Designers ‘Stello’ To Attend Fashion Festival

July 8, 2016

Designers Stello are set to showcase their work at the upcoming Bermuda Fashion Festival, following up on their designs for celebrities including Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Toni Braxton, and Jennifer Lopez.

The designing duo includes Michael Costello and his sister Stephanie Morris.

Ms. Morris said, “Beyonce looked incredible in the Black Widow gown, it’s both sheer and sequin. It’s powerful — the perfect mix between sensual and powerful, which is exactly what the Stello girl embodies.”

Black Widow gown2

“We also loved Ariana Grande in our Giovanna gown. The cut accentuated her figure, and the brocaded lace matured her into full-fledged diva royalty. It also accentuates her voice — she looks so beautiful that when you look at her onstage solo in the dress, you can’t help but be reminded of Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey.”

Audiences of Bermuda Fashion Festival’s International Designer Show will have a first look at Stello’s newest collection when they debut STELLO VII: M.I.A.

The designers said, “All the best trends come out of LA and to be a trendsetter you have to do things that no one else is doing yet. That’s what this collection is about. We’re using a lot of power mesh, broached fabrics, patchwork, fabrics on top of fabrics and lots of texture to create special one-of-kind gowns unlike anything else.”

“The name of this collection, STELLO VII: M.I.A. Collection is an acronym for Made in America, a fact that STELLO is proud of. It’s important for people to know that Michael and I are American designers and all of our gowns are 100% designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California.”

A spokesperson said, “The fashion designer team caters to a celebrity clientele and dresses all sorts of women across the Hollywood spectrum, a vision they want to take worldwide.

“After showing so many times at New York Fashion Week the team wanted to do something different. They say they were thinking an island show and Bermuda was perfect for Stello. “We always want to keep an air of mystery as to what the Stello girl represents and Bermuda has a super enigmatic and magical reputation in the US. We were very excited when we decided to do Bermuda Fashion Festival for those reasons first and foremost.”

Giovana gown1

“Jennifer’s foray into fashion started when she was young. “I’ve always been a fashionista”, she recounts. “I grew up obsessing over designers and clothes in all the magazines I subscribed to. Michael and I grew up in gypsy culture and I was home schooled. We were isolated from society in a lot of ways and spent a lot of time daydreaming about fashion.”

“Jennifer moved to Miami and later reunited with her brother Michael when he was on the popular TV series Project Runway, after which, they decided to start a line together.

“Jennifer’s secret to success is her ‘desire to defy’ the people who restricted her from following her dreams. “A woman in gypsy culture is expected to be one thing and any deviation from that is unheard of. I’m the first modern American gypsy woman to do anything other than what gypsy women are told they are supposed to do.”


When asked what they are most looking forward to in Bermuda, she said, “I’m looking forward to debut our new collection at the Bermuda Fashion Festival! We always have a lot of fun with our shows, especially when we go international.”

“Stello’s collection will show in the International Designer Show on Tuesday July 12th on Front Street, Hamilton.”


Bermuda Fashion Festival, produced by the City of Hamilton, is July 10 – 16 and is hosted in various locations in Hamilton as well as designer pop-up shops and a trunk show.

Tickets are selling now from and from City Hall offices. The schedule of the full week can be seen at

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