Video: Extended Armed Robbery CCTV Footage

September 23, 2015

Bernews has obtained additional CCTV footage of the armed robbery that took place at 4.20pm on Friday, September 11 the Money Shop in Warwick, with the footage showing the two suspects from three different angles, including entering and leaving the establishment.

The police previously said that the two “suspects entered the premises with one of them brandishing a firearm and money was demanded from the cashier. They then made off on foot in the direction of St. Mary’s Road.”

Extended CCTV video of the armed robbery:

The police described the first suspect as “about 5’5, medium/stocky build, long black pants, black jacket, black shoes and dark helmet. He also had a black/white and red ‘Fresh and Hungry’ scarf over his face. This person has a distinctive walk with his right foot sticking off to the right.”

The second suspect is described as being “about 5’10, slim build, wearing long dark pants, black shirt, black shoes and a dark colored helmet.”

The police said, “Anyone with information on these matters is urged to come forward to assist in bringing the offenders to justice. If you have any information that will assist, please contact Detective Sergeant Kenton Trott at the Serious Crime Unit on 247 1484. Members of the public that assist in bringing the suspect[s] to justice may also qualify for a monetary reward by calling Crime Stoppers on 800-8477.”

Screenshots from the CCTV video:

armed robbery cctv september 2015 2 01

armed robbery cctv september 2015 2 02

armed robbery cctv september 2015 2 03

armed robbery cctv september 2015 2 04

armed robbery cctv september 2015 2 05

armed robbery cctv september 2015 2 06

armed robbery cctv september 2015 2 07

armed robbery cctv september 2015 2 08

armed robbery cctv september 2015 2 09

armed robbery cctv september 2015 2 10

armed robbery cctv september 2015 2 11

armed robbery cctv september 2015 2 12

armed robbery cctv september 2015 2 13

armed robbery cctv september 2015 2 14

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Comments (30)

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  1. BDA says:

    Shout out to the guy in the white shirt who was at least polite enough to hold the door opened for them. Good old Bermuda hospitality.

  2. Killuminati says:

    They made it look so easy! That’s crazy

  3. Rmeenswell says:

    Seems everyone including the guy in the white teeshirt has his helmet on. Why is this issue not informed. I see this behavior in grocery store as well. Gas stations on the other hand will ask you to remove them before serving you.

    • Oinion Juice says:

      Easy fix, let government hire security to every store to their entrances and that should factor in some of the 2000+ jobs.
      Its not rocket science.

  4. I heart 441 says:

    I’m sure people that drove/rode cross and saw them entering/exiting the building were like ” Hmmm that doesn’t look right”, but because armed robberies are seldom in Bermuda, they didn’t think to stop. That weekend of robberies have now put everyone on high alert, hopefully.

    • serioulsy..... says:

      I’m sure people saw this too but when is it “not right” for someone to enter a business in a helmet and be served despite the signs posted? I see this at least 3 times a day.

  5. Uh huh says:

    They’ll get them. No dark visor or parent can disguise the way you walk.

    • serioulsy..... says:

      and exactly what parent is going to report their child? There are likely lots of parents out there that know what their children are up to and do nothing.

  6. UmJustSaying says:

    Helmets made mandatory to protect the rider’s head, great law. Creative criminals using the law to their advantage hmmmm !
    ?? Why is it that we cannot smoke in buildings yet we can wear helmets them hmmmm,hmmm.

    • Ships Ahoy says:

      It is against the law to smoke in indoor public spaces. It is not against the law to wear a helmet indoors. However some business and banks do not allow helmets in their buildings. While they realize having a sign won’t stop anyone or make a robber take off their helmet, it will draw attention by staff, security and patrons.

  7. D says:

    They was on foot…. Wow

  8. bermyguy says:

    just a question, why do they never wear all white?

  9. Rosie says:

    Casual….not rushed….just another day at the office…

  10. Left Guard says:

    C’mon people. someone knows who these guys are. If they are friends or family do them a favor and turn them in before their crime spree continues and ends up with someone getting injured or killed.

    People, do the f’n right thing for once.

    • ohno says:

      they wont do that…because their family is all in on it. Immoral people
      Grandma gets a new washing machine or her rent paid TODAY.

  11. sage says:

    Someone should have stolen their bike or slashed the tires.

  12. jane doe says:

    well one of the guys had on gloves as they walked in and the other one didn’t. It looked like he may have slightly touched the door. Did they check the door for finger prints?? I am just saying…

    • Observer says:

      I understand why you are thinking that – at the end of the day, we want to catch these guys. But, I don’t think fingerprinting the door will be of any help…do you know how many people come in and out of this building on a daily basis? Will those prints lifted even be viable for testing with so much activity at this business?

      I guess a try beats a failure!

  13. Educated says:

    Is there more footage of them actually leaving the area? That CCTV camera was really clear, I’m sure if they were heading west we could glimpse a license plate or something?…

  14. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    Hmmm…why stop the video as they went to their getaway vehicle you could have seen the licence plate or at least wat direction they headed …maybe no getaway vehicle on the premises..?? I bet you that they ran up the path to cedar hill where their getaway vehicle was parked and waiting…Well it’s a long shot but those particular white and black sneakers should be investigated as to sales…hopefully they may have used a card for purchase…One other thing that bothers me is that they didn’t get any rezistence. ..walk up to cashier and walk right out 5secs. maX…oh well..The money is insured…no injuries…what can you say…

  15. duh says:

    Not going show the bike?

  16. Blackseal says:

    It’s obviously Daft Punk. The police can pick them up at their next concert.

  17. Um says:

    The 2nd guy touched the door twice. once on the way in. and once on the way out. and in very specific spots. Fingerprinting?

  18. wow smh says:

    Bermuda is the only place I know that you can have video/pictures of the ppl who committed a crime and the police STILL can’t identify them…I was once told that the cctv camera couldn’t zoom in far enough to see who was messing with my property…smh ..I understand that can happen sometimes but why? Lol its so sad it’s laughable. Come on Bermy..get up with the times!

    • I heart 441 says:

      So you know of every other police departments cctv systems? Bda police have never caught someone from CCTV, ever? Come on son, think better.

  19. serioulsy..... says:

    sounds to me like this CCTV camera business is a load of crap. I haven’t heard of one incident where it was helpful!

    • I heart 441 says:

      Well you my freind, need to watch/read the news more often!

  20. Sneakers says:

    It’s clear to me the second guy (skinny one) has on white shoes, the Foamposite Penny Hardaway’s.. so he’s hip with his sneakers… let’s be real, people know who he is.. do some justice!