‘All Clear’ After Airport Fire Alarm Activated

May 6, 2016

[Updated] As of 7.55pm this evening [May 6] police can be seen at the airport, and traffic is being restricted in the area. We are awaiting an official statement, however we unofficially understand that emergency personnel are on scene as the fire alarm was activated again. This is second time this has happened in recent days, following after the fire alarm was also activated on April 28th.

Update 10.24pm: Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson, Sergeant Jamal Albuoy said, “At 7:29pm, Friday, May 6th, 2016, Fire Dispatch received notification that the fire alarm had been activated at the LF Wade International Airport.

“Fire personnel responded from our Clearwater Station along with another appliance from the Hamilton Station as per protocol. Upon arrival, an investigation to the cause of the activation commenced.

“At 7:48pm it was determined the [possible] activation of the alarm was due to water making contact with a smoke detector wiring, as there are several leaks in the roof and as there was no sign of smoke or flame. At 8:00pm, the all clear was giving by our Senior Airport Officer and the Airport Duty Officer.”

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  1. Enuff says:

    Either someone trying to get a package in or some people trying to come back home? Check the fire panel and see where the trouble was initiated and in what section of the airport., but I’m sure they already know the drill….real suspect though

  2. Kangoocar says:

    Everyone’s first clue that this a false alarm should be the lack of visible smoke and flames!!! Hopefully this is not just another plp orchestrated stunt to disrupt our ever improving economy?? If you think that is far fetched?? Just look what lengths they went through to make the OBA look bad when it came to the brown water at the prospect houses?? The plp furiously went after the OBA about it, but never once admitted that same problem was ongoing throughout their entire 14 yr reign of terror!!!

    • Verly says:

      Good grief, you sound so ridiculous!! Can’t you leave politics out of it for once…what the heck does a fire alarm going off have to do with the PLP?!!

      As for your comment about it being a false alarm because there was no smoke or flames, not necessarily true. Some time back, there was a fire at the shed at the airport and the staff stated the fire alarm had been going off for a few days before that. I also remember a fire at a place my husband once worked at. Same thing was happening, the fire alarm was picking up the very fine smoke that was trapped behind the walls…a human nose couldn’t detect it yet. The authorities have to take the necessary precautions when the alarm goes off.

  3. Warwick Resident says:

    As we have had torrential rain today and the airport building leaks badly it is entirely possible that this has been caused by water getting into the panel causing the alarm to activate. More evidence that we need a new airport building!

  4. airport worker says:

    all these comments sound stupid. I work at the airport in the security tower where the fire alarm panel is and I can tell you first hand that the fire alarm panel is faulty and constantly going off due to the airport being old. you people need to stop making comments on something you know absolutely nothing about!!!

    • Verly says:

      If what you’re saying is true, then some serious penalties need to be imposed for the waste of emergency personnel’s time. Not to mention the inconvenience to the traveling public that had to evacuate the terminal, then be processed through security all over again. Old building or not, there’s no way this is acceptable.

    • Sandys Kitty says:

      I agree people talk to hear themselves most times and make some stupid comments about things they know nothing about but why on earth would you make a comment about where you work when you are talking negatively about your place of employment. We all need our jobs. It may be common knowledge about the many alarms that go off at the airport but you need not put yourself in the line of fire like this. It may be so easy for you to be identified by your superiors (bosses). You may want to rethink what you say next time – this is not too kosher.

      • Verly says:

        I agree with you 100%. That was my first thought as well.

  5. Opressed says:

    Please, someone with brains at the airport, reopen the damn smoking lounge!

    • Smoking is a disgusting habit says:

      NO! Smokers need to give up smoking in public buildings. There are enough indoor air pollutants in buildings and most of us do not want smokers contributing to the problem. It is bad enough being locked in departure areas with recycled stale air circulating around. Now smokers want to add their fumes to this atmospheric mess. NO. And do not ever let them back into public buildings. Tired of being stuck on a full flight, next to a smoker who stinks of cigarette smoke because they could not go without “their fix”; they literally must have chain smoked a pack before boarding.
      Buy some nicotine patches or gum and stop trying to pollute my lungs.

  6. bermy says:

    It happens everytime there are heavy rains, the buildings leak like a sieve. I used to have to sit at my desk with an umbrella on really bad days like we had yesterday

  7. Awake says:

    And we don’t need a new airport?!!! To those who say we don’t, you all have only one agenda, and the rest of us know what it is.

    • Coffee says:

      We want a new airport ? we need a new bridge to get to the old airport !

  8. Deshaun says:

    All since the colonels smoke chamber was closed lol