Photos/Video: Fire Service Promotion Ceremony

April 15, 2016

Former Divisional Officers Dana Lovell and Morris White were today [April 15] officially promoted to the new rank of Assistant Chief Fire Officers [ACFO], with the promotion ceremony being held at the Clearwater Station.

“ACFO Lovell will be responsible for the management and administration of emergency medical services, structural and aircraft rescue firefighting, hazmat and special services to the residents and business community and at the L.F. Wade International Airport,” the BFRS said.

“ACFO White will be responsible for the management and administration of training, information technology, and the human resources sections to ensure that the services are provided in a safe, efficient and economic manner.”

Chief Fire Officer Lloyd Burchall explained how the two positions came into the organizational structure of the service, saying: “About 6 years ago, a report of recommendations was made to take away the post of Deputy Chief and introduce two ACFO positions.

“With the amalgamation of the former Airport Fire Department and the St. George’s Volunteer section, combined with our increase in size as well as looking at the increasing responsibility of EMS, it was decided that in order to deal with the increased responsibilities, we would have two ACFO’s.”


ACFO Lovell said: “I feel both honoured and humbled to know that I’ve reached this milestone in my career. I’m delighted. For any of those Firefighters and Officers who aspire to the positions of Assistant Chief or Chief Fire Officer, I would say to stay focused, work hard, and staying abreast of innovation because the fire service is a very dynamic organization, you have to be somewhat avant garde in order to remain in touch. I would also say to be prepared to go through long periods of privation while abroad for further development training.”

ACFO White echoed his counterpart’s sentiments, saying: “I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge my wife, who throughout the years has sacrificed as well through all the training I’ve done overseas where she’s had to spend months alone and during times of national emergency during hurricanes where she’s had to baton down the hatches at home by herself. I thank her for her support in my achieving this position today.”

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  1. Jamal Albuoy says:

    I wish to express my congratulatory remarks to both ACFO Lovell and ACFO White for being confirmed in your posts today! You both have work hard for the department, have stayed the course and are deserving of FINALLY receiving this achievement. I wish you both much success in your respective assignments. Again, congratulations

  2. Arthur - Atlanta says:

    Congratulations to my former work partners.
    All the best.

  3. Karen says:

    Congrats everyone.
    Super proud of you Morris from your MSA classmate.