CCTV Photos Of St David’s Armed Robbery

February 10, 2013

[Updated] The police have released CCTV images from the armed robbery at the St David’s Variety store on Wednesday night [Feb 6].

The store owner and his daughter were working at the time, and the masked man entered the store at about 9.30pm wielding a gun and demanding cash before escaping on foot.

The CCTV image below was released by the police:

Suspect St. David's Variety Robbery February 6 2013 [1]

Second CCTV image released by the police:

Suspect St. David's Variety Robbery February 6 2013 [2]

Third CCTV image released by the police:

Suspect St. David's Variety Robbery February 6 2013 [3]

Fourth CCTV image obtained separately:

st davids armed robbery 2013 cctv (1)

A police spokesperson said, “The investigation into the St. David’s Variety store robbery that occurred around 9:30pm Wednesday, February 6th is ongoing. Detectives are pursuing all lines of inquiry, including analyzing CCTV footage, to bring the offender to justice.

“Investigators are continuing to appeal for anyone who may have seen any suspicious activity in the St. David’s Road area around the time of this incident or anyone with any information to contact Sergeant B.T. Smith at the St. George’s Criminal Investigation Unit directly on 247-1442 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477. ”

Prior releases of CCTV photos by the police include the double murder at Belvin’s on Jan. 2013, the “machine gun” incident at Woody’s in Aug. 2012, and the armed robbery at Serpentine Liquors in Mar. 2012.

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  1. Please Leave Politics says:

    Dang it! I’ve been using a blue rain suit for years… now I probably have to get a different one… sheeeesh

    • Bermuda Shorts says:

      Grow up- u think its a joke -These are serious matters in serious time-sometimes i wonder if any of u have any sense or u was born stupid.It could be ur backyard or one of ur family member that happens to next.

    • Bermuda Shorts says:

      U Need to grow up-that is nothing to joke about it is very serious-next time it could be ur backyard its happening to or ur mothers-i bet u wouldnt crack a joke then.

      • Please Leave Politics says:

        I wasn’t making a joke. I have been using a blue rain suit for years and now I’m pretty sure that I am going to have to get something different. I was walking to my bike in the rain yesterday with my full helmet, full blue rain suit, and loves… and I did not feel comfortable. I don’t know if it was me, but it felt like people were looking my direction…. then I see these images and I’m like… dang that’s it I think its time to change my rain suit… hence my comment. No need to sling nasty, rude comments… we are all feeling these crazy times we are living in.

        • Cisco says:

          @ Please Leave Politics, I understood what you meant, geesh!!! these pple get mad at the wrong comments.. having said that, yeah, I would get a new rain suit as well :) the situation is sad though, glad nobody was injured physically.

    • bermuda shorts says:

      Hey mr this is nothing to joke about these are very serious matters-i bet if it was one of ur relatives or you being rob it wouldnt be a joke to u.straighten up

    • dthtoo/ says:

      I wish I had x-ray eyes – all seeing.

  2. backbush says:

    i guess u all now want to ban hoddies

    • Navin Johnson says:


      • farcenutz says:

        banning hoodies would make as much sense as banning forks to fat people…. -_-

      • RME says:

        Navin, if he’s wearing black shoes why don’t we just ban those too while we’re at it? Sheesh man, let common sense reign. If a man doesn’t care about holding someone at gunpoint (or at Belvin’s: shooting 2 people) do you really think they care whether or not hoodies, dark visors or black shoes are banned?!?!?!?!!

      • tricks are for kids says:

        Why? ….they also wear dark clothing so should all dark clothes be banned?…

        • SpinCycle says:

          No! Ban ALL clothing! Ladies first!

          • tricks are for kids says:

            Lol Spin Cycle…

          • Shows how small minded, narrow minded and simple minded you are……freakish provert. Get a life or something close to it. Take it you have no morals n disrespect women just like you have done on this Bernews site. Bernews, it is time to start banning people like ‘Spin Cycle’ because their cycle is spun……. (F-)failed miserably. J. A.

      • .am says:

        Are people so easily identified by the back of their heads? Last I checked, hoodies don’t cover faces.

        Interesting how they’re completely covered, though.

  3. so long says:

    It’s either this person has on quite a few layers of clothes or that their right arm is extremely muscular

  4. Let the good times roll says:

    Why wont they release footage??

  5. bermuda wake up says:

    Glad noone was hurt

    These a$%hole need to stop this go get a job if you need money

  6. Did he do it? says:

    If he is from St.Davids it wouldn’t be too hard to recognize his walk cause his knee appears to push backwards as he walks! Looking at cam9. I am sure St.Davids people would recognize someone who walks like that. Release actual video and he would be caught quick!

  7. The Right thing to do! says:

    Speechless…these guys are getting desperate!
    A bunch of Cowards, have to use guns to get power. Use your fists, i bet if somebody asked them that, they would run away.
    All these gangs 2, i say put them all up national stadium, each gang in one corner, seal off the gates, and come back the next day!
    Police should have, as soon as they heard of this, gone to long-bird bridge + the causeway, set up road blocks, no-body in or out until the cowards were found, go to each and every house,search for these bas****s!
    Things need 2 change BDA!

    • Um Um Like says:

      Funny, regarding you national stadium idea, I was thinking of something similar. Use Morgan’s Point to host a gun/weapon amnesty week long festival. Kill or be killed. If you are alive at the end of the week you can walk out without being prosecuted for any crimes committed during the festival.

      • No way in hell……shoot the last man standing as well. Then we would not have to worry about the regrouping n starting all over again. Every one that goes in, is gain for the undertaker who is not in a recession. One or two or all of them would be welcomed to come out on the stretcher……covered….shoot ‘em ALL down.

      • Will says:

        let the battle royale commence..i even volunteer to clean up after the mess they will undoubtedly leave.

  8. Islander says:

    does video have sound??

  9. really... says:

    At Backbush, nope, just the ability to point a firearm at anyone coming in with their face covered. Just to level the playing field is all..

  10. Inspector Gadget says:

    Just go find the household that bought brand new rims for their car the day after the robbery – should be the person.

  11. BDAGIRL says:

    That has to be the worst feeling having a gun pointed at you. Low life your day is coming. You are just scum of the earth. To do this to hard working people that are still at work at 9.30. I bet he doesn’t even have a day job. Rot in hell you worthless piece of SH!%

    • Fruity says:

      I agree!!!! I don’t like walking passed police inthe states; guns just make my flesh crawl when out of my control! Oh man..

  12. hmmm says:

    why does it look like that woman is on her phone the whole time?

    • O PLEASE says:

      That’s what I’m wondering. What’s up with the woman???? She isn’t even a little bit scrared aint the exit door behind her n the gun man….

      • Fruity says:

        Yeah I was wondering the same thing… Like was she on her phone for help (good thing) but wow for not being scared! BUT then again its a mere smidget of a video clip, she could “actually” be doing something else, idk. But odd capture. I’d like cluck him over the head!!

  13. Unjrust Realities says:

    Uuuummmmm . . . why is the lady sitting on her phone totally unaware of what is going on!!!!!! I’m confused!!!

    • tricks are for kids says:

      That pic is just a “frame/still shot”….doesn’t show “after”….the actuall footage may show different. ..

  14. Enough is enough says:

    I hope they catch the culprit real soon, give him a good flogging and then throw his a$$ in jail, I am so sick of these fools.

  15. WHAT.. says:

    What is the logo on his jacket? (not really clear)

  16. SoFar Bye says:

    This what happens when govment brought this imergrunts down here to live ,bring their ghetto life with them, who else would do this,not us billy byes.

    • No He didnt says:

      Which immigrants? far this is proving to be our 400yr old mistake…

    • You got important info……call BPS and let them know who the immergrunts are or is since you billy bies’ don’t do know wrong. Even leaving the pitbull loose to attack n bite that sweet 92 year old lady who was just taking a stroll. Too bad the pitbull wasn’t around that night. So was it? The Immergrunts or the wayward billie bies’. Just checking. But the skank looks like a tomahawk walk….pure billy bie’skank.

  17. backbush says:

    @really am just saying what next we going cry about ban this cuz it was what they used this time lets face it crime is all over the world u never going stop it so what every thing they use are we going cry about banning it this person is well covered u dont no if it guy or a girl

  18. If the punk wasn’t riding or driving, then we be looking for someone who has a big head of hair or dreadlocks as the back of the rain hat has much in the back of it which looks to full for anyone with less hair. And yes, ain’t too many who skanks like that. The other $64 million dollar question is… it a man or a woman who is disguised like a man. Just saying. But who knows. They can strap them things down; like some strap them on…..huh???

  19. BDA says:

    How much they got a stack 1000$ like for real n%$$@ need jobs Oba plzzz make a way for young black men to make a living cause looks like its only going to get worst if there no income for them

    • DO NOT and I SAY DO NOT even try to drop this Cowshyt in the OBA’s lap. If u think they have a magic wand, they don’t. And if they did have a magic wand n it worked, what would be ur complaint then. You didn’t complain when the Uighurs came n got their jobs under the party that wreaked havoc on the whole island. You done nothing. So stop ur nonsense n stop pointing ur finger at the OBA because the rest are pointing back at you n the previous government whom all but shut Bermuda down. Those lazy good nothing crooks cuz need to get a life like you. Talking dung. By the way OBA don’t do jobs; they make sure the jobs are evenly distributed to those who get up of their lazy, good for nothing, thuggish @$$ n go fill out application forms n apply themselves as interested; instead of pulling guns and robbing pregnant women. Punk@$$, head not even screwed on right or tight. Can’t run forever.

  20. Bermuda boy says:

    Maybe it’s me. This guy was walking into the shop under bright lights with the gun in his hand, don’t they normally wait until they are inside before they take it out so nobody driving past can see it? In another picture, the guy has the gun aimed away does that make sense? and would he really wear a thick glove if it was a real gun. just askin.

  21. woah! says:

    Doesn’t even look like the Daughter is aware of what is going on.

  22. Licks says:

    To bad it wasn’t another guy working that night. Cashier could have knocked the gun out and the next guy Smack him upside the head. Then Cut his @$$$$

    • Fruity says:

      This is exactly how I thought but don’t want to cast judgement as IDK how I’d react in that issue but the pics show (to me) that somehow this guy could’ve been caught for sure…. They only bold bc of what they carry. But most times they dumb PUNKS that can’t fight Sh*T

  23. Bermudican says:

    Doesn’t look like anyone i have met. Seems to me if the guy was doing it because he was hungry he would have made off with some food.

  24. Just Doit says:

    It is time to legalize firearms. These thugs would then think twice before pulling off scuh acts.

    • Fruity says:

      Hello! I agree…sorry for the mornings that’ll be brought upon family’s due to it but something’s gotta give! Truth will come to those tryna hide; faces will be revealed! It’ll be the one thing I wouldn’t care if expensive – people will BUY BDA :) and people WILL take care of this type of situation Better! ;)
      Clean up on aisle ONE! Bang!

  25. Will says:

    is it me or does the outfit look different n the top photos form the rest?

    • Point taken!!!!! I notice something awry with the outside cctv n the inside cctv. Again point taken. Nice looking out.

    • Fruity says:

      I think its just the different cameras… outside at most the shirt/sweat top looks more tucked in.. idk thats all I see.

  26. Lazy In Bermuda... says:

    That’s a stapler..

    • Will says:

      well it doesnt look like a firearm thats for sure..unless the fool is holding it sideways..not sure whats scarier..guys with guns, or guys with guns but who dont know how to properly handle them..been watching too many gangsta films gotta hold that gat sideways.

      • Fruity says:

        Love all the similar thoughts, not a funny issue but makes me smile

  27. Spilt milk says:

    Looks like a Manchester united jacket…. Nobody likes manure fans anyway….

  28. Springflower says:

    Wow!! Still in Shock that these things are happening in teeny tiny Bermuda!!

  29. BermudaGirl says:

    SOMEBODY recognises him! Man or woman up!

  30. Red says:

    Maybe if the good quality security cams were made affordable to us, the images won’t be so obscured, these effin cowards committing these robberies and murders probably would have been caught.

    Also those of you that know the TRASH that commit these senseless crimes need to let the powers that be know what time it is.

    This cancerous habit of knowing these things and not reporting them is just as bad as committing these senseless crimes.

    I wonder how you people sleep at night with the knowledge of these crimes, or after committing these crimes. It’s always funny till it effects you huh.

  31. Fruity says:

    With those gloves, I wonder how accurate they are at handling the trigger (yeah not something to play with but deftly made me think, altho in the situation its probly the last thing to think about). And I wonder if the eyes are visible….Oh these times are so scary! :(

    • Fruity says:

      ALSO, (aside from hair/big head) hope they measure foot … go by tile ;)