Science Teachers Complete Leadership Course

May 6, 2016

In the spirit of Teacher Appreciation week [May 2 – May 7], the Department of Education said they wish to “recognize 15 exemplary teachers for completing the first module in science leadership. ”

“Primary school science teachers are the first to successfully complete Leadership for Quality Teaching and Learning – A course for science teacher leaders and aspiring teacher leaders,” a spokesperson said.

“The course was designed and taught by Kali Douglas, the Department’s Content Specialist Teacher for Science, and the course gives teachers first hand experience in creating and leading high quality science lessons.”

Participants [left to right]: Toyra Woolridge [Elliot], N’Gina Butterfield [Gilbert], Rondelle Richardson [St. David’s], Zonique James [Port Royal]

Department of Education May 06-1

According to Ms. Douglas, “Engaging our students as scientists when they come to the science class is key! I remember how I began to excel once I was able to ‘real’ science as an intern at the Bermuda Biological Station.

“For many children science has become about worksheets and taking notes, far removed from the real actions of scientists. In the best science classrooms, students are learners who ask questions, test hypothesis, and collect evidence.

“In this course our teachers have taken on the mission to engage our students in meaningful science instruction. I am proud of how they have responded. They have embraced a focused vision for quality science teaching and the significant role they play to achieving successful outcomes for our students, beyond the high stakes exam.”

Participants [left to right]: Lisa Siese [Somerset], Angel Heyliger [West End], Crystal Lucas [Purvis], Tanya Rayner [Prospect], Miriam Smith [Prospect], Tracey Rayner [Northlands], Kelly Rodday [St. George’s Prep], Ann Kermode [St George’s Prep], Deborah Raat [East End], Samantha Savoury [Elliot] and Cynthia Corday [Purvis]

Department of Education May 06

Dr Lou Matthews, Director, Educational Standards & Accountability said, “The Department of Education is committed to building exemplary teacher leaders who can serve as coaches and mentors in supporting schools in transforming education.

“In The 21st century citizens who use science to solve existing problems of resources, environment and population are critical to the island’s success.

“Teachers are at the forefront of this movement to engage all our children as scientists. I love how the program has begun to inspire teachers in revolutionizing the science classroom.”

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