Armed Robbery At Business In Spanish Point

March 24, 2016

[Updated] Police responded to the Spanish Point area this afternoon, following an armed robbery at a business in the area, which involved two men brandishing a firearm and escaping with an “undisclosed amount of cash.”

TL's Budget Warehouse Bermuda, March 24 2016 (1)

Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said: “At 1.50pm, Thursday March 24, police attended a report of an armed robbery at that took place at T&L Budget Warehouse on St John’s Road, which is 100m before North Shore Road and Admiralty House in Pembroke.,

“It appears that two males entered the premises and brandished what appears to be a firearm and made demands of money. They subsequently were given an undisclosed amount of cash and the suspects then left the area on a black motorcycle.

TL's Budget Warehouse Bermuda, March 24 2016 (3)

“The description of the suspects, at this point, is two males wearing all black. One appears to be between 5 ft 8in and 5 ft 10in and of stocky build. And the second is a thin framed male between 5 ft 10in and 6 ft.”

“Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone who maye have seen two males in the Spanish Point, North Road or St John’s area acting suspiciously to please contact police in 295-0011 or the Crime Stoppers Hotline 800-8477.”

Update 2.33pm: Audio statement by Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines added below.

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  1. 297 says:

    this is crazy

    • Hurricane says:

      Jesus, PLEASE take the wheel. I was just there at 11:00am. What’s going on locally is beyond crazy

      • Jesus already did the work its now up to us.

        • Hurricane says:

          @ Onoin Juice………I’m not a friend or fan of his, but I heard he was always on the case so just thought I’d ask him.

          • Ed Case says:

            Asking Jesus is the same as doing nothing.

            • Hurricane says:

              @Ed Case……so WRONG you are. I recognize that we need help. And who better to ask.
              Now stay focused.

              • “Spare the rod you spoil the child” It is time to sentence these wanna-be gangsters to real time with no time off for “good behavior”!!!

              • Come Correct says:

                Who better to ask than the runner up for hide and seek champion of eternity? His dad is the only one who beat him with Osama Bin Laden in a close third.

              • Ed Case says:

                Hurricane. Absolutely anyone would be better to ask for help. Asking an imaginary person for help is just silly. It is an excuse for non performance, if is a cop out. Get up and help yourself, no imaginary God will do anything for you. Do something! Stop blaming gods mysterious ways for your own non performance. You were told bs as a child, and it is time to grow up. Guess what? Santa is made up as well. And the Easter bunny, fairies too.

                • Hurricane says:

                  You really think it’s that serious, Ed? Take a chill pill……dude!

                  • Ed Case says:

                    Actually it is that serious, because children are indoctrinated with bible bs, and actually believe it. Religion is used as an excuse for acting in a certain way and getting what you want. Religion poisons everything.

                  • Zevon says:

                    It’s that serious. The crap that people do when they think it’s in god’s name is ridiculous. Just think of what happened this week in the name of god. Barbaric and evil.

                • @ Ed Case I agree, and ALL those years during and after slavery, whites used the Bible to defend their evil and to desensitize the victims.

              • Cup Of Tea Anyone? says:

                Better off asking Mr. Tickle. He’s actually real.


            • @ Ed Case, & Hurricane, Using the name of Jesus in a wrongful manner is never a good thing and for all those who disrespect who Jesus really is, well all I can say is, The mercy of God is still real, and the blood of Jesus is just as powerful today as the day he hung on Calvary.

              The truth of the matter for all who love Jesus and call him savoir, we look forward to His return, and for all who do not consider Him a friend, or even thinks of Him as a enemy, let me during this time of pass over remind you, That it is at the name of Jesus that every tongue shall confess, and every knee shall bow, and all of humanity, throughout all the ages, shall bow and call Him Lord.


              • Ed Case says:

                You could ask Santa or the Easter bunny, it would be the same thing. Sorry but that’s the way it is.

                • Ed Case says:

                  Unfortunately, Jesus and God are used as an excuse for bad behavior. Imaginary characters created by man.

                  • And slavery is one good example of it being used as an excuse.

                  • So whats the excuse for evil.

                    • Ed Case says:

                      Read my post again. Religion is the excuse for evil.

                    • Zevon says:

                      Very often the excuse is belief that your evil actions are in the name of god. Like if you’re a suicide bomber. Of if you’re mutilating the genitals of a child.

              • Hurricane says:

                No disrespect intended to the believers, but as for you, Dauane, you can “go fly a kite”!

              • Zevon says:

                God doesn’t exist Duane. You can genuflect in front of a mythical figure if you want. Don’t ask me to do it, because I will not.

              • Sage says:

                Stick a sock in it Duwayne.

            • Its me again says:

              I agree with ed.

              Cant do nothing on your knees with your hands together.

    • Terry says:

      Have you spent much time at the House of Assembly in the past 2 months?

  2. wondering says:

    why don’t the police release details of the specific description of the bike?????????
    shape, colour, registration number, identifying marks, make/model?

    • swing voter says:

      there should be HD video footage …. the cameras are inexpensive and can connect to a basic computer system in the storeroom

      • Your joking says:

        Or…..everyone could spend a little more time raising their kids better.

    • Graymatter says:

      I really doubt they have that information on the motorbike.

    • HOTDOG says:

      There are lots of bikes same model–color no plate

      • Terry says:

        And there are a lot of people that look like you.
        Your point………..

    • Its me again says:

      What makes you think they have all that info

  3. AbbyG says:

    In daylight!

  4. NO WAY says:

    Need stiffer penalties!

    • Terry says:

      Are you serious?

    • JB says:

      Mandatory fixed minimum sentences imposed in the US have shown there’s very little correlation between the length of a sentence and the crime rate.

    • Ann says:

      Agree, if you steal you get your hand cut off! OR ship all these little punks to some desolate island and save the taxpayers a lot of money. And please when and if they do catch them, I can’t take the sob story from the Mom, Oh he’s a good boy.

  5. Terry says:

    Well I hope their CCTV is working.
    It’s right there in plain view.
    And in reality this is not a high traffic/volume area at this time of day.

    • I see what you mean Terry. For them that don’t notice the camera it’s on the right side of building above the entrance.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Look again guys . That’s an outside light , not a cctv camera

  6. Faith in our future says:


  7. ron,b says:

    bda to small for these fools to keep getting away

  8. plank says:

    No faith with the police service

    • Dockyard Lackey says:

      Very apt name. Planks are thick, really thick.

  9. E-TEC says:

    Swing voter..the building’s multiple cameras were stolen a long time ago..

  10. NEW ONION says:

    Imagine if it was the same two fools hitting up everywhere.

    Its a shame but ALL retail service businesses must be prepared and expect this to happen. Best to have a action plan in events like these.

    • I got to much brains says:

      Like having your own weapon behind the counter?

    • Its me again says:


      You call them fools but they are making more money than you lol and they keep getting away with it.

  11. Gcode4lyfe says:

    People are suffering here and the OBA wants to give jobs to foreigners. Until this government helps the lower class this is gonna happen again and again. Sorry to say.

    • Betty Boop says:

      That;s ridiculous, that’s not the reason at all. The reason is drugs and not wanting to work. There any many, many jobs out there, but people don’t want to bother, poor them.

      • sage says:

        Hey, you all endorse and support the failed “war on some drugs” so take some personal responsibility.

    • Ann says:

      Agree, if you steal you get your hand cut off! OR ship all these little punks to some desolate island and save the taxpayers a lot of money. And please when and if they do catch them, I can’t take the sob story from the Mom, Oh he’s a good boy.

    • Ann says:

      These punks do not want jobs, they want free money, nothing to do with The OBA! This is just sad, people who are trying to run a business, start raising kids with values and stop making it the governments fault!

    • Jen says:

      I guarantee there are jobs available but they don’t want to do them. Not having a job or a high paying one does not justify robbing someone. I would have to bet that this incident would have happened even if there were no foreigners working on the island. That is a poor excuse for this behavior that continues to happen on an island that was once upon a time one of the best places in the world to live and raise a family.

    • aceboy says:

      You are showing your ignorance and repeating a lie told to you by those who want to manipulate you.

    • Come Correct says:

      What?! C’mon now, did you really make it seem like this was a justified action based off of you and everyone else without a brain who parked up on Parliament for 4 days thinking your jobs you don’t want to wake up for are being “taken” by foreigners. Bermudians get the jobs over foreigners. As for this situation what gives someone the right to 1. Use an illegal weapon and 2. Aim it at someone with the coward idea that they don’t have the balls to pull the trigger. Sh*t needs to stop. Going at small family owned businesses and making people feel unsafe. 100 yards away and this is taking place in someone’s home instead of a store, but what’s stopping that?! Not family values that should be taught from jump clearly.

  12. Not smart says:

    I agree with helping the lower class that DO want jobs but these fools doing these robberies don’t want work. Never have, never will.

  13. Sage says:

    Wow, it took the PLP trolls 25 posts before they showed up to drag politics in.

  14. just me says:

    Catch the guys and send them to another island prison, Jamaica for instance. Save us some $ as their prisons are less expensive to house these idiots, and we won’t have to see nor deal with them for a time. The threat of going to Jamaica or elsewhere to a PRISON instead of to the Royal Naval Hotel might make these persons think twice.

    • frank says:

      Outsourcing prisoners. Is. One way. The government can save some money and. Yes Jamaica would be less. Expensive
      As of yesterday. I US dollar was. 121 jamaican. Dollars

      • Zevon says:

        We could an economy just like their’s. What an experience that would be. Bean would love it.

    • Lone Wolf says:

      Overseas prisons are EXACTLY the same as overseas colleges. The only thing that will happen by sending our criminals to a harder prison, is that it will make harder criminals out of them.

      We are better off keeping them in Westgate Hotel where they only get a slightly higher education from slightly harder criminals.

  15. Shame on them says:

    The staff in there are so friendly, and they have the lowest prices. Lord help them to get through this difficult time.

  16. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    Ok it is time for drastic measures…you wanna steal?…COME AND STEAL MY S#!T…and for all you sour sop mothers guess what..? YOUR SONs TIME IS LIMITED VERY LIMITED!…The streets KNOW who they are and the streets are TALKING!

  17. Positivity says:

    Sad. Happy everyone is safe.

  18. Ed Case says:

    But were they wearing a dark visor? We need to know this.

  19. mmm says:

    Yes indeed, the staff are quite friendly and helpful. It is rather sad and sickening that persons are robbing these small businesses, honest, hard-working folks trying to operate a business. It would be cheaper to send the se thieves to a small island, where conditions are horrible and prisoners are in fear, and upon completion of serving their time they will wear elect ronic monitoring bracelets/devices for 5 years. Isolated businesses cannot afford security, a crime like this one lasted less than 2 mins, and is not likely to occur every week at the same location. Police patrols are quite rare in various parts of the Island, but trust me at least 4 police cars are seconds away from Front,Reid,Queen and Church Streets. Somebody will come up with some sort of tax to increase the numbers of police officers on the street. I have seen news reports where a person was arrested in July 2015 for suspected possession of drugs and first appeared in Court in January 2016. Does it take that long to bring a person to Court on a minor, straight forward case of having a joint ? Determine if it is a controlled drug inside of 2 weeks, and place the person in Court a week later. What makes the process long I don,t know, but it encourages others to run wild.

  20. bermybie says:

    Unfortunately I believe that we are going to need police/security with weapons in all our shops soon. This rise in armed robberies is out control, and it obviously not getting better. Bermuda police force needs to really step up and take care of this problem!I understand they a doing their best but their best is not good enough as we have sewn over the years. These criminals are walking all over the authority and will continue until they feel more scared to commit these crimes. Come on bermuda I have kids coming up in this day of age and at this rate I will most likely send them abroad for school die to this increase crime.
    Just a concerned bermudian

  21. jahstice says:

    Wow, these dudes do not mind going to the Westgate Hotel, in the unlikely event they get caught.