Local Entrepreneur In Harvard Business Review

March 21, 2016

Bermuda’s Christie Hunter Arscott has been published in the Harvard Business Review, with her business piece focusing on the topic “Why So Many Thirtysomething Women Are Leaving Your Company.”

The story opens by saying, “What is the main reason women in their early thirties are leaving your company?

“Organizational leaders report that women are leaving primarily because of flexibility needs and family demands. Women in their thirties disagree.

“A recent global ICEDR study revealed that leaders believe that the majority of women around the age of 30 leave because they are struggling to balance work and life or planning to have children, whereas men leave because of compensation.

“However, according to women themselves [and in sharp contrast to the perceptions of their leaders], the primary factor influencing their decision to leave their organizations is pay. In fact, women are actually more likely to leave because of compensation than men.”

Ms. Arscott’s biography on the Harvard Business Review website says, “Christie Hunter Arscott is a leading millennial expert on gender and generational strategies.

“She is a Rhodes Scholar, World Economic Forum Global Shaper, and Principal of ICEDR’s NextGen Women’s Leadership Institute.”

The entrepreneur also spoke at a Women’s Leadership Conference last year, where she was described as “an exceptional Bermudian advisor and strategist, specializing in country-level, organizational and individual advancement strategies for women.

“She currently works as an independent consultant on issues of gender, diversity and millennial integration into the workforce.”

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