which leaves the unions and the PLP free to campaign against the three part introduction.
    Probably a planned positioning but it could well backfire on them.

  40. steve says:

    i am in favor of pathways for some of the reasons stated. I was surprised and let down the OBA gave in to this. Now that i have had some time to calm down and try to draw on the best open mind I and my upbringing can conjure, i must agree with opponents of the bill that it was to much to digest in one sitting and it should be discussed with political opponents/stakeholders as it is every bit their country and has long term impact. one dig i will make it that the plp never gave a damn about the opposition opinion and with great enthusiasm stated it whenever they could. But right is right and wrong should not be mirrored. So lets debate and discuss and do or dump it. Either choice will impact our children and soon may impact our elderly.Lets read and listen to moderates and discard the extremist BS

  41. status quo …no…

  42. DeShaun says:

    There is no rule of law now in Bermuda it’s mob rule Bermuda will bow down to what we say or we will shut it down and even the colonel says the judges are getting the plp demands wrong sad for Bermuda

  43. Lone Wolf says:

    Why do you lot even waste your time? Don’t you realize that the spoiled child always wins? Always!

    Eventually, the responsible adult(s) always give in to the tantrum (as evidenced by this bill withdrawal) JUST to have a little bit of peace.

    I say give them what they want. Have an election; vote in the PLP; dissolve the OBA entirely and allow the PLP to have complete Dictatorship. Allow all foreign businesses AND foreign workers to leave Bermuda. There are plenty of other beautiful places in this world.

    Then sit back for 20-30 years, have some popcorn and watch Bermuda turn into one giant ghetto.

    That’s what the “REAL” Bermudians want so let them have it.

    • you are beautiful says:

      What you just said is beautiful. love the idea!!

  44. ImJustSayin says:

    What about those folks who were ducked time when they couldn’t get to work on time because the buses were not running etc. Not every employer is reasonable. They had the nerve to ask for vacation pay. So where’s the sacrifice?

    • you are beautiful says:

      it ust have been very hard to eat,party and stand all day.

  45. campervan. says:

    Got the message loud and clear. Thanks.
    25+ years of savings heading out the door in the coming months.
    Time to invest in homes and a business where the playing field is level for us.
    No hard feelings and thanks for helping make a tough decision easier.

    I’m stumped as to how Bermuda will avoid default on this current path of depopulation and exodus.
    We will watch from abroad with genuine concern and wish you the best of luck.

  46. ALVIN WILLIAMS says:

    It’s now clear as indicated from within the OBA government itself; it was not prepared to listen. It was only when the people took them to the bridge and was about to dump them over the top that reality dawn. Now you know you can not go against the people and expect to win. In the words of my dear departed grandmother as she told me of the struggles of Dr. Gordon to bring justice for Bermuda’s black community; ‘Now that the eyes of the people are open; you can never expect that they will be close again’.

  47. steve says:

    Yes the eyes of “the people”were opened the problem is, so were the eyes of “the non people?” And the “non people?” create directly and indirectly many of the opportunities and do many many good work for BDA along with many of “the people”. Now lets all continue to work on ourselves.