‘Prioritise The Expansion Of The CCTV System’

March 30, 2016

“Like many other residents, the Progressive Labour Party [PLP] was angered by the news of the robbery at T&L Budget Warehouse on St. Johns Road. Unfortunately, this was just one in a series of robberies that have been inflicted on small businesses over the past year,” Shadow Minister for Home Affairs Walter Roban said.

“It is a disturbing trend in crime that must be stopped. As we stated on February 6 of this year, we support the business community working with law ‎enforcement to combat this trend and continue to believe the following steps can assist with this effort to enhance safety and security:

“‎Immediate steps must be made to further widen CCTV coverage to higher traffic retail business areas inside and outside the City of Hamilton. This is a high priority and the OBA must prioritise the expansion of the CCTV system by ensuring that funds are made available to enhance security.

“These incidents have been mostly inflicted on small businesses and the Bermuda Police Service [BPS] should provide the opportunity for special consultation for these businesses on effective security measures. Assisting with training staff to spot security concerns which may provide the circumstances which may lead to a robbery.

“The Community Action Teams can also act as an ongoing liaison for neighborhood businesses with an open line of communication when needed. ‎The Chamber of Commerce and other business groups should also take steps to organize Internal Security Subcommittees to assess, if any, the security needs of their members and also provide advice to non-member businesses.

“The PLP believes it is important for the business community to work with the Bermuda Police Service and all the strategic partners in the security industry to generate possible solutions. Preventative and proactive steps in response to this rise in criminal activity around business is the best way to ensure safety of property, staff and consumer confidence is preserved.

“We stand with the owner and staff of the business as they make every effort to return to normalcy. The community must support the Bermuda Police Service and other agencies to combat all crime and encourage anyone who has information on this incident to assist them with enquiries.,” Mr Roban concluded.

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  1. Jus' Askin' says:


    Invest in The People and there will be No Need for Cameras!!!

    • Bermygirl says:

      THERE IS ALWAYS A NEED FOR CAMERAS. Crime will happen whether or not people have jobs or are unemployed. Dopey.

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        What is the “…NEED FOR CAMERAS” ?

        “Prevention is Better Than The Cure”

        Do You Want to Decrease Crimes or Increase Convictions?

    • Bloop Bleep Bloop says:

      Invest in education and social programmes so people won’t turn to crime to survive!

    • Terry says:

      Well the PLP had 14+ years to do something.

      Why shout now.

      Wonder who owns and operates this building/bussines.


  2. real talk says:

    Nothing well stop stupid people. And please nobody defend the robbers says they need jobs because that’s full of s***.

    • wahoo says:

      You are right. If someone thinks that stealing is a more noble career than cleaning, cutting grass, flipping burgers or any other job that we bring in foreigners for just because Bermudians think they are somehow better than that then they are really coping out.

      Shame on anyone who tells them different, mothers, fathers and politicians stop coddling them, they are adults and need to be accountable not just to themselves but to Bermuda.

    • Bloop Bleep Bloop says:

      But investing in education has been proven to lower crime rates

      • wahoo says:

        with what money??????

        • Really? says:

          How about we start with the same money that is being spent on incarceration? With what it costs to keep one person locked up for a year, we could almost pay for a four year college degree. Which option do you consider to be the better investment of our tax dollar?

          • wahoo says:

            I wonder how much it would cost to export our prisoners….I bet that there are countries who would charge us $30K per year to house them and we would save a fortune.

      • Kung Fu says:

        We spend more $ per child in the public education system than any of the private and home schools do. Throwing money at something is not the answer. Berkeley and Cedarbridge have lots to offer and some do very well and become doctors, lawyers, architect and other similar On the flip side others that attend the same classes with the same teachers struggle. Will throwing even more money at them change anything and suddenly make them become model students? Probably not. Do I have the answer – no. However I do believe that we need to get rid of the megaschool / cookie cutter model and get back to smaller schools and trade / tech schools.

        • Kung Fu says:

          Many might say we can’t afford to. I saw we cant afford not to.

        • Raymond Ray says:

          Having attended Bermuda Technical Institute I must agree, “getting back to smaller schools and trade / tech schools.
          So many would agree, Tech had turned out many professional students. All students started out with the basic, “3 Rs” but during the week we’d also went on to learn about woodwork / carpentry, metal work, auto mechanics as well as masons-work…We’d had an opportunity to attend so many other classes that did help when it came down to broadening ones “horizons”…

  3. Boom bye bye says:

    Police state we are.

  4. steve says:

    How about:

    “a PLP government would have installed a CCTV camera in front of T&L warehouse as well as the location of the next crime, Therefore Fahy should resign”
    Yea I admit I am past sick of Roban endless hindsight commentary. In fact his hindsight isn’t even 20/20 otherwise he would see the damage his did and never criticize the judgement of another political entity for at least 10 years.

  5. Raymond Ray says:

    Crime has been and will be a continuous act of criminal minded individuals. Cameras can assist yes, but as long as the “wanna-bee” continue covering their face, (whether it be with a cloth, handkerchief or visor on a crash helmet)
    The Courts are limited without evidence, “beyond a shadow of doubt” Some smart asssss lawyer will get these individuals off of the charge due to “lack of evidence”. (And this is why soooo many crimes aren’t solved.)

  6. rodney smith says:

    Robbers do need jobs, just not robbing. There are 4 benefits that come from work; work gives people a routine ,i.e;if at work, I couldn’t also be in your shop robbing you,” unless I worked for you ” (smile).Work gives you an identity. Work allows you to make new friends, and work provides you the opportunity for upward mobility. Unless these crimes are spontaneous acts, they are well planned out, some two weeks in advance. The shop is cased, before the crime is committed by several persons, as an information gathering process. So the police will have to link people together. ( I’m not one of them).

  7. Artie D says:

    Having previously been a victim of a crime last year, the current camera system is inadequate to track vehicles.

    the incident I was involved in took place at night on a well-lit street with the camera approximately 100 feet away and the resolution was so poor that they could not see the license plate nor determine much about the vehicle other than it was a 4 door.

  8. hmmmm says:

    Hilarious… The PLP spent millions on a system that didn’t work even before it fell apart (purchased from one of their own) and complain that the system we have (that does work) needs expanding….

    Maybe the PLP should fork over some of the missing money to pay for it!!!

  9. Sally says:

    Why do we need CCTV? It was 2 men in dark coloured clothing,wearing visored helmets , brandishing what appeared to be a firearm that escaped on a bike (most likely stolen) heading either east or west.

  10. thomas says:

    That clown has nothing to add. just a plp article that supports the thing that fixes the problem. No solutions. Just saying what is already done and saying we need more cameras. ….Good call….with what money.

  11. Zevon says:

    So the PLP wants to borrow more money from overseas bankers and spend it. Nothing new there.

  12. lol…ha ha ha…oh my God.. hee hee hee… by ensuring that funds be made available….OK?

    but but but….immediate steps must be made….hee hee hee….to further enhance security…lol…

    good idea…but we’ll have to legalise marijuana to tax it to pay for that!

  13. mmm says:

    The use of CCTV has been of value in a number of situations, how-ever if th e persons have already made the effort to conceal their identities by dark faced full visor helmets, dark clothing, and no licence plate, it would be more difficult to id the culprits. Vehicle road check-points have been qui te rare in recent years, how-ever, when done, a number of persons have been discovered to be disqualified by the Court, wanted on warrants, driving wit h-out a valid driver,s licence, operating an unlicensed and/or uninsured ve hicle. Some of these stopped or who make an effort to avoid checkpoints may be on their way to commit a crime. When-ever a checkpoint is in use word sp reads quickly, but I say use them anyhow. For instance, if checkpoints are in simultaneous use at the Aquarium, Blue Hole Hill, Collector,s Hill and Parson,s Lane , yup, Parson,s Lane there might be some interesting results, as well as a comm unity that can rest easy knowing the Police are highly visible. Thieves need transportation, a check-point means you must provide information. I would rather suffer the inconvenience of 2 or 3 checkpoints a month if it may lead to a slightly safer community. Foot patrols in various parts of the Island, i.e. Collector,s Hill, Flatt,s Village, Devil,s Hole, Robert, s Avenue, Glebe Road, St. John,s Road, Ice Queen and Paget Gas station, the Rubber Tree, Camp Hill etc etc. All areas need a higher Police presen ce. We do have the Regiment and the Police Reserves as well to assist so why not use them. There is a culture among some who say don,t provide in formation on a crime, well, if you know the culprit and find out he has robbed your auntie,s house and hurt her you will want revenge. Best to gi ve information now, it can be done anonymously. Kudos to the Police who have to work with limited resources. I understand furlough days will be back in use, the authorities need to do a re-think.

  14. Rocky Noggin says:

    Got attacked on Burnaby hill next to the bank at 2am about 10 yrs ago. Police said cameras didn’t work. They watched it happen in their car too. Such fun.