30 Minute Video: ZBM Evening News For May 4

May 4, 2016

This evening’s [May 4] ZBM newscast is set to begin at 7.00pm, and as they have been over the past few weeks, the Bermuda Broadcasting Company is continuing to live stream their evening news programme online for viewers both on the island and abroad.

zbm 9 news Bermuda May 4 2016

The live video will begin at 7.00pm, and play to 7.30pm, and then the replay will be available:

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  1. Mr. Bulford does,(like all others) need a vendor licence to sell his products, yet he’s absolutely correct stating anyone can purchase cocaine and heroin within a few blocks of the Police / Courts…
    This is by far no secret to most Bermudians yet we, (Bermudian) permit it to continue :-( Sad yes, but so true…

  2. Frank Arnold says:

    This is awesome! I can watch when i want to. Thanks to the people who made this happen. I bet they charge more for advertising as well. Thanks