Videos: People Urged To Be Safe Over Holiday

June 15, 2016

Representatives from the Police, CADA, BHW and BRSC held a press conference today [June 15] where they urged people to keep safe while enjoy the celebrations over the upcoming holiday.

Bermuda Police June 15

Superintendent of Police James Howard said, “National Heroes Day is a time when we reflect on those in our community who have established standards of excellence and created opportunities for everyone to enjoy a better Bermuda.  They would have contributed to the quality of life and destiny of our island home.

“I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the Bermuda Heroes Weekend Committee under the leadership of Jason Sukdeo. Your vision to create a first class cultural event is a testament to your love and belief in Bermuda.

“The Bermuda Heroes Weekend Celebration has become an iconic Bermudian celebration and by all accounts, this year’s event will be bigger and better than the inaugural year.

“The purpose of this press conference is more about safety and less about how we intend to police this weekend holiday.

“This year there are four major events and approximately twenty associated events with BHW.

“The Bermuda Police Service is encouraging everyone to enjoy the weekend celebrations.  But in celebrating we are asking for people to be responsible.

Anthony Santucci from CADA

High Visibility Patrols

“I would like to advise our community that the Bermuda Police Service will be enhancing our presence on the roads over the holiday period. There are two intents for this.  The first is to discourage those members of our community that might seek to disrupt our holiday with acts of anti-social behaviour or criminality.

“The second is to continue applying the objectives of our Road Safety Strategy which include reducing road traffic collisions in all areas from damage only to injury to fatalities; combating anti-social road use and reducing incidents of impaired driving. There will be an emphasis on road safety and associated offences.  We will be targeting specific offences that cause the greatest risk to road safety.

“The intent is to influence driver behaviour, making the roads safe for all of us as we travel to the many events planned.

“I am aware that a few of these events will take place in the early hours of the morning.  I am asking for road users to factor in fatigue as a possible contributing factor in traffic collisions and fatalities, similar to driving under the influence of drug or alcohol.

“As many of us are aware, locals and our visitors alike, take to our beaches and the water as a form of relaxation and fun. There is always a major increase in water activities which include the use of jet skis; privately owned vessels; and chartered cruises.

“I would like to remind the boating community to make certain that their vessels are registered; that a current 2017 decal is prominently displayed on the starboard side of the vessel; that all required safety equipment is on board; and that they are carrying enough fuel for the intended journey. It is also recommended that a float plan is filed if they intend to go offshore.

“Additionally, speed is an issue not only in marine collisions but in the general nuisance factor that is experienced by boaters at anchor near the shoreline. The boating community is reminded of the need to exercise care and caution around other vessels and to be on the lookout for swimmers.

“In Partnership with the Bermuda Reserve Police there will be an enhanced presence on the water.

Jason Sukdeo from BHW

Loud Music 

“Complaints about loud music both in residential neighbourhoods and on the water are a problem associated with this holiday. We are asking for patience and tolerance on the part of the persons who enjoy a more sombre celebration, along with a display of respect and courtesy on the part of those who enjoy a livelier holiday experience. We encourage members of the communities that they live in to work together to keep the peace in the neighbourhood, in an effort to avoid the involvement of the police.

Crime Prevention

“As a reminder to all of us, I would like to share a few safety tips as we are responsible to keep ourselves safe:

  • Ensure your homes are secured when leaving to attend any of the weekend events
  • Ensure a family member or friend is aware of where you are at all times
  • At the main events, be sure to note the entrance, exit, bathrooms, and the first responder command centre.
  • Establish a designated driver when attending events
  • Have an ICE [In Case of Emergency] contact available – someone who can be notified in the event of an emergency.

“My final message is to encourage everyone to enjoy the weekend celebrations but be responsible.  Help us to avoid any road traffic collisions, injuries or fatalities by not drinking and driving, by not speeding and by being aware of other road users.  I would also like to add if you see something that seems suspicious or just does not feel right, say something and we will respond.

“On behalf of the Commissioner of Police, I wish the entire community a pleasant, enjoyable and safe Holiday Weekend and I look forward to seeing many of you at some of the events taking place.”

Erica Rance Mills from the BRSC

Bermuda Road Safety Council Chairperson Erica Rance Mill said, ”June 2016 – 6 months, 5 Road fatalities, multiple serious collisions weekly. I am sure that not one person leaves home expecting a ride in an ambulance.

“Bermuda seems to suffer from the “It will never happen to me syndrome”. Despite the statistics, people continue to drink and drive, talk on cell phones while riding and driving, overtake like they and those around them are invincible, and speed like they have wings.

”Take 5 seconds before turning on the ignition to truly focus on the task at hand, consciously decide that you want to reach your destination alive and unharmed. Please fasten those helmets properly, put cell phones out of reach, decide to not speed or overtake.

”As you enjoy the festivities of Bermuda Heroes weekend ensure that you have a safe and sober ride home. We would like to thank the organizers of these events for being proactive and arranging & discussing safe options for travel to and from the events.

”National Heroes Day is a day to celebrate those named and unnamed that have contributed to who we are as Bermudians. Please do your part to ensure it remains a celebration and not a visit to the Emergency Department.

”Think about your life and your family and friends, choose to be a safe road user so that you can live to make a meaningful contribution. Road safety is everyone’s responsibility. Be smart do your part!”

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  1. Onion Juice says:

    Would’ve been nice if they would’ve helped to organize de traffic over de weekend in Paget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. OBSERVER says:

    That should be foremost on ALL motorists minds over this weekend. The weather prediction is BAD, so…. that should minimize the liklihood of accidents occurring!!

  3. Positive Pessimist says:

    Did I miss in the news that there would be some kind of drill today? Why are there emergency vehicles speeding all up and down North Shore Road-police and fire?

  4. sage says:

    How can you lower the incidents of impaired driving when it is legal to drive while impaired as long as your blood alcohol level is 0.8 or less, and nearly everyone will be drinking? Oh, and we don’t allow roadside sobriety checks, unconstitutional.

    • Jim says:

      Like many other jurisdictions, it applies the logic that most people can reach the 0.08% level without really being ‘impaired’.

      Otherwise, every person that goes out to dinner and has a glass of wine could end up in jail. Most would agree that is not reasonable.

      • sage says:

        Logic is it? Any amount of alcohol can cause impairment and an arbitrary level of 0.8 is ridiculous and extremely dangerous, encouraging and endorsing impaired driving. Every person who goes out to dinner has a glass of wine and then drives a motor vehicle should go to jail and be put on the US stoplist, but I guess it’s ok for you and “most” alcohol addicts, that 90%+ of our road fatalities are alcohol related, you just have to imbibe to fit in. What is clearly not reasonable is that people are jailed for cannabis, where the cops do randomly stop people for no good reason (a constitutional violation for roadside sobriety checks) and treat people worse than murderers, over a beneficial plant which is a far safer alternative, in a clear case of discriminatory bias. Oh well BTA has legalized drinking in public too, or at least now put it in writing. PS drinking wine after dinner does not make you sophisticated.