Crime Stoppers Urge People To Submit Tips

May 11, 2016

Noting the “sharp rise in reported incidents of armed robberies,” Crime Stoppers Bermuda said they want to “remind the public that they offer monetary rewards for information that leads to an arrest, firearms/weapon or other evidence seizure, and eventual prosecution of offenders.”

So far this year there have been a number of armed robberies including at Continental Motors on North Shore on May 6th, at Hunts in Warwick on May 1st, at Gem Cellar on Front Street on April 28th, at T&L Budget Warehouse on St John’s Road on March 24th, at Pasta Basta in Hamilton on March 13th, at the Island Spice Restaurant in Warwick on February 9th, and at Flatts Gas Station on January 21st.

Crime Stoppers Bermuda May 11 2016

A spokesperson said, “Crime Stoppers Bermuda has noted a sharp rise in reported incidents of armed robberies, particularly those involving places of business. Our aim is to create strong opportunities for law enforcement and the community to effectively put a stop to this spate of crime.

“We want to remind the public that Crime Stoppers Bermuda offers monetary rewards for information that leads to an arrest, firearms/weapon or other evidence seizure, and eventual prosecution of offenders.

“We have the support of the business community in Bermuda whose leaders some time ago created a substantial reward fund, which is earmarked to offer meaningful rewards in the case of gun-related crimes.

“We also want to assure anyone who uses Crime Stoppers [either via our Webtips or through our confidential hotline 800-8477] that anonymity is guaranteed.

“It is the information that is important, so if you have information it is vital that you provide as many details as possible when submitting or calling in a tip.

“Crime Stoppers Bermuda appreciates there may be people in the community who have valuable information on the perpetrators of these armed robberies. We appeal to anyone with such information to call or submit a tip as soon as they can. Armed robberies are crimes of violence.

“Let’s help law enforcement deal with these terrible crimes to ensure no one is hurt, weapons are taken off the street and offenders are brought to justice. “

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  1. Bald & The Beauty Full says:

    To the Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Cousin, Aunt, Uncle, Friend …. of those two individuals that have been going around holding up printers and gun point – turn them in! You know who they are, and you are not doing them a favour by “protecting” them.

    At some point, things won’t go as smoothly and when they shoot someone, kill someone or get hurt themselves it will be too late to cry and say sorry.

    Do them, yourself and the public a favour and turn them in before things go horribly wrong.

  2. Those 2 Bulgarians were just as bad….. worse. Coming to Bermuda and committing hideous money crimes. They need THE CAT OF NINE TAILS.

    • Bus Off says:

      Just as bad? Did they use guns and threaten peoples lives, no. I agree to deporting them , but only after they have spent a long time in jail. Otherwise would sending someone home after they committed a crime a punishment? NO!

  3. mmm says:

    To you, who know the persons committing these armed robberies, they and the guns need to be taken off the streets. It is a very, very sad chapter in Be rmuda, s life, when persons engage in armed robbery. They will be brazen enough to rob their family at gun point, brazen enough to rob who-ever, and they need to be turned in. Some may be comfortable knowing who is doing this, can you really live with your conscience ? Do the right thing and let ,s move toward a better country. There are still folks in this community wi lling to offer a meal, buy you a few groceries, and possibly help in other areas. The first step is to realise that these culprits are putting lives at risk, the second step is to have the courage to inform, your identity will be kept confidential. Anybody I know who steals from me or another is not my friend, and I will do the right thing.