Photo Set #2: BHW Parade Of Bands In St David’s

June 19, 2016

The second annual Bermuda Heroes Weekend continued on Saturday with the Parade of Bands, which saw thousands of people make their way to St David’s to join in the festivities.

The parade was held in Southside, with the route starting at the old airport hangar and going down to Clearwater Beach. It featured Nova Mas International, Passion, Code Red, Band Addiction, Intense, Caribbean Massive/Xplosive and Party People, with each band featuring their own theme and costume style.

With spectators lining the route, the bands made their way to the end of the route, where the trucks parked and revelers danced in the parking lot, mingling with the other bands.


The Bermuda Heroes Weekend is set to continue today [June 19] with the Pan in the Park at Victoria Park, and then conclude tomorrow with the Raft Up in the Great Sound from 12.00pm onwards.

You can view our first set of photos of the Parade of Bands here, our photos of the J’Ouvert celebration here, our first set of photos of Five Star Friday here, our second set set of photos of Five Star Friday here, and all our coverage of Bermuda Heroes Weekend here.

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Comments (11)

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  1. Gabbs says:

    May 24th is done, this event has killed that

    • Legalgal says:

      Fat chance of that!

    • Widget says:


      Totally different crowd of people. Besides, why couldn’t the same flare be in May 24th?

  2. Wonderful says:

    Just wakin up…yesterday was one fun day in Bda. Thanks to all involved in organizing it. Thanks Team CodeRed…lookin forward to next year already. Hope I am back from University in time

    Oh and. Happys Fathers Day to those that tbis message applies to.

  3. Pequat 1609 says:

    I think most people are unnaware that these groups were supposed to March with one another each color and outfit is associated with a certain soundtrack and they should. Have assembled behind each truck. Music truck drink tr

  4. biggadon says:

    Yesterday was the BEST….BIG UP Party people great vibes….. code red, Intense Passion and others thank you for making yesterday a day to remember…. #BHW2017 Lets go !

  5. Hummmm says:

    I wish I’ve could’ve been there unfortunately a lot of us work on Saturday, hopefully next year they could move it to Sunday or something

  6. Triangle Drifter says:

    No question. Bermuda has more than its fair share of good looking women.

  7. Dread says:

    How long before the church folk have this stopped?

  8. Raymond Ray says:

    Let the good times roll :)

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