Residents Lose Power After Driver Strikes Pole

August 21, 2016

Some Southampton residents woke up to find their power off on Saturday morning as a result of car driver striking an electric light pole on Middle Road in Southampton, however BELCO workers immediately began work, and power was restored less than two hours later.

A BELCO spokesperson said, “At approximately β€Ž5:17am on Saturday morning a mainline fault occurred as a result of a car striking and damaging an electric light pole in Middle Road, Southampton near Pompano. 44 customers lost power. The pole was replaced and power was restored to all customers β€Žat 7:04am.”

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  1. JohnBoy says:

    Dang BELCO. You guys don’t play!!

    • drunken ursula says:

      they shouldn’t play for the amount of my monthly bill.. well done guys

  2. Point boy says:

    Well done BELCO. Must of been a week pole to be damaged at 35kph.

    Where’s everyone going in such a hurry?

  3. Mario says:

    Paint, nobody drives a car or rides a motor bike at 35kmh.That was a speed limit set when we still had horse and carriages and new fangled automobiles with drum brakes and none of the safety features modern cars have. Speed has nothing to do with it. I worry more about the person driving a taxi or car who cannot stay on their own side of the road and keeps cutting corners while traveling at 45kmh than the person who drives at 55kmh and stays in the correct side and actually pays attention to driving….

  4. James Rego says:

    Need I be the one to say it? Belco has to do something about these poles jumping out in front of vehicles!

    Slow down! There is no reason to overtake or get to the front to gain a few seconds. Literally seconds! Is it worth your life or the life of someone else?