Bermuda Fashion Festival Announces Models

April 1, 2019

The Bermuda Fashion Festival has revealed the models that will take part in the multi-day fashion extravaganza, which is set to take place in July.

A spokesperson said, “In mid-March the Bermuda Fashion Festival hosted its annual auditions for models. Potential models from Bermuda and around the world, ranging from ages 6 to 76, lined up outside of Pier 6 over three-days for their chance to audition, and be a part of the Bermuda Fashion Festival’s 10th anniversary show.

“This year the Bermuda Fashion Festival broke several records, including the most children models to audition, as well as the most total models to audition for the Festival overall. Just over 360 models arrived March 14th through 17th and brought some amazing new faces with adults auditioning from Bermuda, Kenya, France, England, Puerto Rico, Poland, Ukraine and Jamaica to name a few.”

“We were very pleased to see such a cross section of the globe arrive to audition this year. Bermuda is a melting pot of ethnicities and cultures and it is a pleasure to have that diversity represented throughout the 10th Anniversary shows,” said Savvy CEO Anthony Blakey.

“The kids are always one of our favourite part of the auditions. They are all so cute and we struggle with the final selection every year. When we realised that we had broken a record with just over 180 kids auditioning, the panel knew we had our work cut out for us this year,” Executive Producer and Savvy COO Danilee Trott added.

The 10-year milestone has prompted new mindsets for the organisers, and the community can look forward to changes to the Festival in a positive direction. This year the Festival organisers have decided to take a different approach to the model selection, in that they made an effort to choose mostly new models for the show this year.

Ms Trott added, “The turnout of models showcased immense diversity and that was the driving force behind us deciding to choose new faces this year for The Maybelline Final Evolution Show. In our 10th year, we are really trying to think outside of the box.

“It is important to us to give new and upcoming models a platform to showcase their talent, as well as give them the proper training and tools to help them to be successful in a career, if they choose to pursue modelling professionally. The models will go through weeks of rehearsals and boot camps to ensure that they are not only ready for show day, but real-life experiences as a professional model.

“Of course, our veteran models continue to have great opportunities to be showcased in the designer runway shows, and we look forward to welcoming them back to lead the way for our new-comers. For those joining us for a fun or unique experience, they will not be disappointed. Participation in itself is worth every moment of commitment.”

Those models who auditioned for the 2019 Bermuda Fashion Festival can find out whether or not they were selected, from the Bermuda Fashion Festival’s official model selection announcement video, which is posted above.

The Bermuda Fashion Festival will take place July 7 – 13, 2019. The Festival will once again feature high energy and visually stunning runway shows and innovative and spectacular social events. For more information, please email or call 300-1335.

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