Photos & Review: Cup Match Summer Splash

July 24, 2016

[Written by Mikaela Ian Pearman]

Cup Match Summer Splash 2016 was a night filled with incredible music, great bands, high energy and most of all, nothing but love.

Revellers turned out last night at Par-la-Ville Car Park to witness Jah Cure’s return to Bermuda after eight years and the homecoming of Collie Buddz, who hasn’t performed locally in four years. Expectations were high and the crowd was ready for a good night.

I arrived just after 10pm when Ali was performing early warm ups for the crowd. A dub expo followed with Stalwart Sound and Magic of Souljah One. Both sounds played old school reggae with dub plates from a slew of artists. Jugglin J and Blackstar were also on hand to play a few tunes before the main acts took to the stage.

Collie Buddz opening with “Blue Dreamz”, which I thought was a weird song choice because it isn’t a hit and the crowd didn’t seem to know the song. He picked it up a bit by performing “Sensimilia”, “Holiday”, “Tomorrow’s Another Day”, “What A Feeling” and many more.

The crowd found its energy when he performed his mega hit “Come Around” and then “Blind To You”. But it was his debut song ‘Mamacita” that whipped the audience into a frenzy.

I felt like it was 2006 and I was hearing it on the radio for the first time – definitely had me dancing. His band was fantastic and it was nice to see a Bermudian as a main act at a local show.

The headliner for the night, Jah Cure, took the stage before 1am and began his performance with “Call On Me”, one of his older songs but an excellent choice to kick off his set. Also, this song is special to me because it says my name in it!

Dressed head to toe in white, Jah Cure performed hit after hit and that man has dozens of hits. Songs included “That Girl, “You’ll Never Find”, “All of Me”, “Rasta”, “Arms of Love”, “Live We Life” and many more. He then performed an a capella medley of more songs including “Sunny Days” and “King In This Jungle”.

Like I said, Jah Cure has hits and being a mega fan, I sang along to every single song, word for word.

Now I wish I didn’t have any criticism since he’s one of my favourites, but I have to say it was super annoying for Jah Cure to stop singing repeatedly and buss a lil skank on stage every couple of minutes. I’m all for an entertainer dancing while performing, but sing the songs!


He continued to perform many more hits but the best part of the night for me was his performance of “Reflections”, which was written while he was in jail. That song brings out all his pain and you can hear the vulnerability in his voice. It’s a really beautiful, pure moment. A close second big song was “Only You”, his big debut in 2005 – the song that made me fall in love with his music.

Overall, the show was good. The organisers – Rowan Ramotar, Declan Harris and Andrew Holmes were top notch, as usual. It was a solid, clean night without incident and great reggae music. I am eagerly awaiting Wednesday night.

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  1. bermyboy says:

    It was great to see a Bermudian artist Co-headline a major concert at home. And his band was on point!!

  2. Enough says:

    So who was the main act. It seems Colue Budz played for the majority of the night. Jah Cure was only on for forty five minutes and just kept repeating his stuff, 85 Folkqrs to listen to Collie Budz a bit over the top. Went to see a concert in the uk and the main person was on for almost three hours and was fantastic and sure didn’t cost 85 dollars,got so much more for your money. Won’t go again here

  3. Miguelito says:

    Collie Buddz and his band were sensational. A great time.

  4. Karla says:

    Would have liked to see more of Jah Cure perform. He has so many songs and to only be on for a short time I felt cheated. He could have sang more instead of trying to get the audience always sing. I love his voice and his music. Sing Jah Cure!

    • Dave says:

      That’s how they perform at concerts.

    • Zevon says:

      A reggae performer who is repetitive, doesn’t have much material, and isn’t all that talented to begin with.
      Well who would have thought that.

  5. Wow says:

    “In November 1998, while driving around Montego Bay, Cure was pulled over by the police and arrested on charges of gun possession, robbery and rape. He was prosecuted before the Gun Court in April 1999, found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison.”

    So we’re importing rapists now? Wow! How was he allowed in? Disgusting.

    • the rubbish rubbisher ! says:

      you took the time to go and FIND something NEGATIVE to post…. some yall are just so miserable lol

      • Wow says:

        The article stated he was incarcerated when he recorded one of his songs. Of course I took literally one second to google and find out why. You think rape is no big deal? That’s what is NEGATIVE you simpleton!

    • WOW @ Wow, just who in hell are you to make such a judgement call on anyone, this personal attack is not even called for, were you there when he committed such acts, or were you just driving around Montego Bay, listening to the news on the radio, and yes the report is true of what you heard, but if a man has been guilty and served his time to both community, society and incarceration, just who the heck are you to say he don’t deserve a chance to redeem himself.

      People like you is what cause those who messed up to feel as if the only way to live is the gangster style life, but thankfully we have enough forgiven people around that make folk like you be expose for the cold characteristics that you are.

      I take a great offence to your insensitivity, people were coming together from all walks of life, black, white & the other and all you can think about is a man’s arrest charges, joker.

      • Wow says:

        It’s not a personal attack, it’s a fact. Go hug your bible and shut up moron. Rapists have no business walking the streets, there is no redemption but considering the fact that you are many fries short of a happy meal you wouldn’t understand that. Something is seriously wrong with you mentally. I would personally attack you but I know bernews won’t post it so just be warned to keep your mouth closed before I put you on blast!


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