Buses Reduced Due To “Maintenance Issues”

June 8, 2016

[Updated] The Ministry of Transportation advised of a number of bus cancellations this morning [June 8], providing a list of ten routes that have been cancelled.

The cancelled routes are:

  1. 7.10 am Flatts to Hamilton
  2. 7.27 am Barnes Corner to CedarBridge
  3. 7.30 am Grotto Bay to Hamilton [Route 3]
  4. 7.37 am Perfume Factory to Barnes Corner
  5. 7.44 am Barnes Corner to CedarBridge
  6. 7.45 am Grotto Bay to Hamilton [Route 3]
  7. 7.50 am Grotto Bay to CedarBridge
  8. 7.55 am Ord Road to Hamilton [Route 2]
  9. 8.15 am Hamilton to St. George’s [Route 10]
  10. 8.30 am Hamilton to Barnes Corner

The reasons for the cancellations is unclear, however we have asked and will update as able.

Update 1.41pm: The Department of Public Transportation said the “recent maintenance issues may continue to hinder the public bus service in the near future, with the cancellation of some bus service this afternoon and early tomorrow morning.”

“Notice was provided this morning of bus cancellations on some runs effecting 10 routes earlier today and DPT officials expect to provide a notice of upcoming partial service cancellations as they become available this afternoon.

“Six more buses were taken out of service last week because of specific maintenance issues identified at that time. This brought to 39 out of an entire fleet of 105, the number of buses that are sidelined with mechanical issues.

“The six buses taken out of service last week have been analyzed and it has been determined that they will require replacement parts.

“The intent is to have these vehicles back in service as quickly as possible. DPT advised they require 78 buses per day to cover the existing 12 routes and an additional eight [8] buses for sightseeing tours.

“DPT apologises for the inconvenience to the public but remains committed to providing the safest public transportation system to its users.”

Update 4.12pm: The Department of Public Transportation said they “regret to advise that the following bus trips will be cancelled for this afternoon and early evening,” and provided the list below.

Fullscreen capture 08062016 40820 PM-001

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  1. Shari-Lynn Pringle says:

    Probably because 1/2 the fleet is inoperable AND we have two cruise ships coming in on either end of the island – approx. 4361 at Heritage Wharf and 2181 at Kings Wharf…

    • Who de F!@# is de Transport minister ?

    • Meh. says:

      Not sure what I’m most concerned about:

      1) we have 105 buses on this tiny island with not that many bus routes
      2) 39 of those buses (37%) are off the road
      3) that 6 buses at once were found with severe enough of issues that they were taken off the road.

      All in all just ridiculous.

  2. Mr. Meoff says:

    Bring on the America’s Cup. You think we have transportation issues now, just wait till this event rolls around.
    It’s going be a joke, mark my words.

    • Hmmm says:

      That’s why they gave all the minibus permits. The type of people who go to America’s cup races seldom use mass transit so ptb buses is a nonissue

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Sure they do. How do you think they get from remote carparks or hotels at other events such as boat shows?

        They happily get on school buses with seating designed for kids.

      • JUST Think says:

        What a daft comment. The type of people who would govto thr Americas Cup don’t live in Bermuda. Would the entire 30,000 or so visitors bring their own cars on the plane/ship too?

        You do realize that a minibus is PUBLIC TRANSPORT too… don’t you??

        • The Original Truth™ says:

          30,000 or so visitors! In dreams! Bermuda will be lucky if they get an eighth of that amount who have come for the AC. The other events were held in jurisdictions with higher populations, affordable accommodations and had lots more to offer entertainment wise. Many came by way of their own transportation. We haven’t even properly promoted the event globally in order to entice visitors.

        • smh says:

          Hmmm is a joker…lol…idiotic comment.

  3. voltage says:

    It has only just begun…..a Pathway to Transportation.

  4. Onion says:

    Time to privatise.

    • Smh says:

      They are purposely leaving the public transportation system to fall apart so they can privatise … Don’t be fooled

  5. wahoo says:

    We could sure use around $800M right about now….

    • Its me again says:

      Or the 1.4 billion the oba addded to our debt…

      • serengeti says:

        In 7 years the PLP took the debt from $300m to $1.7bn, a nearly 600% increase. In 4 years the OBA has taken it to $2.5bn, a 47% increase.
        It would be better of the debt were reducing, but in the meantime the rate of increase has slowed dramatically.
        The PLP has no plans at all that would reduce debt. They want to spend what we used to spend when they were in charge, according to Bean. The PLP want to borrow, get our grandchildren into more debt, spend on things we don’t need, and make themselves rich at our expense.

        • Its me again says:

          So am i wrong is saying the oba added 1.2 to 1.4 million to the debt?

          3 years. They began in jan 2013 so lets not over do it here. In 3 years they have addded 1.2 billion to the debt.

          Can we have that back please?

          • format says:

            And why were they forced to increase the debt? Ask yourself that, and then ask for it back.

            • The Original Truth™ says:

              The increase to the debt should have gone to investments that would yield a proper return not pie in the sky events like AC. Neither party knows how to make economic decisions and that’s why we will never get a handle on our debt.

              • format says:

                The AC will bring a whole lot more in than it cost to bring it here.

                Out of interest, what would you have done? Sat and twiddled your thumbs like Paula Cox, but ultimately achieved NOTHING?

                The OBA have a huge hole which they are trying to dig this country out of. Attitudes like yours are EXACTLY what got us into this mess in the first place. You get what you wish for in this life my friend. All your years of high living are now having to be paid for, and boy, are we now all paying for the lies and misapropriation of the few.

            • wahoo says:

              $800M was never accounted for that is what I am saying. Anything that the Oba has done has been done in effort to dig us out of the hole we are in… thank you plp.

          • serengeti says:

            “It’s me again”, Yes, You are wrong.

            Maybe you should use a calculator.


            It’s not that hard.

            What happened. Did Burt help you with the maths?

      • NCM says:

        It as a choice – add to the debt or fire half the civil service. Which would you have chosen? BTW – you do know that when the OBA took over from the PLP there was no money to pay the civil service – it took emergency funding from a local bank just to meet payroll. We were that close to shutting down.

        • Its me again says:

          Fire half th3 civil service?

          Thats the plan?

          What about all those great business minds of the oba. No innovation there? Flogging the same dead horses…

          Give back the 1.2 billion

          • inna says:

            Sounds like you are the one flogging the dead horse!

            While you’re at it take those blinders off!

    • Paul Revere says:

      You really are stuck on stupid. For all you people that want the phantom 800 million, call ya boys at Scotland Yard and have them send over some ISpys to finally solve ya riddle.
      Until then, shut up, unless you have proof and not some fantasy auditor report

  6. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Check those wheel nuts bie!

  7. Triangle Drifter says:

    I guess it would make too much sense to put mechanics on a night shift to do the service work.

    • Just the Tip says:

      While that makes sense, how much you want to bet that if they tried it the mechanics would demand over time since they are not working ‘normal’ hours

    • Not in de budget.

  8. Bermy Realist says:

    The PUBLIC BUS transport is for the PUBLIC and not the TOURIST! This is a TAX we pay to accommodate us, the Public!

    This just frustrates me to no end as a tax paying citizen that uses the public bus!

    Get those buses from Dockyard and give them back to the public who pays the taxes for them!

    • Just the Tip says:

      you’ve never travelled off island have you, and if you have you’ve always paid for a cab or walked right.

      • Its me again says:

        I use the tube when in london and in tdot i use the subway as well

      • Bermy Realist says:

        Yes I have, but you really think when you travel to NYC, London, or most foreign countries that tourists are 1st when it comes to public transit and actually say that to a foreigner next time you board the public transport overseas and see what they tell you…especially if they are paying taxes for the transit system!

        • Pride says:

          Tourists have equal rights in NYC, London etc. as anyone else to use the public transport.

          You are suggesting they shouldn’t here.

  9. Big says:

    In other words, leave the gypsy cabs alone bcuz you will need them ALL!!! Taxis can’t be everywhere.

  10. Mare says:

    Could it take 10 Drivers to fix the bus that lost its wheel?

  11. Say Whaat? says:

    Are any of these buses out of service from the incident at Tucker’s Point Golf Course yesterday?

  12. watching says:

    This is all a set up to privatize. That’s why they did the cabinet shuffle because the new Minister is the one they need to carry out these decisions.

  13. UNREAL says:

    SO bring in a couple mechanics from wherever the buses wer ordered from. The mechanics can fix the buses and train our staff the ones that might need it, looking at our buses ALL OF THEM. So it will be a win win for all.
    Its unreal but typical how they wait for something to happen, then decided to fix it. Tail wagging dog!

  14. BE4REAL says:

    These buses didn’t get this way over night. This happened on the previous Ministers watch. Min. Crockwell was the minister incharge of the fleet of buses. He has had three years to fix the problem. Thank You Min Fahy. Now I see why the Premeire put you there.

  15. Nabba jabba ding dong baby daddy says:

    We can’t move now because of how much debt. Plp put us in!!!!!!!!;

  16. downthetoiletwego says:

    Oh look! Yet another place that idiotic referendum money could be better spent!

  17. wahoo says:

    Okay, here is my good idea of the day.

    We allow a group (private) to run busses from now ’til 2020 – about 3 years. They promise to handle the massive load of tourists and commuters (locals going about their daily routine). Government as usual can take school kids for free as ordained by some guy-the name escapes me, a long time ago. When three years is up we reassess.

    What? You don’t like the idea? Well let me have another rum and re-tweek it.


      OBA purchase new buses not that long ago what happened to the old and new buses, hire more Bermudian drivers perhaps, they should be enough buses, and by the way We have always taken the public transport We must say and many agree.
      Bermudians drivers are the most friendly and polite drivers We have encountered.

  18. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    NOTICE TO THE PLP;…you really should reign in your extremists…its NOT helping YOUR cause…why do you allow totally illogical verbatage to be splattered across the publics domain…half of them should be featured on the acclaimed tv show “RIDICULOUSNESS”…We as an island have waaaaay too many persons with absolutely no knowledge of what time it REALLY is.

  19. Coffee says:

    Strange thing is , it is understood that every time some one pays to travel by bus , that fare subsidizes the Bermuda share of AC EXPENDITURE .

    UBP/BDA/OBA must put every penny made on a bus route back into the public transport system . Now what about that Long Island ferry still plying Bermudas waters , how much are we renting that thing for ?

    FAYHE .. COME .. FACE … THE … NATION !!!


    Problems with buses braking down? You need mechanic………
    We already have the drivers, all Bermuda needs is good mechanics.
    All the money wasted from OBA website should gone on programs to train young Bermudians such as mechanic work shop

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