Photos & Videos: Protest Gathering At House

March 4, 2016

[Updated with videos] Crowds of people made their way to the House of Assembly today [March 4] for a protest over the proposed immigration legislation.

The event announcement said, “Let’s show the Government that there is not just a handful of Bermudians that are concerned about the proposed immigration legislation! They need to listen to the people of this country! We demand Comprehensive Bipartisan Immigration Reform now!”

Update: 1-hour video of the speeches at the event

The event began at around noon, and continued until around 2.00pm, with the crowds staying despite a brief rain shower, with many attendees getting out umbrellas, having come prepared for the rain.

Those in attendance heard from speakers including MP Walton Brown, MP Lovitta Foggo, MP Walter Roban, BIU President Chris Furbert, Rev Nicholas Tweed, Rev Maria Seaman, MP Jamahl Simmons, MP Rolfe Commissiong, Wentworth Christopher and more.


There have already been four protests/gatherings over this matter in recent days, beginning with the chanting in the public gallery of the House of Assembly, which was followed by the protest at the information session which resulted in the event being closed down.

Update: 6-minute video of some of the crowds

The third protest occurred in Hamilton last week, with hundreds of people outside the Government Administration building; and the fourth protest saw people gathering on East Broadway earlier this week.

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  1. George says:

    More than a handful… about two handfuls.

    • Ben says:

      More than a thousand people only constitute two handfuls? Your grasp of basic mathematics is truly formidable, “George.”

      • Come Correct says:

        1000 people? They would have been backed out the gate if that were true. There was maybe 200, let’s say 300 to be completely safe. Now let’s triple that number for those who support this but didnt/couldn’t show. We now have 900. Congratulations, you POTENTIALLY have 1.5% of the population backing you. Even at 1000 you have 6%. Let’s cut the population to half to represent the working/voting population based one the thousand your clearly triple visioned a$$ is seeing. You end up with 3.33%. Congratulations.

        • Come Correct says:

          Holy poop on a stick I think I just did more work than the plp has since 2008. Meanwhile their counter propasal is what exactly since they spear headed this legislation? No doubt while I spend my Friday night bettering my life the slow ones at Alaska hall who recently figured out how put multiple likes/dislikes on comments will rain dislikes on what I have to say. Rather than prosper they would rather watch this island burn just to be king of the ashes. Enjoy it.

        • Ben says:

          People were going in and out throughout the whole demonstration. The grand tally added up to a thousand over two hours. Were you even there, by the way? Do you even know what they were talking about to begin with?

          Let’s stop talking about immigration for a moment, and discuss DEportation- specifically, of sneering little creatures with hearts pulsating of raw evil such as yourself. There might be room for individuals like you in America and other, larger countries, but Bermuda is too small and too fragile. I’m sure you’ll do everything in your power to destroy the island before you inevitably destroy yourself.

          • Come Correct says:

            So basic math gives me a pulsating heart of pure evil? Was I there? No, because understand what is being proposed and I overlooked the entire thing from a building. Your 1000 is a dream. The pulsating heart of pure evil lies in the chest of the person/s likeing/disliking comments to give the false perception they have more support than they do while simultaneously attempting to mislead their fellow countrymen.

            • Its me again says:

              I didnt go but i support this.

              I can name 100 others easily who didnt go but support the protest.

              The majority dont want it. If they pass this law there will be hell.

              • Charlie says:

                Could somebody organize a ‘support pathways to status rally?’

                ….or was that the purpose of the last general election?

                • Its me again says:

                  Some one did

                  They where supposed to show up dressed in all blue

              • Cow Polly says:

                I didn’t go and I don’t support this and I can name 200 others easily who didn’t go and don’t support this protest.
                The majority want it. If they don’t pass this law we will be in hell!

              • Bermudian says:

                @ its me again,,, Really ,,then name them,, dreamer!

                • Its me again says:

                  hows this. Post youremail addrss. Use your real name and then we can talk.

                  Also. I noticed you only mentioned me when cow polly said he/she knew 200 who didnt go and didnt support.

                  Why you just getting at me for?

            • Ben says:

              Bottom line: If you insist there were little more than 200/300 people at the demonstration throughout the two hours it was in progress, you are lying. Worse, it means you don’t have the slightest reservation about being a liar.

              • Come Correct says:

                Explain. You can’t, shut your face. Don’t just spout something you can’t back up or you just seem silly. Here’s my facts… I overlooked the whole thing with a better angle than Bernews, I didn’t see people coming and going like you say, I then walked past it to only see people going, look at the pictures and faces, they are the same yet bernews covered the entire event. I know what you want it to be but it isnt that.

        • jt says:

          A 1000? 150. Get real.

        • Come Correct Coward says:

          You’re a sarcastic little clown. If you’re going to insult someone place your real name. But since we are both cowards on a computer, I’ll use my coward name like you did.

      • George says:

        Unless there were people hiding out of sight, I count only a couple of dozen, excluding journalists and the like. Confirming that this is indeed a very small portion of the population.

        • Onion Juice says:

          Taking into consideration that you have people that work at either ends of the island that would have loved to attend but time was not on their side to travel, and some uncertain about the weather or just too scared to attend, it was a decent turn out for a lunch hour meeting,
          Now turn back the clock back just over a year ago when SpongeBob presented the infamous threatening letter and you saw the response of the people or a few years ago when we had the march at Government House. So don’t get caught up in numbers or you will be caught with your pants down like General Custer at Little Big Horn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hair says:

        Ben, a thousand people, compared to 70,000 on the island, yup it is a handful!!!

        • Navin Pooty Tang Johnson says:

          its 55,000 people on the island as the PLP drove 10,000 people out with their policies and attitudes(the Colonel)thus we are in deep doo doo…I look at the photos and see nothing more than the usual PLP rally with a few bonus people thrown in….and the Reverend Tweed has reappeared from The Peoples Campaign…..and Mrs. Burns? what else needs to be said.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        You had around 200, 250 tops, the only way you would have had over a thousand during a 2 hour period is if the entire crowd switched out every 25 minutes or so, and the photos do not back you, it took over a half hour just to get to the peak number. Please do not insult intelligence and reason with a heavily over inflated attendance number. I am sure that those who orchestrated this protest will tout it as a triumph in the public eye, but there is little doubt that they were heavily disappointed at the turn out, as it would mean that they actually do not have the support they thought they could emotionally flog out… it would mean that the odds are, the majority of Bermudians actually want this immigration reform

        • Onion Juice says:

          Well you need to try and talk to SpongeBob because he stated he don’t trust statistics/census, and to assure you this is a remnant of the MASSES that turned out just over a year ago when SpongeBob played hardball with his threatening letter.

      • Bermy says:

        More than a 1000??? Your one of those guys with a 16 inch you know what inner.

    • Female says:

      If the OBA believes they will generate that 25% of the segment that helped us win power 2012….oh well think again….so wrong. Ok let’s call it by the true name black Bermudian votes. We only won by 2 seats and that was after the PLP’s bad track record. Have we grown so arrogant over the years that we forgot about the people that helped us win power. With Mr Fahy pushing this Immigration crap right now you’re just handing the Government back to the PLP for 2017.

      OBA party Michael Fahy’s World is going to get us kicked out faster than a snake in the hen house. You all best go see Mark for the Herb Tea he spoke about, clear your thoughts and really meditate over this. Oh and please don’t take Fahy to the session.

      • Come Correct says:

        Don’t say us or we, you know, you literally know you’re being deceitful with that. The oba are basically doing the opposite of the plp. Huge difference between welcoming people here and chasing them away. Let me tell you something, it was more the attitude of the government than their policies. Companies want a stable government if they are going to invest millions anywhere.

        • Onion Juice says:

          So P.L.P are accused of allowing a record number of foreign workers and also accused of chasing them away?
          Ya been sipping too much of it too.

          • aceboy says:

            They brought in blue collar workers who had friends and family here (taking away jobs from average Bermudians) and chased away the IB company employees (taking away rental income, payroll taxes, living expenses, entertainment etc that average Bermudians need, even if they don’t know it).

            • Nanny Pat says:

              So KEEP the “IB Company Employees” and get rid of the “blue collar workers who take away jobs from average Bermudians”?

              All of you haters need to realize that you are insulting the IB Company Employees who give us “jobs, rents, payroll taxes….” Maybe you should all clarify yourselves when you spew the hatred for these horrible foreigners.

              Biting the hand that feeds you is NOT the way to keep getting fed.

              • The Original Truth™ says:

                Not all of us are haters some just want comprehensive reform not just throwing everything but the kitchen sink. I know others may be but I’m not totally against pathways just against the way the minister is doing it. You should be minister because your idea was a bit more comprehensive than his. We need some blue collar worker but not nearly the amount as IB. We need to get Bermudians back to work and cut our financial assistance cost. Let PRCs, their spouses and children have status. We need to have a more comprehensive look at who these people are who have been on permit for so long and see if they really should have been. If they are IB then of course we need them but someone who has a permit as an accountant for a retail shop and works at a cash register selling small goods isn’t really an accountant and shouldn’t be on an accountant’s permit.

      • Longtail says:

        Maybe this issue is so serious it is worth the risk, maybe OBA realize that they can lose power but that its not what it is about.

        Future of Bermuda first

    • LmAo says:

      Theres probably more Bermudians in England than at this protest. Irony?

  2. Y-Gurl says:


    • seriously??? says:

      I know! Isn’t that lady with the green sign the same one who had that racist sign about white people and mental illness?

      Stop hating people, let’s live together instead of hating so much. Don’t blame anyone but yourself

      • Come Correct says:

        Google her. Peggy Burns, you’ll see all you need to.

      • Onion Juice says:

        Do you have the same sentiments when you all marched against Dr. Brown ?
        TIC TOC

        • aceboy says:

          When he illegally brought in people from a foreign prison?

      • Trisha says:

        Yes stop hating peaople

    • We the People (1st!!) says:


  3. Rita Realistic says:

    Someone please explain why they feel it’s ok for them to go elsewhere, live and work there, educate their children there but don’t wish to return the favor? If you’re happy to do that why not let people come to Bermuda?!

    • Female says:

      Rita Realistic hmmm the word them!

      If you’re going to call them anything call them Bermudians that are fighting for their Country. What country are you from and please don’t say Bda, which we both know is false propaganda.

      • jt says:

        I believe tbese Bermudians believe they are fighting for something.

    • We the People (1st!!) says:

      What? Really!

      It not about people coming here or Bermudians going somewhere else. What the heck are you talking about?

      It’s about having a bipartisan comprehensive immigration policy that most democratic countries have.
      It’s about not allowing EVERY and ANYBODY, going forward being about to stay for 15-20 years especially doing jobs that Bermudians can do.

      In other countries in certain industries, they are not allowed to hire any foreign workers. Jobs like waiter/waitress, dishwasher, landscaper, receptionist, fisherman, etc.

      Why can other countries where you come from and others can have a comprehensive immgration policy but not Bermuda?

      When you move to anothr country, citizenship is not a guarantee, it should not be an expectation. It is not a right. In fact in the US, there are a number of reasons where a person can lose their US Citizenship. If it was a right, how can they give citizenship then take it away?

      Most comprehensive immigration proposals around the WORLD in that past several years focus on some of the following immigration issues.

      Increased border enforcement – this can include, work permit enforcement, customs at the airport, tackling people overstaying their visas/work permits, etc.

      Instituted verification requirements – for employers to ensure they are not hiring unauthorized workers,

      Increased visas for high-skilled workers – this means jobs that Bermudians can do should not allow guest workers. This is the case in other countries.

      Protection for guest workers- Look at job ads. Some ads such as Live In Housekeeper, Live in Cook, etc. Look at what these people want the job applicants to do. It’s close to slavery. Who are the people getting hired for these jobs – guest workers. I bet these guest workers are getting paid very little to work like a slave. Comprehensive Immigration form would PROTECT GUEST WORKERS!


      Tell me, what is wrong with having a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        What’s kind of funny about your reply is that the OBA has actually done many of what you suggest. Under Minister Fahy, the Ministry of immigration has been the toughest on immigration violators, more so than any other time in the past. The trouble with the bipartisan immigration reform you preach is that it requires the buy in from the PLP, and that hasn’t happened. Marc Bean has yet to renounce his statement that there will be no collaboration with the OBA, he hasn’t put forward anyone to work with the OBA on this, he hasn’t announced any alternatives to what they are doing, the only person in the PLP who talks about wanting collaboration is Mr. Brown, and he doesn’t have the authority from the party to represent them on this without Mr. Bean’s blessing. Why wasn’t immigration in the PLP’s ‘Vision 2025′, the need for reform has been around since the UBP… simple answer, they don’t want reform, they want to maintain a second class of citizenship of people who have worked and lived here most, if not all their lives, they don’t want them to have a say in their home.
        And it isn’t that companies out there don’t want to hire Bermudians in low skill positions, it just that the pool of workers left in that area has nearly dried up; those that will do the jobs are already in the jobs, and probably used them to move up, and those that are left are just looking for a quick hustle to the first pay check then are out the door… and that only creates a burden on the businesses to have to constantly re-advertise, re-hire and re-train someone every couple of weeks, and that is bad for business in lost time and productivity.

        • Jason says:

          Stop the BS Fahy has done less for Bermudians. Unless you know someone that works their you should check for facts. He’s done more to help work permit holders remember!! How can xpats get employment so easy but Bermudian employment is down. More Bermudians are on financial assistance ever since he became a minister because they can’t find jobs. Why because he continues giving them away on a silver platter.

          • Jason says:


          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            Because of which sectors the vast majority of us Bermudians are employed. We are disproportionately tasked for the needs of the IB sector. Right now we need more activity in the IB to provide the trades sectors with enough stimulus to get the jobs back where we are majority employed… and this is mostly by our own doing.

        • The Original Truth™ says:

          “Under Minister Fahy, the Ministry of immigration has been the toughest on immigration violators, more so than any other time in the past.”

          4 immigration violations cases dealt with and 87 still pending. Now Fahy wants to start the pathway for permit workers here for 15 years without even having the other cases dealt with first. Ohhh yeah! Real tough like butter. You are full of it and so is Fahy.

        • We the People (1st!!) says:

          He hasn’t though. He’s paid lip service to a lot of immigration policies and anything he has done so far has beneifited the guest worker only. The econmic statisitcs that were posted in January of this year proves it.

          “The workforce declined by 37 workers in 2015, from 33,717 reported in 2014 to 33,680 in 2015. The number of males in the working population fell by 75 persons, while females showed a slight increase of 39 persons.

          Notable job gains were reported among NON-BERMUDIANS in 2015.
          Non-Bermudian workers posted an increase of 5% or 377 positions for the year. In contrast, there was a 2% DECLINE in the number of Bermudian workers with 413 jobs lost in 2015.

          Between 2014 and 2015, non-Bermudian workers reported a 10% increase in median annual pay with $80,322 compared to $73,300 in 2014. The median annual salary of Bermudian workers grew by 4% to $60,250.” Non-Bermudians on average get paid more than Bermudians doing the same job, with on average the same level of experience and qualifications. ”

          Also, there are annual pay statistics that should how we are racially biased in Bermuda. A qualified Black male, with at least 4-year university degree, median annual pay is up to $5,000 less than his male counterpart that is less qualified and only holds a High School Certificate doing the same job. These were stats from 2013/2014. I am sure by now the gap has widened. Is this fair?

          But as Bob Marley says ‘Who feels it, knows!’

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            And do you actually know why those numbers have moved that way at this time, do you have the courage to face where the fault truly lies… with us. We have had decades to ready ourselves for the IB sector, but still we lag behind and the majority of us are in the trades… which is heavily reliant on the stimulus of the IB sector. Since we are so disproportionately tasked to the IB sector, there will need to be more foreigners employed into that sector until that sector can once again provide enough stimulus… that or more of us in the trades retool ourselves to meet the needs of the IB

      • Maggie Mae says:

        They won’t be here for 15 or 20 years if qualified Bermudians can do the job!

        • The Original Truth™ says:

          87 work permit violations not dealt with. I bet many wouldn’t be here if immigration and Fahy did their jobs. A qualified Bermudian would have to get the job first to do it. Instead we have employers hiring foreigners over Bermudians because they know the chances are slim to none that anything will be done about it.

          • Bermudian says:

            11,000 work permits given by the PLP in 2007 idiot, I didn`t hear your supersillious noise then so really you should with the rest of your clowns, sit down and shut up!

            • The Original Truth™ says:

              How could you here my noise when you have no clue who I am? NUMBTY DUMBTY! Unlike you I didn’t fall of the wall on one side and bumpted my head. I’m still here on the wall like that owl who could see all the eyes could see.

              I made noise in 2007 and before then because out of those 11,000 permits there were many that had their permits renewed multiple times going back past 2002. The PLP weren’t for Bermuda and neither is OBA. All they care about is themselves and what they can get. Now fahy want’s to ride off the coattails of PLPs mistakes and make them couple them with PRCs. PRCs and their spouses and children are different then permit workers. Comprehensive would be to divide the two and then divide the classes of permit workers as they do in North America. PLP drove out the IB and brought in many non IB. There needs to be a reversal since all can agree it is IB workers that we need the most.

        • We the People (1st!!) says:

          I don’t know where you live but qualified Bermudians can do the job. Also, there are some jobs you don’t need to be qualified for.

          Waiter/Waitress. Landscapping. It’s funny though. More people are anti-Bermudian than there are people anti-guest worker.

          Why don’t you just use your hatred and say Bermudians are good for nothing. The foreign workers built this island all by themeselves. Just say how you really feel towards Bermudians. You get away disrepecting Bermudians but we can’t go to your countries and disprect the locals. Most Bermudians are not like that anyway.

          • We the People (1st!!) says:

            Correction a number of errors in my above post thanks to this auto correct. I’ll repost.

            I don’t know where you live but qualified Bermudians can do the job. Also, there are some jobs you don’t need to be qualified for.

            Waiter/Waitress. Landscaping. It’s funny, though. More people are anti-Bermudian than there are people anti-guest worker.

            Why don’t you just use your hatred and say Bermudians are good for nothing. The foreign workers built this island all by themselves? Just say how you really feel towards Bermudians. You get away disrespecting Bermudians but we can’t go to your countries and respect the locals. Most Bermudians are not like that anyway.

        • Islander says:

          Qualified yes no problem but tell them to leave their attitudes home when they walk in the door. Show your abilities, be respectful, be patient. And because papers show qualifications doesn’t mean they are capable of doing the job, there is the difference.

          • The Original Truth™ says:

            Once again another stereotyper trying to paint all with the same brush. Your screen name is islander but are you really? If you were than you are either being a condescending fool saying you are better than all others or just a fool saying that you as part of the islanders incapable and and have an attitude.

            Besides Bermudians are world renowned for being respectful & patient. Try saying good morning to a total stranger in some other countries and you will get odd looks. Bermudian children are taught from young to be respectful but no one is going to be totally tolerant when their respect is paid back with disrespect. I’ve heard many comments from foreigners saying that they don’t see why they need to greet people when they walk in a room. Would these same people walk into a boardroom and not greet the people in there. I doubt they would go far if they did this. This type of respect is taught in Bermudian schools while from my experiences it is not taught in other country’s schools.

      • Franklin Jr says:

        wait a minute… hold on

        In other threads, we keep hearing about how expats get paid substantially more than Bermudians

        Which is it?

        Try again

        • We the People (1st!!) says:

          No, you’re just ignorant and not knowlegable on what is really going on. Therefore you write such a sarcastic stupid comment.

          Of course there will be some expats in every country that will be paid less and taken advantage of. In specific job areas they are taken advantage of and paid very low for working like slaves because here we have no minimum wage.

          However, this number is a very small, minute, number of the expat population. Nevertheless, they still deserve to be protected.

          Here are some stats from an econmic report from January of this year for your ignorant ***.

          The workforce declined by 37 workers in 2015, from 33,717 reported in 2014 to 33,680 in 2015. The number of males in the working population fell by 75 persons, while females showed a slight increase of 39 persons.

          Notable job gains were reported among NON-BERMUDIANS in 2015.
          Non-Bermudian workers posted an increase of 5% or 377 positions for the year. In contrast, there was a 2% DECLINE in the number of Bermudian workers with 413 jobs lost in 2015.

          Between 2014 and 2015, non-Bermudian workers reported a 10% increase in median annual pay with $80,322 compared to $73,300 in 2014. The median annual salary of Bermudian workers grew by 4% to $60,250.” Non-Bermudians on average get paid more than Bermudians doing the same job, with on average the same level of experience and qualifications.

          So yes, expats get paid substantially more than Bermudians. You need to read more.

          This is a FACT!

  4. Widget says:

    Where the he’ll were you people when the government coffers were being _________?

    • We the People (1st!!) says:

      We were the people that voted out the then government. We take action against any government that doesn’t do the right thing. Unlike the other group both racially and OBA supporters that will defend the government no matter way. YOU DON’T STAND FOR ANYTHING!!

  5. Pete says:

    But this is just a PLP pre election rally ?

  6. Time saver says:

    Good to see the younger generation out in force.

    Oh hang on they weren’t. By the time you account for the usual PLP propaganda machine and the reverend that looks like Delboy there wasn’t many people at all.

    • mixitup says:

      Two issues with your statement.

      1. The older generation you see are all to familiar with this sly move by the govt, they remember it well…

      2. Myself (in my 30′s) and 4 others simply could not make it there, but I’ll tell you, if you believe you are dealing with 300 400 500 600 you had better find some new friends, because the feeling in the community is something I’m not sure you and your goons are prepared to see… I pity this Gov’t (And Bermuda) if this is forced through..

      • A few queries says:

        You call people goons and then threaten violence.

        Oh the irony.

      • Time saver says:

        Even if you multiply your largest number by 10, it is still only around 20% of the voting population.

        The PLP have pulled the sly move. Not one suggestion for their take on reform. Why don’t they publish their proposal. This is the fallout from their badly written legislation in the first place.

        • The Original Truth™ says:

          It’s a common stat that younger family members vote for whoever the older members support. The children and grandchildren may not have been there but come election day they will follow their elder’s vote.

    • Flattsboy says:

      It’s hard when the average age of a Bermudian is roughly 41 for the youth to be out in force anywhere. The Majority of youth on this island are leaving because there are no jobs to be had.

      But wait Flattsboy you say , there are plenty of jobs young Bermudians could do , that is true however no Bermudian wants to do them or they think they are too good for the job which is why almost the entire hospitality and food service industry on this island is run by ex-pats.

      I work in a kitchen and at this moment I am the only Bermudian on the kitchen staff next to the kitchen manager.

      This is a reality that Bermuda needs to face,there has been a ‘brain drain’ for many years on this island and as time goes on and the population gets older and older it will just get worse.

  7. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    A handful of dedicated,committed,fearless People can change the world.In fact it has always been the minority of people that have made the greatest changes in the world period.Thank G-D for these people at the cabinet Building today.Peace.

  8. M.C. Beauchamp says:

    Tweed would show up to the opening of an envelope.

    • Onion Juice says:

      If you feel that way about him then I would like to see a one on one with any U.B.P. M.P. on Live television.
      Ya right.

  9. No Brains says:

    Bottom line , are we that forgetful , do we really want the last administration back in ?

    • The Original Truth™ says:

      It doesn’t make a difference since neither administration does what’s good for the people. We need American style elections all competing with each other to be premier even if they are for the same party. America always has an elected leader but we don’t.

  10. Stephen Thomson says:

    Its interesting to reflect on history a bit in these circumstances.
    The PLP from 2001-2012 literally deported thousands of hard working, supportive, tax paying expats via their ill conceived term limits policy. These were people that Bermuda should have worked hard to hold on to and didn’t want to leave. In that era, I continually heard the term “sustainable development” from the then government. In other words, there were too many people on our little island and it was overcrowded and ” not sustainable”.
    Col Burch and Paula Cox rammed through the term limit policy which was against the best advice from the International business community and the UBP in opposition. Regardless, they pressed on and implemented that disastrous policy. Fast forward to 2016. 3000-5000 expats and families have now left Bermuda. Simultaneously, when they were here, all Bermudians were essentially employed. Now, with them gone, thousands of Bermudians are unemployed. Its clear, immigration and growing our resident population grows employment for Bermudians.
    I support government’s efforts on immigration on multiple levels. Its not only the fair, moral and right thing to do by these individuals, but its also critically required as our population is shrinking and aging.
    The vocal minority egged on by the PLP is just that, a minority.
    I believe that right thinking Bermudians support the proposed policy of this government and encourage them to get the job done. They were elected to make difficult decisions in the interest of all of Bermudians. Now is the time to do the right thing and not bow to the very vocal minority. Every poll has proven that the vast majority of Bermudians support you.
    As Nike so eloquently said it “Just do It”.

    • The Original Truth™ says:

      In 2007 PLP approved the record number of permit workers ever in the history of Bermuda. PLP also gave many PRC status during their governance. Your story is flawed as it only tells one side. The truth is PLP swapped IB workers for blue collar workers so they could get their connections up and running. Allowing PRs to have status is the fair, moral and right thing to do but coupling their plight with the huge number of blue collar workers PLP let stay for decades is deceptive and abuse of the real issue at hand that the PRCs face. OBA needs to be more comprehensive and not to “just do it” like someone who make mistakes & starts a overseas importation mailing business where the majority of companies will not mail to that mailing businesses overseas address because it’s to a third party post box. “just do it” is how mistakes are made and isn’t really what Nike lives by it’s only a marketing tactic they use to profit from the sheep of this world. Nike runs their business the comprehensive way not the way OBA runs government.

  11. ALVIN WILLIAMS says:

    Do you hear the drums of the Gombey; are you aware of the presence of the old cedar tree; do you hear the voice of protest of the Bermudian people. We will liberate our country.

    • Noncents says:

      @ Alvin

      Liberate our country? Liberate it from who? The evil oppressive ex-pats?

      Pump ya brakes mate.

    • LmAo says:

      Yea…u know they have got Gonbeys and kites in Barbados too right? Everything you think is Bermudian you stole from the CARIBBEAN, UK or US…lol then reggae was played….stop using foreign stuff at such protest…the Irony is endless

  12. Besides…don’t you get tired see’n same faces erryday?

    We gotta fresh’n up erry now anden!

  13. Wow says:

    My fellow Bermudians, please educate yourselves before opposing this. Take time to listen and digest what will happen to us if we drive more people away from our already shrinking population. Dont be misled by racial propaganda. If you peel away all the layers, you will see that its what we NEED. We may not want it, but we sure NEED it. Tust me, I too opposed this at first, but after researching and educating myself, i realized were in deep trouble and this will help our economy.

  14. Christina says:

    Is that Maria seaman I see, to see a religious leader support this just sad.

  15. Reality Check says:

    I am typing this slow for those who can’t read fast . Yes , there are plenty of jobs that Bermudians CAN do , but they do not DO . We have seen the problem , and the problem is us !

  16. Shock and Awe!!! says:

    Get ready Bermuda!!!

    The U.K. Government will be sending some refugees from Siria your way. Thanks to the many Bermudians on welfare over there. Quid pro quo.

    Let’s see how Furbert and Weekes(Local Trump) and the supporters deal with this.

  17. Confused says:

    I have not seen any response to the question as to why Bermudians think it’s fair that they can go and work, live in the UK, or take from the social security pot, but they are against someone from the UK being given rights in Bermuda?

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