Video: “Suspicious” Vehicle CCTV Surveillance

April 29, 2016

Premier and Minister of National Security Michael Dunkley and Junior Minister of National Security Sen. Jeff Baron paid a visit to the Police Comops Headquarters in Prospect for an update on the CCTV monitoring centre on Thursday [April 28].

During the visit civilian operators demonstrated the system and Supt. James Howard provided an operational overview of the security monitoring system, including its features and functions. In an effort to demonstrate the system’s use, a mock situation involving a report of a suspicious vehicle took place.

The scenario involved a report of a suspicious vehicle near the round-a-bout at Crow Lane with CCTV operators zeroing in on the suspect vehicle and witnessing the transfer of a “suspicious” package.

CCTV Monitoring Centre Generic Bermuda, April 28 2016-2

The vehicle was followed into the city using the many CCTV cameras available until it came to a stop behind City Hall. An unknown male approached the vehicle and retrieved the “suspicious” package with Police swiftly moving in to “apprehend” the suspects under the command of Inspector Joseph who was present in the CCTV monitoring centre.

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  1. Family Man says:

    Works great for ‘suspicious’ cars outside City Hall. (Can they find the missing $18 million?).

    Too bad it doesn’t seem to work so well spotting ‘suspicious’ characters wearing bright red jackets and a full face helmet on Front Street.

    • Bus Off says:

      Its $800 million. And how do you know that they do not had video footage of the two that robbed the Gem Cellar.

      • Verly says:

        Bus off, they were referring to the “missing” Corporation of Hamilton money, NOT the other “missing” money.

    • keep it real says:

      This was so staged its not even funny

  2. Dangel says:

    Good coverage!
    I wonder if this footage should of been shown at all. Have we not let those who may indulge in criminal activity know where the CCTV cameras are? This in my opinion assists the so called criminals as they now know angles etc and which areas to avoid. I am sure the BPS had good intentions; however this demonstration should not have been viewed. We law abiding residents would of accepted a summary of words.

    Keep up the good work and well done to the PR team when there are unfortunate incidents. The PR team reports only to facts rather than innuendo.

    • sage says:

      The”PR” team is a total waste of money and time.

  3. Public says:

    Is this how they used the cameras to identify and catch the robbers in town the other day… oh wait they didn’t catch them.

    • Positive Pessimist says:

      Oh, I was just going to say “They caught them?” I thought you were serious at first. Yeah, did this not catch a licence plate or see where they went?

  4. Shag says:

    Never mind a demonstration. You have dozens of cameras in the city and probably even more on roads outside the city. 2 people leaving the gem cellar, one with a distinctive red jacket, who had to have left the area on a bike. You should be able to track them through the city and and further. Shows us how good you are on an actual incident

    • Bus Off says:

      What bothers me more than anything is that there are friends and family members of the two robbers that could in 10 seconds look at the footage and know who they were. Instead of turning them in or encouraging them to do the right thing, they are enabling them.

      Whats next for your little Jimmy – mom and dad, murder?

    • filobedo21 says:

      And he could have ditched the red jacket. But I will say someone seeing the video might have an idea about who that person could be. I do hope they are caught.

  5. Not smart says:

    We getting just like the U.S.A. Show the criminals exactly how it works.

  6. NO MORE WAR says:

    The cameras are good but watching the staged scene showed some weaknesses. I would recommend a camera being placed somewhere along Crow lane probably near the junction of Crow Lane and Lane Hill area and maybe Reid and Court Street. Those areas seem vulnerable.

  7. I'm watching you says:

    Chingas, bie! I didn’t know backpacks were considered suspect packages…

  8. I'm watching you says:

    Chingas, bie! Dos criminals need to stop filing flight plans with the BPS-FAA if they want to escape…

  9. I'm watching you says:

    Chingas, bie! How de operator know my boy was going to go from Johnny Barnes to Spurling…he could have turned up by them RUBiS station…up de hill, u know…

  10. I'm watching you says:

    Chingas, bie! Dem bad boys almost got cleaned out by the pink n blue making that wide turn over the line by Tribe Road…Kitchen

  11. I'm watching you says:

    Chingas, bie! You saw that hottie with de whale tail coming out of Strands…

  12. I'm watching you says:

    Chingas, bie! De bad boy didn’t indicate his turn at the top of Queen Street…Book him, Danno…

  13. I'm watching you says:

    Chingas, bie! It’s not even 3:30PM, and school kids are hanging out behind The Mayo’s house. What are they passing around? Cliff notes or Spliff notes?

  14. I'm watching you says:

    Chingas, bie! Dat must be some high-grade stuff…ace-boy ddrew didn’t even see SWAT go the long way round in the parking lot….

  15. I'm watching you says:

    Chingas, bie! Damn boys in blue are efficient…4 hours after de diamond heist, they got the resources to demonstrate a mock drug deal…well Chief Inspector Gadget said they normally have two operators- Call Girl 6 must be in de back room reviewing the footage.

  16. I'm watching you says:

    Chingas, bie! I wonder if Inspector Gadget and Call Girl 6 were taking their BPA-mandated coffee break at the same time de Marketplace Green Shopping Bag Bandits were doing their mock heist…n st time I go Marketplace, and c de sign with Greenie the shopping bag, that says “Don’t forget me!”, I’ll be heading straight to Aisle 5, ‘Precious Gems’.

  17. Wayne Wonders says:

    And there you have it the element of surprise is now eliminated! the criminals exactly how the system operates including the whereabouts of the cameras.

    If they were going to show the “staged” pickup and drop off they should have at least shown that ONE screen. I was able to make out so many different locations where the cameras are which I am sure the crooks have seen as well…..hey they buy tv’s as well you know!

    But the one tool they SHOULD have purchased it was referred to as “too expensive” by certain people who shall remain nameless

  18. Terry says:

    I actually followed this for a few minutes.

    Reality is this never happens except on the ……tv?

  19. sebring says:

    why is run by civilians ?

  20. Doesnt work says:

    Unfortunately the cameras don’t read license plates at Crow Lane so useless in identifying suspects.

  21. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Impressive Display of Technology,camera,and manpower working together.Identifying suspects,in criminal activity.Along with fingerprint identification,and good visual aid from actual trained policemen in the field of known criminal activity hot spots,helps keep our Island safe.Conscious and credible information and informants combine to make a healthy relationship between bringing criminals and criminal activity to the courts and subsequent justice being administered.Cudos to the Police Department.Peace.

  22. Gertrude says:

    Two fine Fascists at play… In the meantime, their Government is selling off Bermuda to the highest bidders and turning the rest of us into Palestinians in our own land.